Greg Ward Wins Classic for His Third National Win of the Season

Greg Ward

15 September 2008 - Richmond, VA - The 2008 PPA National Championship week kicked off with the contesting of the 72-hole PPA Classic on course # 3 at the Richmond, VA Putt-Putt Fun Center.  Despite baking sunshine and tricky winds, 2001 PPA National Champion Greg Ward continued his 2008 dominance of the PPA National Tour, earning his third PPA National victory of the season with a dramatic final-hole ace to edge a duo of players by one stroke.  After opening the event with lackluster rounds of 26 and 26, Ward charged into the clubhouse with finishing rounds of 23 and 23 for a 72-hole total of 98.  2007 PPA Tournament Players Champion Vince Batten and PPA Hall of Fame member Roger Beckerman shared runner-up honors at 99.  A six-way, fourth-place logjam at 100 included Ricky Schults, Rick Culverhouse, Rick Rybaczek, Darrell Britt, David McCollister, and Rainey Statum.  The cash line in the tightly-bunched t

Larry Smith

ournament fell at 104.
In the amateur division, 2007 APA Seniors National Champion Larry Smith emerged victorious by carding rounds of 27, 28, 24, and 24 for a 72-hole total of 103.  2005 APA National Champion Walter Kizzie and Richmond, VA local amateur standout Malcolm Shumaker tied for second place at 106.  Grouped in a three-way, fourth-place tie at 107 were 2003 APA National Champion Bonnie White and Virginia Tour amateur heavyweights Mike Matthews and Chuck Dibbs.  The final amateur division expense reimbursement spot fell at a score of 111.
Action will continue in the 2008 PPA National Championship week with the contesting of the PPA and APA Tournament Players Championship and the PPA and APA Seniors National Championship on courses # 2 and 3 at the Richmond, VA Putt-Putt Fun Center.  Play in the 72-hole events, which will be held simultaneously as part of the same tournament, will commence at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 16, 2008
- Article provided by Brad Lebo


Professional Division of the 2008 ProPutters.Com Classic
(Richmond, VA - Course # 3 - 15 September 2008

1Greg Ward2626232398100.00580.00
2Vince Batten262325259997.00405.00
Roger Beckerman252624249997.00405.00
4Ricky Schults2423262710089.00240.83
Rick Culverhouse2523272510089.00240.83
Rick Rybaczek2428232510089.00240.83
Darrell Britt2226272510089.00240.83
David McCollister2425232810089.00240.83
Rainey Statum2228232710089.00240.83
10Randy Orr2723262510180.00175.00
Andy Coradini2725232610180.00175.00
Robert Johnson2625242610180.00175.00
13Jay Klapper2424302410273.00148.75
Gary Watson2627232610273.00148.75
Michael Hitt2927242210273.00148.75
Cliff Matthews2528262310273.00148.75
17Greg Newport2726252510364.00122.00
James Taylor2730212510364.00122.00
Joel Baker2826242510364.00122.00
Brad Lebo2625262610364.00122.00
Tony Varnadore2726252510364.00122.00
22Rick Baird2626252710454.0063.00
Daryl Freeman2525262810454.0063.00
Jeff Carr2723292510454.0063.00
Dom Perry2526262710454.0063.00
Mike Baldoza2625282510454.0063.00
27John Bambling2727252610548.00
Rick Alessi2826272410548.00
Frank Warren2628262510548.00
30Jerry Pinotti2426272910643.50
Matt McCaslin2528272610643.50
Ed Grajewski3124252610643.50
Bill Baus2631242510643.50
James Weber2823262910643.50
Lewis Burton2924262710643.50
36Tony Jackson2629242810740.00
37Bill Kirby Jr.2725292710838.00
Rich Handschuh2928242710838.00
Steve Shively2726272810838.00
40Dave Taylor2924263010934.00
Mark Hasty2830262510934.00
Danny McCaslin2928292310934.00
Jeffrey Smith2629262810934.00
Wade Sahmel2627272910934.00
45Stan Seethoff2827282711029.50
Darrell Anderson2530272811029.50
Randy Reeves2531262811029.50
Bob Marcellino2728262911029.50
49David Jones2726302811126.50
Charlie Greenwalt3027292511126.50
51Tim Greenert2927302611225.00
52Manfred Stewart3028312411323.50
Paul Johns2730292711323.50
54Gary Hinshaw2729283011421.50
Danny Tatum2829302711421.50
56Buddy Taylor2830292811520.00
57James White2827313211819.00

* Players listed in bold and italic font earned a qualification spots into the
2008 PPA Tournament Players Championship

Amateur Division of the 2008 ProPutters.Com Classic
(Richmond, VA - Course # 3 - 15 September 2008

1Larry Smith27282424103100.0040.00
2Walter Kizzie2430262610697.0040.00
Malcolm Shumaker2528272610697.0040.00
4Bonnie White2725282710792.0040.00
Mike Matthews2827232910792.0040.00
Chuck Dibbs2926252710792.0040.00
7Jeff Brown2725302610888.0040.00
8James Walker2827292611086.0040.00
9Michael Huckaby3026262911183.0040.00
Mickey DeLucca2528263211183.0040.00
11Phil Kosobucki3025293011479.00
Lynn Self3224292911479.00
13Oneil Mercure2631322611575.00
Trevor Lewin2832272811575.00
15Amy Smith2932292711772.00
16Ken Stanfill3128293011870.00
17Jeff Studer3227283211967.00
Terry Sanner2830313011967.00
19Michael Foster3227303112062.00
Bill Combs2933283012062.00
Art Koerber3130293012062.00
22Rodney Ashley2828333312257.00
Jerry Sanner3330273212257.00
24Marty Handschuh3331332712454.00
25Adam Sahmel3433322912851.00
Barb Mingo3431303312851.00
27Chuck Cyr4336363314849.00

* Players listed in bold and italic font earned a qualification spots into the
2008 APA Tournament Players Championship


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