Greg Ward Records Wire-to-Wire Victory in 2009 PPA Tournament Players Championship

15 September 2009 - Orlando, FL - On an oppressively hot and sunny late summer Florida morning, the PPA National Tour contested the 72-hole PPA Tournament Players Championship on the Magnolia and Fountain Courses of the Putt-Putt Golf facility in Orlando, FL's Orange Lake Resort and Country Club. The field was closed to 66 professional and 36 amateur players who had qualified for the event through tournaments held on the 2009 PPA National Tour schedule.

Greg Ward

PPA Hall of Fame member Greg Ward and two-time PPA National Match Play Champion Charlie Greenwalt began the tournament by firing matching tournament-low first-round 21's on the Magnolia course. Ward followed with solid rounds of 24 and 24 to open up a five-shot lead over Orlando area resident Tim Jones after 54 holes at 69. With a serviceable final-round 29, Ward finished off a wire-to-wire, two-stroke win with a 72-hole total of 98. Despite his standing as the sport's all-time career wins and money leader, Ward was typically gracious in victory. "Today was my lucky day," said the 48-year-old construction material sales Vice President from Loganville, GA. "Winning the 2009 PPA Tournament Players Championship is a great honor."

In the battle for second place, 2003 PPA National Champion Robert Johnson and two-time Midwest States Tour Champion Gary Watson orchestrated inspired clubhouse runs in the fourth round. Carding respective final-round scores of 24 and 22, Johnson and Watson leapfrogged into a tie for runner-up honors at 100. 2005 PPA National Champion Jay Klapper completed the event alone in fourth position at 102. A four-way, fifth-place logjam at 103 included defending champion Kevin Lacey, PPA Hall of Fame legend Daryl Freeman, 2006 GA State Champion Michael Hitt, and 2007 PPA Seniors National Champion Frank Warren. The cash line for the 31 money spots awarded in the tournament fell at a 72-hole score of 111.

Lynn Self

In the amateur division, Birmingham, AL's Lynn Self's years of hard work developing and refining her competitive putting skills finally paid major dividends as she earned her first career amateur victory on a grand stage. The 39-year-old data entry specialist seized a two-stroke opening-round lead with a spectacular tournament-low round of 23 on the Fountain Course. Subsequent rounds of 28 and 31 gave Self a 54-hole total of 82, dropping her into a tie for second position with 2007 Texas Open APA Champion Trevor Lewin and a stroke behind 54-hole leader Malcolm Shumaker. Self rebounded brilliantly, however, posting an inspired final-round 25 to notch a three-stroke triumph with a 72-hole score of 107. "Larry (Smith) and I have been touring for six years and I have waited that long to get my very first victory," commented the elated Self. "I would have never believed it would finally come at a National event in Orlando, FL at the 50th Nationals."

Reigning PPA Eastern Open APA Champion Larry Smith finished in second place at 110. With a fourth-round 25, 2003 APA National Champion Bonnie White charged into a third-place tie with Shumaker at 111. At 112, reigning Southern Putting Tour APA Champion Ben Blake rounded out the top five amateur division finishers. The last of the nine amateur division expense reimbursement spots distributed in the event came at four-round total of 115.

Action in the 2009 PPA National Championship week will continue with the contesting of the 2009 PPA National Doubles Championships. That 72-hole event will be held on the Magnolia and Fountain Courses at the Orange Lake Resort and Country Club in Orlando, FL beginning at approximately 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 15, 2009.

Article provided by Brad Lebo

Professional Division of the 2009 PPA Tournament Players Championship
(Orlando, FL - Course # M-F-M-F - 15 September 2009

RoundPoints Prize 
Player1234TotalEarned Money 
1Greg Ward2124242998100.00 $   750.00
2Robert Johnson2229252410097.00 $   550.00
Gary Watson2426282210097.00 $   550.00
4Jay Klapper2526242710294.00 $   400.00
5Kevin Lacey2727252410389.00 $   267.50
Daryl Freeman2425262810389.00 $   267.50
Michael Hitt2530242410389.00 $   267.50
Frank Warren3123252410389.00 $   267.50
9Charlie Greenwalt2128282810581.00 $   172.50
Andy Coradini2529242710581.00 $   172.50
Rick Rybaczek2429262610581.00 $   172.50
Nate Nichols2629262410581.00 $   172.50
13Greg Newport2327263010673.00 $   128.75
Rick Baird2524302710673.00 $   128.75
Tony Varnadore2526272810673.00 $   128.75
Jerry Pinotti2725262810673.00 $   128.75
17Jeff Carr2426253210767.00 $   117.50
Jeffrey Smith2925272610767.00 $   117.50
19Rainey Statum2826252910861.00 $   110.00
Jeff Spainhour2829252610861.00 $   110.00
Tim Jones2223293410861.00 $   110.00
Paul Sample2627282710861.00 $   110.00
23Ricky Schults3025272710954.00 $   103.33
Bill Kirby2628272810954.00 $   103.33
Rick Culverhouse3027242810954.00 $   103.33
26Randy Reeves2327273311048.00 $   100.00
Brad Lebo2325293311048.00 $   100.00
Tim Greenert2528273011048.00 $   100.00
Mike Baldoza2729272711048.00 $   100.00
John Bambling2628272911048.00 $   100.00
31Cliff Matthews2825302811143.00 $     20.00
Tony Jackson2826302711143.00 $     20.00
Thomas Rawles2628302711143.00 $     20.00
Ken Hastings2926282811143.00 $     20.00
Manfred Stewart2528283011143.00 $     20.00
36Wade Sahmel2629282911239.00
Dennis Biesma2826273111239.00
Bob Haizlip2630263011239.00
39Paul Johns2730263011336.50
Stan Seethoff2626293211336.50
41Gary English3327282611435.00
42Randy Orr2732282811533.00
James White2929292811533.00
Byron Kirby2828293011533.00
45Matt McCaslin2828312911630.50
Lee Messinger2927312911630.50
47Joel Baker2827332911728.50
Kelly Mize3031282811728.50
49Gary Reed2632312911827.00
50Tom Robertson2932302912026.00
51David McCollister3526293112124.00
James Taylor2929303312124.00
Olivia Prokopova3032293012124.00
54Robin Ventura2926333412222.00
55James Walker3326323312421.00
56Mark Ross3432302912520.00
57Ed Grajewski2931293712618.50
Greg Simpson3235293012618.50
59Gary Hinshaw3131362912717.00
60Mark Hasty3232363013016.00
61Vince Batten3230383113114.00
Lewis Burton3436332813114.00
Gary Reece3032373213114.00

Amateur Division of the 2009 PPA Tournament Players Championship
(Orlando, FL - Course # F-M-F-M - 15 September 2009

RoundPoints Expense 
Player1234TotalEarned Money 
1Lynn Self23283125107100.00 $     50.00
2Larry Smith2527312711098.00 $     50.00
3Bonnie White2828302511195.00 $     50.00
Malcolm Shumaker2527293011195.00 $     50.00
5Ben Blake2828292711292.00 $     50.00
6Trevor Lewin2529283111389.00 $     50.00
Chuck Dibbs3324292711389.00 $     50.00
8Chris Alley3125312811585.00 $     50.00
Chris Hudson2530303011585.00 $     50.00
10Todd Trent2829302911681.00
Pat Simpson2928312811681.00
12Mickey Delucca3427282811777.00
Jeff Brown2633292911777.00
14David Myers2930322711873.00
Steven Ventura3428292711873.00
16Alan Sahmel3030302911970.00
17Art Koerber3128303112065.00
Danny Tatum3128303112065.00
Bill Combs2730323112065.00
Terry Smith3028313112065.00
21Mike Matthews2932343012560.00
22Phil Kosobucki3335293212957.00
Todd Cabe3328343412957.00
24Ken Stanfill3133323413054.00
25Michael Foster3829303413152.00
26Barb Mingo3236323213249.50
Adam Sahmel3231343513249.50
28Rodney Ashley3532363313648.00




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