Robert Johnson Claims North Carolina State Championship After Carding A Blistering Final Round 22

27 June 2010 - High Point, NC - The Southern Tour held the North Carolina State Championship in High Point, N.C. on course 2. The weather was very sunny with the temperatures reaching the mid 90s during the six round event.

Robert Johnson

The morning rounds yielded some very low scores. In the pro division, Brad Lebo and Rick Rybaczek started the tournament off with 22s. Two strokes behind them were Greg Newport and Dennis Biesma with 24s. The course continued to yield low scores during round two. Brad Lebo and Greg Newport finished round two in a tie for the lead at 46. Rick Rybaczek was one stroke behind in third at 47. The third round continued with low scores. Brad Lebo took a three stroke lead at 70. Rick Rybaczek came in at 73. There was a trio of players in third at 75 which included Greg Newport, Bill Kirby, Jr., and Daryl Freeman.

After an hour lunch break, the temperatures warmed up to the mid 90s. The scores also escalated slightly. In round four, Brad Lebo shot a 28 but maintained a three stroke lead at 98. Rick Rybaczek held onto second at 101. Daryl Freeman moved into solo third at 102. The scores continue to get closer in round five. Brad Lebo shot a 27 for a 125 and a one stroke lead. Rick Rybaczek moved closer at 126. Daryl Freeman and Robert Johnson moved to within three strokes at 128. The final round had Lebo and Rybaczek shooting 28 and 27 respectively, to finish at 153. This was only good enough for a second place tie. Robert Johnson was masterful the final round with a score of 22. This gave him a final to total of 150 and a three stroke victory. This was Johnsons first North Carolina State Championship.

Ray Guthrie

In the APA division, Jimmy Comer and Ray Guthrie both shot first round 24s for a tie for the first round lead. Johnny Brown was one stroke back at 25. After the second round, Jimmy Comer took the lead with a 26 and a total of 50. Ray Guthrie and Johnny Brown were one stroke back at 51. Jimmy Comer was able to extend his lead to two after the third round with a total of 77. Ray Guthrie was in second at 79. Vanette Block moved into third with a score of 82.

Jimmy Comer shot a 29 in round four for a total of 106. This was good enough for two stroke lead. A trio of players, Ray Guthrie, Vanette Block, and Joey Graybeal, were tied for second at 108. Jimmy Comer maintained his two stroke lead after round five with a total of 133. Ray Guthrie was in second at 135. Vanette Block was one behind Guthrie, in third, at 136. The final round saw Jimmy Comer stumble with a 30 to give him a total of 163 and a second place finish. Vanette Block was unable to take advantage and shot a 165 good for third. Ray Guthrie caught fire with a 24 and a total of 159. This was good for a four stroke victory.

The Southern Tour would like to thank Chris Graney and his staff for their hospitality and hosting the tournaments this weekend.

Article provided by The Southern Putting Tour

Professional Division
(High Point, NC - Course # 2 - 27 June

Player Name123456TotalEarnedMoney
1Robert Johnson28232527252215045.00 $  220.00
2Brad Lebo22242428272815337.00 $  170.00
Rick Rybaczek22252628252715337.00 $  170.00
4Daryl Freeman26232627262715533.00 $  130.00
Dennis Biesma24292525262615533.00 $  130.00
6Tony Jackson26282326262715629.50 $  103.00
Gary English26242627282515629.50 $  103.00
8Bill Kirby25262432242615727.50 $    93.00
Allen Wall25262730252415727.50 $    93.00
10Stan Seethoff26272427262815826.00 $    85.00
11Greg Newport24222929282715925.00 $    80.00
12Rick Baird28252728292416123.00 $    49.00
Michael Hitt25282828292316123.00 $    49.00
Matt McCaslin28252429272816123.00 $    49.00
15Jeff Carr29262827252716219.50  
Ricky Schults26302428272716219.50  
Tony Varnadore27283026282316219.50  
Russell Sigmon29282624282716219.50  
19Darrell Britt27272730282716616.50  
Bob Haizlip27243028263116616.50  
21Gary Hester31252628292916815.00  
22Frank Warren28282729302817013.50  
C L Jones28312430292817013.50  
24Danny McCaslin30282631283317612.00  
25Michael Cardwell29332933322818411.00  
26Steve Toomey29293435273518910.00  
27Randy Reeves29233132WDWD9.00  

 Amateur Division
(High Point, NC - Course # 2 - 27 June

Player Name123456TotalEarnedMoney
1Ray Guthrie24272829272415945.00 $    50.00
2Jimmy Comer24262729273016338.00 $    45.00
3Vanette Block28262826282916536.00 $    45.00
4Joey Graybeal26292825342616834.00 $    40.00
5Johnny Brown25263032253116932.00 $    40.00
6Ben Blake28283129272717030.00 $    40.00
7Keith Waters27302930282717127.50 $    40.00
Billy Caudle30262827293117127.50 $    40.00
Rick Carter28273026312917127.50 $    40.00
Randal Smith28302930282617127.50 $    40.00
11Chris Alley32262927302817224.50 $    40.00
Lance Perdue29263230272817224.50 $    40.00
13Steve Lyon30293425312417323.00 $    25.00
14Todd Trent27292932312617422.00  
15Mark Lawson32272626313517720.50  
Frankie Peters31303328292617720.50  
17Don Thompson29282932303017819.00  
18Adam Wall33282830293117918.00  
19Chris Chafin30312926323218017.00  
20David Gregor30293329313018216.00  
21David Myers33322929313018414.50  
Linwood Moist32332829342818414.50  
23Andrew Radford34332928343018813.00  
24Roy Sigmon33332834323119112.00  
25Randy Simpson31363228343519611.00  



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