Nichols, Poole win IPT match play titles

25 September 2010 - Columbus, IN - Nate Nichols has had a consistent season on the Indiana Putting Tour but had not visited the winners circle the entire year. The formerly chrome-domed Columbus, Ind. schoolteacher changed all that on Course 2 at his home Putt-Putt course to win the IPTs match play tour championship.  Nichols swept through the field in the tour finals, defeating southpaw James Weber in the championship match, 2-up, to win the title. Nichols won $225 for his efforts and the championship trophy. Kyle Poole claimed the amateur championship.

Nate Nichols

The tourney format was double-elimination, with the winners bracket featuring 36-hole matches and the losers bracket 18-hole matches.

Nichols posted wins over Tim Greenert and Monte Snyder in the winners bracket before sending Weber to the losers bracket with a 6&5 win in the winners bracket final. Against Weber, Nichols built his lead with a strong back nine in the first 18.

Weber had defeated John Ventura and Shawn Gilliland in the winners bracket before facing Nichols. Weber then defeated Greenert in the losers bracket final to earn a rematch with Nichols for the overall title. Weber would have to defeat the newly brown-haired Nichols in two 36-hole matches to win the title, while Nichols only needed one win.

In their first match, Weber and Nichols played a nip-and-tuck battle which went to the final hole. Trailing by one, Weber missed hole 18 and Nichols aced it behind him to claim a 2-up win. Nichols shot a 50 in the match and Weber a 52. Nichols claimed his second tour match play title in four years and has been runner-up the other two.  Greenert finished third on the strength of three wins in the losers bracket. Snyder cashed in fourth place with two wins in the tourney.

Poole, an Indiana southpaw, posted a come-from-behind win to defeat amateur legend Don Ferrell, a three-time national APA champion. Poole defeated Ferrell, 3&2 in the ultimate final, their third meeting in the tournament. Karen Raizor took third place. Poole defeated Ferrell in the first round of the winners bracket, then beat Rick Ossenfort to advance to the bracket final, where he beat Raizor.

After his opening loss, Ferrell revived his long-feared match-play skills that have beaten several generations of putters by defeating Tom Russell, Doug Bean, Ossenfort and Raizor in succession to advance to the championship match against Poole.  Ferrell then won the first 36-hole match against Poole to force a second battle. In the ultimate final, Ferrell led by two holes in the middle of the second round, but Poole tied the match with an ace on 13 before making the next three holes to close it out.

Article provided by the Indiana Putting Tour

Professional Division
(Columbus, IN - Courses # 2 - 25
September 2010)

1Nate Nichols340 $ 250.00 5
2James Weber532 $ 150.00 3
3Tim Greenert632 $   90.00 2
4Monte Snyder722 $   61.00 1
5John Ventura412
Shawn Gilliland812
7Kevin Lacey102
Jerry Pinotti202

Amateur Division
(Columbus, IN - Courses # 2 - 25
September 2010)

1Kyle Poole441 $   50.00 5
2Don Ferrell552 $   35.00 3
3Karen Raizor622 $   30.00 2
4Rick Ossenfort1121
5Doug Bean712
 Mike Bell302
7Tom Russell202



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