Robert Johnson Blisters Field In Hope Mills

13 March 2011 - Hope Mills, NC - The Southern Putting Tour returned to the beautiful new Hope Mills Course to try again to tame the tough Elephant course. With a little history and more practice to draw on players expected the scores to get lower. And they did.

Robert Johnson

First round scores in the Pro division saw 5 players, Robert Johnson, Rick Culverhouse, Brad Lebo, Michael Hitt and Frank Warren, shoot 10 under par 26's. But Rusty Taylor used a 25 to hold the lead.

Second round scores did rise a bit for most players. But Johnson and Culverhouse were the exceptions as used 24 and 25 scores to take the top spots at 50 and 51 respectably. Taylor fell back to 3rd place at 53, followed by Dennis Biesma at 54 and Ricky Schults and Jeff Carr at 55.

Final round action was dominated by the front running Johnson. The 2003 National Champion fired a 25 to easily out distance the rest of the field at 75. Culverhouse held on to 2nd with a 28 to finish at yesterdays winning score of 79. Schults and Carr fired 26's to finish at 81 and tie for 3rd place. 2006 National Champion Brad Lebo also fired 26 and bounced back to 5th place. The final money spots were at 85.

The extra day of practice and competition really showed in the APA field as their scores fell dramatically from Saturdays results.

Bonnie White

"Killer" Keith Waters fired a 9 under par 27 to take the first round lead over 3 players, 2003 National Champion and probable 2010 APA player of the year Randal Smith and Fernandina Beach Florida star Bo Kurash, who all shot 28. Yesterday's winner Chris Chafin and Ben Blake rounded out the top 5 at 29.

In the second round 27 was the lowest and most popular score as 8 players shot that score. Waters was one of the 27 to hold onto the lead at 54. Smith and Bonnie White used their 27's to stay one back of the lead at 55. David Myers, Mickey Delucca and Bo Kurash were all at 57 to close out the top 5.

Final round play saw scores in general rise. Bonnie White and Randal Smith used matching 27's to tie for the lead at 82. Killer Keith closed with 30 to finish at 84. Kurash finished at 86 and yesterday's winner Chris Chafin and David Myers rounded out the top 5 at 88.

In the Playoff, the match stayed close until Smith's bogie at the 15th hole. White's 2 on the 18th hole gave her the victory over Smith. Her wide and infectious smile showed the happiness in her performance.

The entire Southern Putting Tour wishes to thank the management and staff of the course for the gracious hospitality and warm welcome. We are already looking forward to our return next year.

Article provided by the Southern Putting Tour

Professional Division
(Hope Mills, NC- Elephant Course - 13 March 2011)

Player Name123TotalEarnedMoney
1Robert Johnson2624257540.00 $  160.00
2Rick Culverhouse2625287934.00 $  120.00
3Ricky Schults2728268132.50 $    93.00
Jeff Carr2827268132.50 $    93.00
5Brad Lebo2630268231.00 $    75.00
6Michael Hitt2630278328.50 $    57.00
Dennis Biesma2826298328.50 $    57.00
Frank Warren2630278328.50 $    57.00
Rusty Taylor2528308328.50 $    57.00
10Bill Kirby Jr2928278425.50 $    48.00
Daryl Freeman2928278425.50 $    48.00
12Randy Reeves3127278523.00 $    15.00
Rick Rybaczek3027288523.00 $    15.00
Michael Cardwell2930268523.00 $    15.00
15Rick Baird2830288621.00  
16Tony Jackson3229268718.50  
Greg Newport2729318718.50  
David McCollister2927318718.50  
Matt McCaslin2728328718.50  
20Stan Seethoff3033289116.00  
21Ed Grajewski3433279415.00  
22James White3132329514.00  
23Thomas Rawles3630319713.00  

 Amateur Division
(Hope Mills, NC- Elephant Course - 13 March 2011)

Player Name123TotalEarnedMoney
1Bonnie White2827278240.00 $    20.00
2Randal Smith2827278234.00 $    15.00
3Keith Waters2727308433.00 $    15.00
4Bo Kurash2829298632.00 $    15.00
5Chris Chafin2929308830.50 $    13.00
David Myers3027318830.50 $    13.00
7Ray Guthrie3427288929.00 $    10.00
8Mickey Delucca3027339028.00 $    10.00
9Johnny Brown3227329127.00 $    10.00
10Joey Graybeal3131309225.50 $      4.00
Andrew Radford3329309225.50 $      4.00
12Todd Trent3031329323.50  
Ben Blake2932329323.50  
14Vanette Block3127369422.00  
15Billy Caudle3631309721.00  
16Steve Toomey3333329820.00  
17James Lebrun3134349918.50  
Randy Simpson3134349918.50  
19Chuck Nance36333710617.00  



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