Caleb Kennedy Wins the
2006 APA National Championship

Caleb Kennedy opens the 2006 APA National Championship

6-7 July 2006 - Martinez, GA - Caleb Kennedy defeated Larry Smith in an 18 hole playoff for the 2006 APA National Championship after both players tied at 214 (74-under par) after eight rounds of medal play.

Kennedy opened up a commanding four stroke lead in the playoff on the back nine on his way to the playoff victory shooting 26 (10-under par) to Smith's 30 (6-under par). The victory was Kennedy's first APA National title in just his second year of APA competition.

Jeff Brown, the 1998 APA National Champion, finished alone in third place one stroke behind Kennedy and Smith at 215. A group of four players, Jeff Carr, Vanette Block, Brandon Davis and Dennis Biesma, finished in a tie for fourth at 221. Rounding out the top ten were Bo DeBruin and Chris Alley in a tie for eighth at 223 and Larry Hoover in tenth at 224.

Leaders of 2006 APA National Championship by Round

1st Round LeadersLarry Smith, James Walker and Malcolm Shumaker24 (12 under par)
2nd Round LeadersMalcolm Shumaker and Caleb Kennedy52 (20 under par)
3rd Round LeaderCaleb Kennedy78 (30 under par)
4th Round LeaderLarry Smith106 (38 under par)
5th Round LeaderLarry Smith132 (46 under par)
6th Round LeadersLarry Smith and Caleb Kennedy161 (55 under par)
7th Round LeaderLarry Smith185 (67 under par)

Hole by Hole Averages from the 2006 APA National Championship
Blue Course

Avg. Score1.611.351.971.201.892.041.461.431.661.851.571.981.481.522.031.731.881.85

Hole by Hole Averages from the 2006 APA National Championship
Red Course


Avg. Score


Easiest hole marked in light blue, hardest hole in yellow (courtesy of Frank Warren).

Scoreboard from the 2006 APA National Championship
(Martinez, GA - 6-7 July 2006)

  Round Expense
 Player12345678Total Money 
1Caleb Kennedy 2626263225262528214 $      80.00
 Larry Smith 2429272626292429214 $      80.00
3Jeff Brown 2928262824272429215 $      80.00
4Jeff Carr 2928252730272530221 $      80.00
 Vanette Block 3030282927262526221 $      80.00
 Brandon Davis 2632312526292824221 $      80.00
 Dennis Biesma 2631263227292228221 $      80.00
8Bo DeBruin2726293128282826223 $      80.00
 Chris Alley 2832272527282729223 $      80.00
10Larry Hoover 3327253126292429224 $      80.00
11Donald Halpain 3029293028292327225 
12James Walker 2433243325282930226 
13John Petrie 2926282927302831228 
 Robby Bryant 2829252831282831228 
15Michael Foster 2928283226322728230 
 Barry Moore 3028283128292630230 
 Malcolm Shumaker 2428333130252930230 
 Lynn Self 2829273031292630230 
19Walter Kizzie 3329312726292531231 
 Paula Gay3030273129282828231 
 Bonnie White 2829263231292927231 
 Ken Stanfill 2835232929312828231 
23Kyle Poole 3327273030302827232 
24Frankie Peters 2829293233282826233 
25Todd Trent 2629322928292932234 
 Blake Ross2933282826262935234 
 Terry Hendrix2925312932322828234 
28Mark Lawson 2732213327332836237 
 David Chisum 3132253132272930237 
 Bill Petrie 3030303028282932237 
31Alan Sahmel 3033293428292827238 
 Chris Hudson 3429273030312631238 
33Amy Smith 2929303026293729239 
34Adam Sahmel 3130303329332930245 
35Adam Smith 3030303131313430247 
 Bill Combs 3335293529292730247 
37Mickey DeLucca 3035283132303233251 
38Dennis Carter 2933323334303330254 
 Robert Gay3434293626322934254 
40Ryan Carter 3330303330323136255 
41Chuck Cyr3039323529263338262 
42Will DeBruin2536363436353134267 
43Donald Ralph 2939343733353035272 
44Darren Harvey 3533363637363836287 
45Mike Newman3742363928393434289 
46Linwood R. Moist 3438343599999999537 


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