The 2011 PPA Virginia State Tour Schedule

Event DateEvent LocationTournament NameStart TimeEntry FeesCourseRoundsOld Dom.
April 2Lynchburg, VA10 a.m.$50 / $1013
April 2Lynchburg, VA~ 2:30$50 / $1013
April 3Lynchburg, VA10 a.m.$50 / $1013Yes
April 9Richmond, VA11 a.m.$50 / $1033
April 9Richmond, VA~ 3:30$50 / $1033
April 10Richmond, VA10 a.m.$50 / $1033Yes
May 21 (G)Roanoke, VA11 a.m.$50 / $1023
May 21 (G)Roanoke, VA~ 3:30$50 / $1023
May 22 (G)Roanoke, VAVirginia Putting Classic10 a.m.$80 / $1524Yes
June 11Charlottesville, VANoon$50 / $1023
June 12Charlottesville, VADogwood Festival Open10 a.m.$80 / $1524Yes
June 25 (S)Martinsville, VANoon$50 / $1023
June 26 (S)Martinsville, VA10 a.m.$50 / $1023Yes
July 16Richmond, VANoon$50 / $1033
July 17Richmond, VAVirginia Open9:30 a.m.$80 / $1536Yes
July 23 (G)Warren, OH11 a.m.$5023
July 23 (G)Warren, OH ~ 2:30 p.m.$5023 
July 24 (G)Warren, OH 9 a.m.$5024 No
August 6Richmond, VAPPA Eastern Open11 a.m.$150 / $3034
August 7Richmond, VAPPA Eastern Open9 a.m.34
August 27Charlottesville, VA11 a.m.$50 / $1023Yes
August 27Charlottesville, VA~ 3:30$50 / $1023Yes
August 28Charlottesville, VAVirginia State Championship9:30 a.m.$80 / $1526

(G) - Combined tournaments with the Great Lakes Tour.  The events in Roanoke will count toward full Virginia Statistics, and the events in Warren, Ohio will not count toward Virginia Statistics, however credit for playing each event will count toward the respective tour's minimums for qualifying for the Tour Championships.

(S) - Combined tournaments with the Southern Putting Tour.  The events in Martinsville will count toward the statistics of both the Virginia State Tour and the Southern Putting Tour.



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