Nate Nichols Opens Northern Putting Tour with Victory in Louisville, KY

Nate Nichols

22 April 2006 - Louisville, KY - The Northern Putting Tour kicked off its 2006 season in Louisville, KY with clear skies and warm weather. Columbus, Indianas Nate Nichols jumped out of the gate early, shooting an opening round 11 under par 25 that left him sitting alone in first place, 2 shots ahead of Robb Titchell and 4 shots ahead of Jerry Pinotti and Mark Hasty. Round 2 saw Nichols struggle to the tune of only 5 aces and a mediocre round of 31. This allowed Paul Johns to sneak into a first place tie with Nichols at 56 while Roger Beckerman and Mark Hasty sat 2 shots back with one round to play.

Nichols began round number 3 by making 4 of the first 6 holes, but a double bogey 4 on the 7th, ensured that the event was still very much up for grabs. That would change in a hurry. Nichols followed up hole #7 with 8 aces in the next 9 holes to pull ahead and secure a 5 shot victory. Paul Johns wound up in a 2nd place tie with Mark Hasty, while Roger Beckerman, Jerry Pinotti and Tim Greenert finished in a 3-way tie for 4th.

In the amateur division, Louisville, Kentuckys Anthony Russell played lights out all day long. Anthony began the day with a 13 under par 23 and never looked back, leading wire to wire. Anthony would finish his day with the overall top score of 77, while youngster Brandon Davis sat 5 shots back in 2nd place at 82. Zach Smith wound up 3rd, and the combination of Kyle Poole and Jeff Brown rounded out the top 5.

Scores and tournament recap provided by Robb Titchell and Nate Nichols.

Professional Division of the 2006 Kentucky Open
(Louisville, KY - Course # 1 - 22 April 2006)

  Round PrizeMatchNPT
1Nate Nichols25312682 $ 100.00 0-1 
2Mark Hasty29292987 $   60.00 1-1 
 Paul Johns30263187 $   60.00 0-1 
4Roger Beckerman32263189 $   48.00 3-1 
 Tim Greenert32292889 $   33.00 0-1 
 Jerry Pinotti29312989 $   33.00 1-1 
7Robb Titchell27333090 1-1 
8Charlie Greenwalt33312791 $   30.00 4-0Spot
9Paul Pastilong33293092 0-1 
10David Jones32303395 0-1 
11Tony Cross33313397 0-1 

Amateur Division of the 2006 Kentucky Open
(Louisville, KY - Course # 1 - 22 April 2006)

  Round ExpenseMatchNPT
1Anthony Russell23262877 $   52.00 2-1 
2Brandon Davis26282882 $   50.00 3-0Spot
3Zach Smith28282783 $   25.00 1-1 
4Jeff Brown28283086 $   20.00 2-1 
 Kyle Poole29282986 $   15.00 0-1 
6Scott Copeland32292687 0-1 
7Tom Russell27313290 1-1 
8Josh Garrison33332894 0-1 
 Terry Sanner31313294 1-1 
10Karen Raizor31313496 0-1 
11Barb Mingo34313398 1-1 
12John Roberts34333299 0-1 


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