Lacey, Kropinak Continue Winning Ways

Kevin Lacey

11 June 2011 - Springfield, OH - The Indiana Putting Tour combined with the Great Lakes Tour for a state tour weekend in Springfield, Ohio June 11-12. The tourneys were on Course 1, which is considered the most demanding course on the two northern tours. Players need to bring their patience and U.S. Open mentalities to the course because of the variety of tough deuce putts and dangerous holes where a player can record a four or worse. The toughness of the course produced a wide range of field scoring during the weekend.

No stranger to demanding conditions is Kevin Lacey, who won his third state event in as many tries on the Indiana Tour to open the weekend. He shot a solid 81, 27-under par to win by one shot over Paul Johns.

John Kropinak

Lacey was one of four players to break 30 in the first round, firing a 26 to lead by two shots. He added a 29 in the second round but fell to second place after an outstanding 24 by Johns in the round. James Weber was in third place going into the final round with a 57, three shots out.

Weber would take himself out of the running with an early 4 in the final round. Lacey shot a 12 on the treacherous front nine to start the round, and despite bogeying hole 16 he finished with a 26. Johns had a chance in the final holes, but missed 16 and 17 to end his chances.

Jim Cruse finished third after a strong finishing 26. Weber and Monte Snyder tied for fourth with an 88 after Snyder had an outstanding 24 of his own to finish. The cash line was 93 in the 19-player field.

In the amateur division, Columbus southpaw John Kropinak shot a solid 84 to win by six shots over Matt Male as the pair lapped the field in the 11-player division. Kropinak led by seven shots after a second-round 26.

Article provided by The Indiana Putting Tour

Professional Division
(Springfield, OH - Course # 1 - 11 June 2011)

Player Name123TotalMoneyEarned
1Kevin Lacey26292681 $  170.00 4.00
2Paul Johns30242882 $  130.00 2.00
3Jim Cruse31282685 $  100.00 1.00
4James Weber28293188 $    87.50
Monte Snyder33312488 $    87.50
6Craig Williams28323090 $    75.00
7Ken Hastings29313191 $    70.00
8John Bambling31313092 $    60.00
9Jerry Pinotti31303293 $    55.00
John Ventura35273193 $    55.00
11Scott Buddie32313295  
12Rick Alessi36312996  
Charlie Greenwalt30353196  
14Rick Ossenfort34323197  
15Dom Perry33313599  
16Paul Pastilong333532100  
Roger Beckerman303931100  
18Mark Hasty323932103  
19Shawn Gilliland363735108  

 Amateur Division
(Springfield, OH - Course # 1 - 11 June 2011)

Player Name123TotalMoneyEarned
1John Kropinak29262984 $    30.00 4.00
2Matt Male31312890 $    25.00 2.00
3Jeff Studer32343298 $    20.00 1.00
4Don Ferrell323731100 $    15.00
5Mike Bell363134101 $    10.00
6Barb Mingo333732102 $      5.00
7Don Niznik373535107  
8Ted Cain363339108  
Kyle Poole343935108  
10Jeff Brown373933109  
11Carol Alessi463943128  



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