Kevin Lacey Wins Second Consecutive Tournament in Richmond, Indiana 

After winning the first tournament of the day, it would have been easy for Kevin Lacey to relax in the second tournament on the same course. Far from it, the Cincinnati pro showed why he won the 2008 PPA National Championship, sweeping both Indiana Putting Tour events on Course 2 in Richmond, Ind. and picking up his sixth career state win on the middle course. Lacey shot a 74, 34-under par (25-24-25) to post a four-shot win and earn his second win of the 2009 season.

Kevin Lacey

The 12-player tourney field featured the only two players to ever shoot a 19 in the PPA National Championship. Indianapolis southpaw Charlie Greenwalt, who missed the day’s first tournament, arrived for the afternoon tilt and joined Jay Hadsell, a Seattle resident returning to Ohio for his daughter’s graduation. Hadsell was playing his first state events since 2004.

After one round, it was Hadsell making the rest of the field sleepless with envy after a first-round 24 to take the lead. Lacey and Indianapolis veteran Shawn Gilliland were right behind at 25.

Hadsell could not match his hot shooting in the second round but still posted a solid 28. But Lacey, in the first pairing, set the pace with a 10 on the front nine and a 24 for the round to take the lead with a 49. Gilliland and Hadsell were tied for second with 52.

With that pair well behind him in tee-off position, Lacey was able to focus on his game. He came out strong with an 11 on the front nine and 25 for the round to win easily. Lacey missed just five holes on the front nine in the tourney for a 32.

Brandon Davis

Hadsell finished with a strong 26 and shot 78 overall to tie for second with Cincinnati southpaw James Weber, who repeated his closing 24 from the first tourney. 2003 TV Match Play semifinalist Robin Ventura shot a steady 80 to take fourth place including a final-round 25. As he did in the first tourney, Gilliland finished with an 83 to take the fifth and last cash spot.

Robin was part of a “three-Ventura” day on the IPT, as father John and brother Steve also participated in the state events, Steve in the amateur division.

The APA field also had a Cincinnati sweep of the day as Brandon Davis won his third straight IPT tourney including both events of the day in Richmond. Davis shot an 83 to top fellow Hamiltonian Ted Cain by four shots. Tom Russell grabbed third place in both tournaments, shooting an 89 in this afternoon event.

The IPT thanks Tim Schrader of Putters Lane Fun Center in Minster, Ohio for providing a $100 sponsorship for each tournament in the Richmond weekend.

Article provided by Brad Lebo

Professional Division
(Richmond, IN - Course # 2 - 6 June 200
- PM Event)

1Kevin Lacey252425744 $  200.00
2Jay Hadsell242826781.5 $  140.00
James Weber282624781.5 $  105.00
4Robin Ventura27282580 $    80.00
5Shawn Gilliland25273183 $    70.00
6Mark Hasty29272884  
7Nate Nichols28282884  
8John Ventura29292785  
9Todd Viau28292986  
10Charlie Greenwalt30302787  
11Jerry Pinotti30303292  
12Gary Reece39282895  

 Amateur Division
(Richmond, IN - Course # 2 - 6 June 200
- PM Event)

1Brandon Davis262730834 $    35.00
2Ted Cain282930872 $    25.00
3Tom Russell332630891 $    20.00
4John Kropinak30293291  
5Steven Ventura34283193  
6Matt Male32342894  
Josh Garrison31303394  



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