Cliff Matthews (PPA Pro) and Mike Huckaby (APA) Win 2007 Texas State Championship

Article and scores provided by Adam Sahmel, Gary Reed and Lee Messinger..

Professional Division
(Killeen, TX - Course # 2 - 19 August 2007)

Wade Sahmel Gary Reed
  Sahmel Reed  
Joel Woodall   6w5 3w4  
  Woodall     Steve Tanton
James Taylor    
  Sahmel Reed  
  6w5 2w1  
Brice Bergesen         Tom Adair
Danny Tatum   Halpain   Sahmel   Parker  
  Tatum   37 Holes   4w3   2w1  
Steve Armstrong   Halpain     Don Parker
Donald Halpain    
  Cliff Matthews
Joel Baker     Byron Kirby
  Baker   Matthews   Smith  
Greg Simpson   37 Holes   7w6 8w9  
  Chisum         Jeffrey Smith
David Chisum        
  Baldoza Matthews  
  38 Holes 4w2  
Lee Messinger     Cliff Matthews
  Baldoza Matthews  
  39 Holes 2w1   Kelly Mize
Mike Baldoza Mize  
Mike Chisum

Amateur Division
(Killeen TX - Course # 2 - 19 August 2007)

Ken Stanfill Alan Sahmel
  Stanfill Halpain  
  38 Holes 2w1   Danny Halpain
Steve Willmann     Halpain  
    Danny Hoel
  Bailey Halpain  
  5w4 6w5  
Gary Plain         Lloyd Navarro
  Bailey   Huckaby   Sheffield  
  2w1   4w3   3w4  
Carey Bailey     Jason Sheffield
  Mike Huckaby
Dave Blalock     Mickey DeLucca
  Huckaby   Berger   DeLucca  
  1up   5w4 8w7  
Mike Huckaby         Chance Marett
  Huckaby Berger  
  10w9 7w6  
Trevor Lewin     John Berger
  Lewin Berger  
  38 Holes 7w6   Todd Cabe
Adam Sahmel Austin   Rob Martin
Doug Austin


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