Kevin Lacey Coasts to His Second-Career Tournament Players Championship Title

Kevin Lacey

15 September 2010 - Lynchburg, VA - On a sunny and pleasant late summer morning, the PPA National Tour gathered to contest the 72-hole PPA Tournament Players Championship on the cleverly-designed course # 1 and # 2 layouts at the picturesque Lynchburg, VA Putt-Putt Fun Center. The tournament featured closed fields in both the professional and amateur divisions limited to players who had qualified for the event through tournaments held on the 2010 PPA National Tour schedule.

After a plethora of low scoring lit up the leaderboard during the opening rounds, 2008 PPA National Champion Kevin Lacey of Cincinnati, OH posted a tournament-low round of 22 in the event's third round to take permanent command of the contest. With rounds of 26, 23, 22, and 24, Lacey recorded an impressive 72-hole total of 95 and cruised to a four-stroke triumph, the second of his legendary PPA career in the event. Two-time PPA Senior National Champion Frank Warren made a spirited clubhouse charge with stellar finishing rounds of 23 and 23 to leapfrog into second place at 99. Second-round leader Jeff Carr finished in third position at 100. After lurking within a single stroke of Lacey's third-round lead at a 54-hole score of 72, 2006 PPA National Champion Brad Lebo held on to tie 2008 NC State Champion Ricky Schults for fourth place at 101. Schults carded a third-round 22 to tie Lacey as well as PPA Hall of Fame legend Daryl Freeman and 2006 PPA National Doubles Champion Randy Orr for the tournament's low round. The cash line for the thirty money spots awarded in the tournament fell at a four-round score of 112.

mott.jpg (25448 bytes)
Randal Smith

In the amateur division, 51-year-old University of North Carolina-Greensboro sophomore Randal Smith of Stoneville, NC was pushed to the limit by Lynchburg, VA local standout Wade Driskill, but escaped with a hard-fought one-stroke win, his sixth of the 2010 national tour season. Rounds of 24, 24, 29, and 25 gave Smith a 72-hole total of 102 and a wire-to-wire triumph. Smith's grand catalog of 2010 national tour amateur division victories includes the Southern, Eastern, and Northern Opens; the ProPutters.Com Classic; the Senior National Championship; and now the Tournament Players Championship. "I played my best in the Tournament Players Championship," noted Smith. "It was a great effort on the part of Wade Driskill. I feel fortunate to get the win over such a great competitor." Driskill crept within a stroke of Smith's lead after three rounds, but a final-round 25 left him a stroke short of a playoff, alone in second position at 103. A two-way, third-place tie at 107 included perennial amateur division contender Joey Graybeal and PPA Western Tour Director Danny Tatum, who continued his strong week of play. 2010 PPA Western Open APA Champion Pat Simpson completed the event in fifth position at 109. The final of the fifteen amateur division expense reimbursement spots distributed in the event came at a 72-hole score of 121.

Play in the 2010 PPA National Championship week continues with the contesting of the PPA National Championship and APA National Championship tournaments on courses # 1 and # 2 at the Lynchburg, VA Putt-Putt Fun Center. Rounds in the three-day, 180-hole PPA National Championship will tee off at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 16 and Friday, September 17 and at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 18. The final two rounds of the tournament on September 18 will be filmed by the Lynchburg, VA ABC-TV affiliate for production of a 30-minute television show. Action in the two-day, 144-hole APA National Championship will commence at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 16 and Friday, September 17.

Article provided by Brad Lebo

Professional Division
(Lynchburg, VA - Course Order 2-1-2-1 - 15
September 2010)

Player Name1234TotalEarnedMoney
1Kevin Lacey2623222495100.00 $    550.00
2Frank Warren262723239998.00 $    475.00
3Jeff Carr2423282510096.00 $    400.00
4Brad Lebo2325242910193.00 $    325.00
Ricky Schults2923222710193.00 $    325.00
6Robert Johnson2428252710490.00 $    275.00
7Rick Baird2724262810586.00 $    230.00
Greg Newport2630252410586.00 $    230.00
Michael Hitt2328272710586.00 $    230.00
10Andy Coradini2528282510680.00 $    190.00
Charlie Greenwalt2528262710680.00 $    190.00
Jeffrey Smith2627262710680.00 $    190.00
13Greg Ward2428302510770.00 $    147.15
Tony Varnadore2428282710770.00 $    147.15
Jay Klapper2625272910770.00 $    147.15
Ken Hastings2328263010770.00 $    147.15
Joe Lea2926252710770.00 $    147.15
Olivia Prokopova2332262610770.00 $    147.15
Stan Seethoff2625282810770.00 $    147.15
20Jerry Pinotti3025282510861.00 $    122.50
Brice Bergeson2827242910861.00 $    122.50
22Jeff McDonald2628272810957.00 $    117.50
Danny McCaslin2628262910957.00 $    117.50
24Daryl Freeman2230273111052.00 $    111.65
Dennis Biesma2629262911052.00 $    111.65
Matt McCaslin2627312611052.00 $    111.65
27Rick Culverhouse2530263011149.00 $    105.00
28Nate Nichols2632272711245.00 $      45.00
Bill Kirby2327313111245.00 $      45.00
Lee Messinger2826273111245.00 $      45.00
Rainey Statum3024253311245.00 $      45.00
Joel Baker3027233211245.00 $      45.00
Manfred Stewart2529273111245.00 $      45.00
Gary Watson2827302711245.00 $      45.00
35Bill Baus2827292911340.00  
Mark Hasty3126282811340.00  
Bob Haizlip2825312911340.00  
38Randy Reeves2731272911438.00  
39Rick Rybaczek2628283311535.50  
CL Jones2930292711535.50  
James Walker2729293011535.50  
Tim Greenert2633302611535.50  
43Randy Orr3130332211633.00  
44Paul Johns2634302911931.00  
James Weber2928303211931.00  
Tim Jones3029273311931.00  
47James White3032283012029.00  
48Ed Grajewski2531303512127.50  
Lewis Burton2733293212127.50  
50Gary Hinshaw2929283712326.00  
51Tony Jackson3435273012625.00  
52Mark Ross3529353012924.00  
53Greg Roberts3940263614123.00  

 Amateur Division
(Lynchburg, VA - Course Order 1-2-1-2 - 15
September 2010)

Player Name1234TotalEarnedMoney
1Randal Smith24242925102100.00 $    50.00
2Wade Driskill2724272510398.00 $    50.00
3Joey Graybeal2825282610795.00 $    50.00
Danny Tatum2527312410795.00 $    50.00
5Pat Simpson2927262710992.00 $    50.00
6Larry Smith3027282511090.00 $    50.00
7Matt Male2930262711288.00 $    50.00
8Bonnie White2626293311485.00 $    50.00
Malcolm Shumaker2431312811485.00 $    50.00
10John Kropinak3027293011682.00 $    50.00
11Chris Alley3526322411778.00 $    50.00
Tony Newcomb3030263111778.00 $    50.00
Lance Perdue2729313011778.00 $    50.00
14Bill Petrie3029322711874.00 $    50.00
15Keith Waters3427322812172.00 $    25.00
16Conway Coffey3330293112370.00  
17Lynn Self3132342912666.00  
Rodney Ashley3329323212666.00  
Alan Sahmel3727362612666.00  
20James LeBrun2931303712762.00  
21Barb Mingo3429382712860.00  
22Mickey DeLucca3332343012958.00  
23Terry Sanner3931323313555.00  
Adam Smith3829363213555.00  
25Herb Hull3735323513952.00  
26Don Niznik4135393515050.00  



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