Cliff Matthews Records Dominant Victory in PPA Classic

Cliff Matthews

14 September 2009 - Orlando, FL - The 2009 PPA National Championship week kicked off with the contesting of the 72-hole PPA Classic on the Magnolia and Fountain courses at the beautiful Putt-Putt Golf facility at the Orange Lake Resort and Country Club in Orlando, FL. A field of 70 professionals gathered to vie for the first title to be awarded during the long championship week. Two-time PPA National Champion Cliff Matthews of Haltom City, TX made an early statement for the week, beginning the tournament by posting three consecutive spectacular rounds of 23 and entering the final round with a dominating seven-stroke lead over the field at 69. Matthews negotiated a serviceable fourth-round 27 on the Fountain course to cruise to a four-shot win with a 72-hole total of 96. Charging into the clubhouse with a fourth-round 23, reigning PPA Eastern Open Champion Greg Newport pole-vaulted over four players into second place at 100. At 104, 2006 GA State Champion Michael Hitt completed the event in third position. A seven-way, fourth-place logjam at 105 included 2006 PPA National Champion Brad Lebo, 2009 Louisiana Open Champion Wade Sahmel, 1999 PPA Most Improved Player Tony Varnadore, Thomas Rawles, 2007 PPA Senior National Champion Frank Warren, 2008 GA State Champion Jeff Carr, and 2008 TX Open Champion Gary Reed. The cash line for the 35 money spots awarded in the tournament fell at a 72-hole score of 111.

Bonnie White

In a closely-fought amateur division battle, 2003 APA National Champion Bonnie White of Tiffin, OH followed a disappointing opening-round 32 with a brilliant, tournament-low second-round 22 to leapfrog into a share of the 36-hole lead at 54. Firing 30 in the event's penultimate round, White dropped into a three-way tie for second place at 84 with one round remaining, two strokes behind 54-hole leader Todd Trent. White posted a final-round 28 to catch Trent's lead, as both contestants completed regulation play with a 72-hole total of 112. A victor would be determined in an 18-hole playoff. 1998 APA National Champion Jeff Brown rallied with a stellar fourth-round 25 to jump into a third-place tie at 113 with reigning PPA Eastern Open APA Champion Larry Smith and Texan Jason Sheffield. The last of the eleven amateur division expense reimbursement spots allocated in the event came at a 72-hole total of 120.

In the ensuing 18-hole amateur division playoff on the Fountain course, White aced the first hole, while Trent bogeyed, giving White a lead which she never would relinquish. White increased her advantage to three strokes at the end of the outward nine with an opening-nine score of 12. The players matched uneventful back-nine 15's, earning White a 27-30 playoff triumph. "I didn't know what kind of scores to expect since it was the first tournament of the week," observed the 55-year-old housewife and mother. "The tournament made me realize just how challenging these courses are and that you just have to stay patient."

Action will continue in the 2009 PPA National Championship week with the contesting of the PPA and APA Tournament Players Championship and the PPA and APA Senior National Championship on the Magnolia and Fountain courses at the Orange Lake Resort and Country Club's Putt-Putt Golf facility in Orlando, FL. Play in the 72-hole events, which will be held simultaneously as part of the same tournament, will commence at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 15, 2009.

Article provided by Brad Lebo

Professional Division of the 2009 PPA ProPutters.Com Open
(Orlando, FL - Course Order M-F-M-F - 14 September 2009

RoundPoints Prize 
Player1234TotalEarned Money 
1Cliff Matthews2323232796100.00 $  400.00
2Greg Newport2725252310098.00 $  350.00
3Michael Hitt2527262610496.00 $  325.00
4Brad Lebo2330272510588.00 $  241.43
Wade Sahmel2526252910588.00 $  241.43
Tony Varnadore2725242910588.00 $  241.43
Thomas Rawles2726272510588.00 $  241.43
Frank Warren2825262610588.00 $  241.43
Jeff Carr2725282510588.00 $  241.43
Gary Reed2331262510588.00 $  241.43
11Nate Nichols2525292710678.00 $  170.00
Randy Reeves2828272310678.00 $  170.00
Randy Orr2430223010678.00 $  170.00
14Kevin Lacey2825252910773.00 $  147.50
Ed Grajewski2628233010773.00 $  147.50
16Greg Ward2729292310865.00 $  127.50
Rick Rybaczek2527263010865.00 $  127.50
Jerry Pinotti2629262710865.00 $  127.50
Bob Haizlip2629262710865.00 $  127.50
Charlie Greenwalt2728252810865.00 $  127.50
Mike Baldoza2531252710865.00 $  127.50
22Rick Culverhouse2728252910954.00 $  100.00
Matt McCaslin2728233110954.00 $  100.00
Tony Jackson2429292710954.00 $  100.00
Ricky Schults2725292810954.00 $  100.00
James Walker2529282710954.00 $  100.00
27Ken Hastings2629272811047.00 $    81.00
Dennis Biesma2528263111047.00 $    81.00
Andy Coradini2628272911047.00 $    81.00
Daryl Freeman2629262911047.00 $    81.00
Rainey Statum2826312511047.00 $    81.00
32Gary English2729272811141.50 $    53.33
Joel Baker2828262911141.50 $    53.33
Stan Seethoff3125262911141.50 $    53.33
John Ventura3128242811141.50 $    53.33
Rick Baird3126262811141.50 $    53.33
John Bambling2927272811141.50 $    53.33
38Jay Klapper2631262911236.00
Jeff Spainhour2432282811236.00
Kelly Mize3126272811236.00
Tim Greenert3129262611236.00
Bill Kirby2629292811236.00
43Paul Johns2430283111332.00
Byron Kirby2730292711332.00
Jeffrey Smith2730282811332.00
46Vince Batten2828312711428.50
Tim Jones2831272811428.50
Olivia Prokopova2831272811428.50
Robert Johnson3029262911428.50
50Dave Taylor2633272911526.00
51Paul Sample2532293011624.00
Lee Messinger3129282811624.00
Gary Watson3131262811624.00
54Manfred Stewart3031263011719.50
Jim Cruse2729283311719.50
James Weber2829283211719.50
Mark Hasty2829293111719.50
Lewis Burton3032282711719.50
James Taylor3230243111719.50
60Robin Ventura3027303111815.00
Buddy Taylor2928293211815.00
Bill Baus3428282811815.00
63Dom Perry2831313112113.00
64Mark Ross3429302912211.50
Tom Robertson2931303212211.50
66David McCollister362730311249.50
Gary Hinshaw272733371249.50
68Gary Reece313628301257.50
James White333329301257.50
70Greg Simpson373326311276.00

* Players listed in bold and italic font earned a qualification spots into the
2009 PPA Tournament Players Championship

Amateur Division of the 2009 PPA ProPutters.Com Open
(Orlando, FL - Course Order F-M-F-M - 14 September 2009

RoundPoints Expense 
Player1234TotalEarned Money 
1Bonnie White32223028112100.00 $    40.00
2Todd Trent2826283011298.00 $    40.00
3Larry Smith3030262711394.00 $    40.00
Jeff Brown3030282511394.00 $    40.00
Jason Sheffield3026282911394.00 $    40.00
6Ben Blake3029282811589.00 $    40.00
Chris Alley2828293011589.00 $    40.00
8Chris Hudson3226292911686.00 $    40.00
9Alan Sahmel2728293411884.00 $    40.00
10David Myers2930332812081.00 $    40.00
Danny Tatum3029283312081.00 $    40.00
12Mickey Delucca3225313312177.00
Pat Simpson3231273112177.00
14Lynn Self3330312812273.00
Art Koerber3035302712273.00
16Michael Foster3032293212367.00
Terry Smith3234282912367.00
Malcolm Shumaker3131263512367.00
Steven Ventura3030323112367.00
20Phil Kosobucki3531273112461.00
Trevor Lewin3828332512461.00
22Barb Mingo2933333012557.00
Mike Matthews3029333312557.00
24Ken Stanfill3433312812654.00
25Adam Sahmel3134333213052.00
26Bill Combs3333343213249.50
Amy Smith3536293213249.50
28Wade Driskill3034343513347.50
Rodney Ashley3438293213347.50
30Aaron Bean3430373313446.00
31Gilles Delorme3535353313845.00
32Todd Cabe3638383614844.00

** Bonnie White won 18-hole playoff 27 to 30

* Players listed in bold and italic font earned a qualification spots into the
2009 APA Tournament Players Championship



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