Joe Lea Wins 2010 Louisiana Open

13 March 2010 - Lake Charles, LA - March 13, 2010: The Louisiana Open was a gumbo of numbers that will surely prove to be a winner in the next Power Ball jackpot of $20 million so jot down these numbers; 2 6 7 17 47 and Power Ball # 13; Now grab you a dollar and geaux out and purchase your lotto ticket today. Here is the inside scoop to your numbers. This event starts with a 3 round stroke play event that seeds the players and awards the low medal with a qualifying spot in the year ending championship. The rounds played are also used to help the players with their run at the Year-end Stroke Average Award, which is worth $100.

Joe Lea

Now the bracketology begins and your chance for $20 million will present itself. Lake Charles course # 2 was the site of this years Louisiana Purchase were 47-year-old Professional Joe Lea who was player # 7 won his 17th career event on the western putting tour by beating four great players. Joe started with local professional Byron Kirby and beat him in a closely contested 18-hole match 2 up with one to play. His second match was a test that was just as tough as he had to beat all time WPT win leader Rainey Statum 2 up with 1 to play as well. Just when Joe thought his task would get easier it did not as he had to face Jeffrey Smith who had not lost a match since he was a pup. Well Joe proved up to the task with a 4 with 3 win over the 2009 WPT Champion. The finals had him matched against one of the hottest players on Tour; Lee Messinger. The 36 hole final was exciting capping off Joe's 17th victory with a 4 with 3 win.

Danny Tatum

The fireworks from the junior circuit had a 4-match winner as well as 47-year-old amateur, Danny Tatum; won his 1st event of the season and improved his match play record to 7 and 1. Many thought Tatum's 6th win in ten months was a result of the belly putter but Tatum said it was the pressure that he felt when his wife won earlier in the day in the Novice division. Tatum's first match was a family affair as he beat Mickey DeLucca 3 up with 2 to play. In match two Tatum faced another Lake Charles legend, Tom Robertson who was the number one seed with an 82 earlier in the day that also won him a spot in the year end championship; the two battled to a one up match that went to The 18th hole. Next Danny had a rematch of the 2009 semi-finals at the WPT championship with Pat Simpson; Pat had beaten Danny in Waco last August. Tatum won this time with the same 4 with 3 margin Pat had beaten him with last year. The finals was a classic showdown with Mike Huckaby as the 36 hole match had both Huckaby and Tatum shooting 24 the 1st 18 and the second 18 was a dogfight as it went to the 38th hole as Huckaby's putt lipped out and Tatum won with an ace to seal the victory and also awarded Tatum with his third qualifying spot of the season. Tatum stated "I new it would be a great day when I drew player number 13 in the stroke play, my lucky number on the 13th of March"!

Congratulations to the Novice winner Saturday. Emma Tatum, as she started her 1st event of the 2010 season with a 14 on the front nine with a bogie on the 1st hole in round one and went wire to wire for her first win of the 2010 season!

Article provided by the Western Putting Tour

Professional Division Medal Play Seeding of Louisiana Open
(Lake Charles, LA - Course # 2 - 13 March 2010)

Player Name123TotalMoney
1Brice Bergesen*26282377  
2Rainey Statum24282577  
3Jeffrey Smith26252879 $    90.00
4Lee Messinger25302984 $  153.00
Greg Roberts29282784  
6Tom Adair30272986  
7Joe Lea*29312787 $  195.00
Wade Sahmel29292987  
9Don Parker31292989 $    90.00
10Byron Kirby30303393  
11Brexton Friend35303297  

* Earned a spot in Western Putting Tour Championship in Lake Charles, LA

Professional Division - Louisiana Open
(Lake Charles, LA - Course # 2 - 13 March 2010)

Brice Bergesen
Wade Sahmel Don Parker
 Don Parker3 w 2
Don Parker23 holes$90 Lee Messinger
 20 holes
Greg Roberts $153
 Lee Messinger 
Lee Messinger19 holes 
 Joe Lea
Rainey Statum 4 - 3
Joe Lea Joe Lea $195
 Joe Lea2 w 1 
Byron Kirby2 w 1  
 Joe Lea
Jeffrey Smith 4 - 3
Tom Adair Jeffrey Smith
 Tom Adair5 w 4
Brexton Friend6 w 5$90

Amateur Division Medal Play Seeding of Louisiana Open
(Lake Charles, LA - Course # 2 - 13 March 2010)

Player Name123TotalMoney
1Tom Robertson*28262882 $    10.00
2Andrew Barbie29262984 $    10.00
3Mike Huckaby28302785 $    55.00
4Dwain Willett31302586 $    10.00
Tony Newcomb24313186 $    10.00
Kenny Beck26303086  
7Ty Newcomb32292687 $    25.00
Mickey DeLucca30282987  
9Danny Tatum*29283188 $    75.00
10Brydon Jacobson34262989  
11Charles Cox29322990  
Pat Simpson29313090 $    25.00
13Jason Sheffield31303293  
Greg Cole31333094  
15Andy Jacobson34332895  
16Adam Sahmel38293299  

* Earned a spot in Western Putting Tour Championship in Lake Charles, LA

Amateur Division - Louisiana Open
(Lake Charles, LA - Course # 2 - 13 March 2010)

Tom Robertson
Mickey DeLucca Danny Tatum
 Danny Tatum1 up
Danny Tatum3 - 2 
 Danny Tatum
Dwain Willett 4 - 3
$10 Pat Simpson 
Kenny Beck 1 up 
 Pat Simpson$25  
Pat Simpson3 - 2 
 Danny Tatum
Andrew Barbie 38 holes
$10  $75
Ty Newcomb Ty Newcomb 
 Ty Newcomb19 holes 
Brydon Jacobson2 - 1$25  
 Mike Huckaby
Mike Huckaby $55
 Mike Huckaby
Tony Newcomb 19 holes
 Tony Newcomb
Charles Cox2 - 1


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