Tony Varnadore Fires Final Round 22 To Win By One In White Lake, NC

Tony Varnadore

April 2010 - White Lake, NC - A beautiful day greeted the participants in the first of three Southern Putting Tour events at the picturesque White Lake, NC Putt Putt Golf Course at Goldston's Beach. The always popular venue and superior course conditions drew participants from as far away as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Alabama, and players were welcomed by moderate temperatures and a pleasant breeze for the 10 a.m. tee-off.

In the professional division players immediately attacked the course in the 54 hole event. 2008 PPA North Carolina State Champion Ricky Schults led the way with a 14 under par 22. Close behind at 23 was 2008 PPA Georgia State Champion Jeff Carr. Four players were tied for third place at 12 under par 24. The second round saw more low scoring. 2009 Eastern Open Champion Greg Newport carded a 22, putting him in the lead after 36 holes at 47. Schults, Carr, 2009 PPA National Champion Tony Varnadore and 1997 PPA National Champion Randy Reeves were tied for second place at 49. 2009 Dogwood Festival Open Champion Dennis Biesma was one stroke behind at 50. Newport struggled in the final round, carding an untimely score of 6 under par 30. Varnadore, however, did anything but struggle, orchestrating a strong finishing round of 22 to finish at 71, enough for a one stroke win. The win was the first Southern Putting Tour victory for Varnadore. 2003 PPA National Champion Robert Johnson climbed into second place on the strength of a tournament best final round of 21, finishing tied with Carr at 72. Schults and Biesma shared fourth place one stroke back at 73. In the field of 29 pros the cash line was 78.

Bonnie White

In the amateur division, scoring also commenced at a strong pace. 2003 APA National Champion Bonnie White had a strong opening round of 13 under par 23. Webmaster Billy Caudle and 2009 APA Georgia State Champion Todd Trent were close behind at 25. 2009 APA National Champion Larry Smith was one stroke behind Caudle and Trent at 10 under par 26. White increased her lead over the competition in round two. She had a two round score of 49. Caudle and Trent were still tied in second place at 53. Smith and 2007 APA North Carolina State Champion Chris Alley followed closely at 54. White continued her steady play with a final round of 26 to finish at 75, good enough for a three stroke win. Trent put together a strong final round of his own at 25, finishing at 78 and alone in second place. Caudle and Smith tied for fourth at 81.

Players took a short lunch break and prepared for the second 54 hole event of the day, to commence at 3 PM.

Article provided by The PPA Southern Tour

Professional Division
(White Lake, NC - Course # 1 - 24 April 2010)

Player Name123TotalEarnedMoney
1Tony Varnadore2524227140.00 $  150.00
2Robert Johnson2427217233.50 $  100.00
Jeff Carr2326237233.50 $  100.00
4Dennis Biesma2426237331.50 $    78.00
Ricky Schults2227247331.50 $    78.00
6Jay Klapper2724247529.00 $    65.00
Bill Baus2526247529.00 $    65.00
Brad Lebo2724247529.00 $    65.00
9Rick Baird2526257627.00 $    55.00
10Greg Newport2522307725.50 $    45.00
Randy Reeves2425287725.50 $    45.00
12Stan Seethoff2528257823.00 $    40.00
Randy Orr2428267823.00 $    40.00
Daryl Freeman2923267823.00 $    40.00
15Rick Rybaczek2527277920.50  
Frank Warren2925257920.50  
17Gary Watson2823298018.50  
Tony Jackson2626288018.50  
19Bill Kirby2726288117.00  
20Vince Batten2824308216.00  
21Darrell Britt2729278314.50  
James White2828278314.50  
23Matt Summey2628308412.50  
Gary Hester2829278412.50  
25Lewis Burton2730288511.00  
26Danny McCaslin3128288710.00  
27Chris Bunting322927889.00  
28Michael Cardwell283032908.00  
29Bob Jackson293531957.00  

Amateur Division
(White Lake, NC - Course # 1 - 24 April 2010)

Player Name123TotalEarnedMoney
1Bonnie White2326267540.00 $    20.00
2Todd Trent2627257834.00 $    20.00
3Larry Smith2628278132.50 $    20.00
Billy Caudle2528288132.50 $    20.00
5Chris Alley2826298330.50 $    15.00
Ben Blake2729278330.50 $    15.00
7Johnny Brown3028268427.50 $    14.00
Ray Guthrie3027278427.50 $    14.00
Mark Lawson2830268427.50 $    14.00
Vanette Block3028268427.50 $    14.00
11Randal Smith2830288624.50 $    10.00
Adam Smith2829298624.50 $    10.00
13Lynn Self2926328723.00 $      5.00
14Andrew Radford2734278822.00  
15Tommy Hutchinson3132289120.50  
Linwood Moist2834299120.50  
17David Gregor3128339218.50  
Steve Helton3032309218.50  
19Frankie Peters3030339316.00  
David Myers3332289316.00  
Rodney Ashley3230319316.00  
22Chuck Nance3433309713.00  
Keith Waters3134329713.00  
Randy Simpson3332329713.00  
25Darren Harvey38413111011.00  


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