Ken Hastings Claws His Way to Victory in PPA Senior National Championship

14 September 2011 - Memphis, TN - The 72-hole PPA Senior National Championship, a tournament limited to players 50 years of age and older, was held under overcast skies on courses # 2 and # 3 at the Memphis, TN Putt-Putt Fun Center. As it has in recent seasons, the event ran concurrently with the four rounds of the PPA Tournament Players Championship, with contestants competing in both tournaments counting the same four rounds of play towards their score in each of the two tournaments. A significant influx of recently AARP-eligible rookies inundated this year's field, but it was a grizzled veteran of senior division play who ultimately emerged victorious.

Ken Hastings

Following steady opening rounds of 25 and 26, 2001 PPA National Match Play finalist Ken Hastings, a certified public accountant from Pittsburgh, PA, manufactured a brilliant third-round 22, tying 2003 PPA National Champion Robert Johnson for low round of the tournament, to leap into a tie for the 54-hole lead with Johnson at 73. A solid final-round 24 sufficed to earn Hastings a two-stroke triumph, the $200.00 winner's check, and the first PPA National Tour title of his career with an impressive 72-hole total of 97. Two-time PPA National Match Play Champion Charlie Greenwalt used a closing-round 24 to maneuver into second place at 99. At 100, Johnson finished third. A three-way, fourth-place tie at 101 included 2007 PPA Northern Open Champion Rick Culverhouse, PPA Hall of Fame statesman Bill Kirby, and 2003 PPA National Invitational Champion Rod Miller. The last of the twenty cash spots distributed in the tournament fell at a 72-hole score of 107.

warren.jpg (7660 bytes)
Steve Tanton

In the amateur division, Steve Tanton of Waco, TX once again demonstrated his considerable prowess on the Memphis, TN courses, just as he had done earlier in the season en route to capturing the Western Open APA title in Memphis. The 50-year-old administrator at Texas State Technical College fired initial rounds of 25, 30, and 26 and after three rounds stood in a four-way, third-place logjam at 81, one stroke behind 54-hole co-leaders Johnny Brown and defending champion Randal Smith. With a timely final-round 25, however, Tanton seized a hard-fought one-stroke victory with a 72-hole score of 106. "The 2011 Western Open was my first major national amateur division title after a great many close calls and that win allowed me to return to Memphis relaxed and confident," noted Tanton following the tournament. "Patience and consistency were the keys to the win." Brown continued his stellar week of play with a runner-up finish at 107. Randal Smith and 2009 APA National Champion Larry Smith tied for third place at 108. At 111, 2003 APA National Champion Bonnie White rounded out the event's top five finishers. Amateur division low round honors went to Brown and Alan Sahmel at 24. The cutoff for the ten amateur division expense reimbursement spots awarded in the event came at a four-round total of 114.

Action in the 2011 PPA National Championship week will continue with the contesting of the season's marquee events, the two-day, 144-hole PPA and APA National Championship tournaments on courses # 2 and # 3 at the Memphis, TN Putt-Putt Fun Center. First-day action will tee off at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 15, 2011, with final-day action scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, September 16.

Article provided by Brad Lebo

Professional Division of the 2011 National Seniors Championship
(Memphis, TN- Course # 3-2-3-2 - 14 September 2011)

Player Name1234TotalMoney
1Ken Hastings2526222497 $    200.00
2Charlie Greenwalt2423282499 $    150.00
3Robert Johnson27222427100 $    125.00
4Rick Culverhouse28232426101 $    115.00
Bill Kirby24262625101 $    115.00
Rod Miller25252625101 $    115.00
7Greg Ward24282723102 $    102.50
Jay Klapper25252527102 $    102.50
9Jeff McDonald23262827104 $      80.00
Brad Lebo25242629104 $      80.00
Jeff Carr27252725104 $      80.00
Daryl Freeman26272526104 $      80.00
John Bambling28252526104 $      80.00
Darrell Britt26252924104 $      80.00
Rick Alessi28242527104 $      80.00
16Gary Watson24262827105 $      60.00
17Joel Baker26312524106 $      52.50
Jeffrey Smith27252727106 $      52.50
19Randy Reeves26232830107 $      33.33
Rick Baird27283022107 $      33.33
Paul Johns27302723107 $      33.33
22Brice Bergesen24282630108  
23Tim Jones28282627109  
Greg Roberts30282625109  
Mike Chisum30252529109  
Roger Beckerman25292728109  
27Bill Baus29312426110  
John Ventura28282727110  
29Frank Warren27292926111  
Harry Sykes26282631111  
31Mike Baldoza27282731113  
32Ed Grajewski29262930114  
33James White31322626115  
Stan Seethoff33272728115  
35Gary Hinshaw30302729116  
36Bob Marcellino30273129117  
37Gary English29293031119  
38Art Diamond33322728120  
39David Barnett33293029121  

 Amateur Division of the 2011 National Seniors Championship
(Memphis, TN- Course # 2-3-2-3 - 14 September 2011)

Player Name1234TotalMoney
1Steve Tanton25302625106 $    20.00
2Johnny Brown24312527107 $    10.00
3Randal Smith27272628108 $    10.00
Larry Smith28272627108 $    10.00
5Bonnie White27272730111 $    10.00
6Mickey DeLucca32272529113 $    10.00
Alan Sahmel28292432113 $    10.00
8Wesley Beck29262732114 $    10.00
9Wade Driskill28282930115  
10Rodney Ashley30283226116  
Terry Sanner28302929116  
12Charles Cox29273231119  
13Keith Waters31333028122  
14Jimmy Van Buskirk33293431127  
Conway Coffey31313233127  
16Bill Combs31303137129  
17Ted Cain28363135130  
18Joel Chastain36333233134  
19Carol Alessi32383332135  
20James Chastain31303937137  



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