Cliff Matthews Defeats Ken Hastings in Playoff to Win 2011 PPA Tournament Players Championship

14 September 2011 - Memphis, TN - On an overcast morning, the PPA National Tour contested history's sixth edition of the 72-hole PPA Tournament Players Championship on courses # 2 and # 3 at the picturesque Memphis, TN Putt-Putt Fun Center. The field was closed to 66 professional and 36 amateur contestants who had qualified for the event through performance in tournaments held on the 2011 PPA National Tour schedule. When the dust settled in a tightly-fought battle, another of the sport's all-time great champions was added to the litany of winners of the event.

Cliff Matthews

Two-time PPA National Champion Cliff Matthews of Euless, TX opened the tournament with rounds of 23, 27, and 26 and after 54 holes stood mired in a three-way tie for tenth place at 76, three strokes behind third-round co-leaders Ken Hastings and Robert Johnson. In the closing round, however, Matthews successfully drew to a figurative inside straight, as the riverboat gambler conjured up a magical tournament-low round of 21, which was matched by 1993 PPA National Champion Andy Coradini and Chance Marett, to break out of the pack and pole-vault into a tie with Hastings' clubhouse lead of 97. In the ensuing 18-hole playoff, Matthews rode the wave of his final-round momentum to earn a relatively lopsided playoff victory by a tally of 24-29 and capture the $500.00 winner's check. Hastings settled for runner-up honors. Coradini and 2010 Louisiana Open Champion Joe Lea matched fourth-round 24's to complete the event deadlocked in third place at 98. At 99, two-time PPA National Match Play Champion Charlie Greenwalt rounded out the event's top five finishers. The final of the 33 money spots awarded in the tournament fell at a 72-hole score of 108.

lynch.jpg (21220 bytes)
Chris Chafin

In the amateur division, red-hot Dr. Chris Chafin, 49, a counselor and college professor from Burlington, NC, began the tournament seeking his second victory in three days after notching the 2011 APA National Doubles Championship title two days earlier. Chafin accomplished his goal with ease, as he fired steady rounds of 25, 23, 27, and 26 for a 72-hole total of 101 to cruise to an emphatic five-stroke triumph. Chafin's second-round 23 also earned him low-round honors in the amateur division. "I'm elated to have come out on top in the Tournament Players Championship," remarked the reigning Eastern Open APA Champion. "It capped off an incredible first season for me and I feel truly blessed to have re-found this game. Gratitude flows eternally to all of the exceptionally talented players who have so generously helped and supported me this year." By virtue of a final-round 25, 2011 Western Open APA Champion Steve Tanton came out on top in the fight for second place at 106. At 107, Johnny Brown, who won the 2011 APA National Doubles Championship with Chafin earlier in the week, finished third. A three-way, fourth-place tie at 108 included defending champion Randal Smith, 2009 APA National Champion Larry Smith, and Phil Kosobucki. The last of the fifteen amateur division expense reimbursement spots allocated in the event came at a four-round total of 113.

Action in the 2011 PPA National Championship week will continue with the contesting of the season's marquee events, the two-day, 144-hole PPA and APA National Championship tournaments on courses # 2 and # 3 at the Memphis, TN Putt-Putt Fun Center. First-day action will tee off at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 15, 2011, with final-day action scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, September 16.

Article provided by Brad Lebo

Professional Division of the 2011 Tournament Players Championship
(Memphis, TN- Course # 3-2-3-2 - 14 September 2011)

Player Name1234TotalEarnedMoney
1Cliff Matthews232726219780.00 $    500.00
2Ken Hastings252622249778.00 $    400.00
3Andy Coradini212726249875.00 $    340.00
Joe Lea222527249875.00 $    340.00
5Charlie Greenwalt242328249972.00 $    280.00
6Robert Johnson2722242710070.00 $    260.00
7Kevin Lacey2524262610166.00 $    225.00
Rick Culverhouse2823242610166.00 $    225.00
Bill Kirby2426262510166.00 $    225.00
10Greg Ward2428272310261.00 $    207.50
Jay Klapper2525252710261.00 $    207.50
12Greg Newport2923262510357.00 $    197.50
Wade Sahmel2625292310357.00 $    197.50
14Jeff McDonald2326282710449.43 $    175.00
Brad Lebo2524262910449.43 $    175.00
Jeff Carr2725272510449.43 $    175.00
Daryl Freeman2627252610449.43 $    175.00
John Bambling2825252610449.43 $    175.00
Darrell Britt2625292410449.43 $    175.00
Chance Marett3021252810449.43 $    175.00
21Gary Watson2426282710545.00 $    150.00
22Jerry Pinotti2826262610642.50 $    137.50
Joel Baker2631252410642.50 $    137.50
Jeffrey Smith2725272710642.50 $    137.50
Jeff Spainhour2725272710642.50 $    137.50
26Randy Reeves2623283010737.00 $    110.00
Tony Varnadore2728292310737.00 $    110.00
Rick Baird2728302210737.00 $    110.00
Ricky Schults3225272310737.00 $    110.00
Tony Jackson2629252710737.00 $    110.00
Paul Johns2730272310737.00 $    110.00
Jim Cruse2529282510737.00 $    110.00
33Brice Bergesen2428263010832.50 $      50.00
Dennis Biesma2927292310832.50 $      50.00
35Michael Hitt2729252810928.00  
Tim Jones2828262710928.00  
Danny McCaslin2625322610928.00  
Greg Roberts3028262510928.00  
Mike Chisum3025252910928.00  
Byron Kirby2925272810928.00  
Joe Shirey2624312810928.00  
42Bill Baus2931242611023.00  
John Ventura2828272711023.00  
James Weber3025262911023.00  
45Frank Warren2729292611120.00  
Rick Rybaczek2928272711120.00  
Rainey Statum2832252611120.00  
48Nate Nichols3027282811317.50  
Matt McCaslin2730332311317.50  
50Ed Grajewski2926293011416.00  
51James White3132262611514.00  
Pat Simpson2926303011514.00  
Stan Seethoff3327272811514.00  
54Randy Orr3127292911611.50  
Thomas Rawles2829293011611.50  
56David Jones3030302811810.00  
57Lee Messinger292928331198.50  
Gary English292930311198.50  
59Art Diamond333227281207.00  
60David Barnett332930291216.00  
61Olivia Prokopova293199992585.00  

 Amateur Division of the 2011 Tournament Players Championship
(Memphis, TN- Course # 2-3-2-3 - 14 September 2011)

Player Name1234TotalEarnedMoney
1Chris Chafin2523272610180.00 $    50.00
2Steve Tanton2530262510678.00 $    50.00
3Johnny Brown2431252710776.00 $    50.00
4Randal Smith2727262810872.00 $    50.00
Larry Smith2827262710872.00 $    50.00
Phil Kosobucki2830252510872.00 $    50.00
7Joey Graybeal2827302410967.00 $    50.00
John McCabe3226262510967.00 $    50.00
9Bryan Gentry2626292911064.00 $    50.00
10Bonnie White2727273011162.00 $    50.00
11Danny Tatum2727302811259.00 $    50.00
Tomas Feix2831252811259.00 $    50.00
13Mickey DeLucca3227252911354.00 $    50.00
Dwain Willett2927292811354.00 $    50.00
Alan Sahmel2829243211354.00 $    50.00
16Andrew Radford2833262711450.00  
17Wade Driskill2828293011549.00  
18Rodney Ashley3028322611647.00  
Terry Sanner2830292911647.00  
Jason Van Buskirk2632302811647.00  
21Chris Alley2432313011744.50  
Greg Simpson3028283111744.50  
23Charles Cox2927323111943.00  
24Keith Waters3133302812242.00  
25Adam Sahmel3137292712441.00  
26Lynn Self3327343112540.00  
27Adam Smith3232333012738.00  
Jimmy Van Buskirk3329343112738.00  
Conway Coffey3131323312738.00  
30Bill Combs3130313712936.00  



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