Steve Tanton Posts Eight Stroke Victory

3 September 2005 - Waco, TX - The Texas Putting Tour started the final swing of the season at the Waco, Texas course. Steve Tanton took control of the event early on starting out with an 8-under 28 in the first round followed by a 10 under 26 in the second. With those two scores and only one other professional able to break 30 in any round on the day, Tanton cruised to an easy eight stroke victory with a three round total of 24 under 84. Jeffrey Smith took second place. The win moved Steve into first place in player of the year standings with two weekends left in the season. State spots went to James Taylor, Keith Barfield and David Lynch.

The amateur division struggled on the tough course but as the players came down the stretch in the final round it looked like Trevor Lewin would win his second event of the year. Two double bogeys over the last four holes would derail that opportunity and let Ken Stanfill, coming back from a more than a 20 year absence from putting, to win in his first event of the year. Kens final total of 8 under 100 was good enough for a one stroke win over Trevor. Everyone else in the amateur field felt like they had given away a good opportunity as the whole field finished within five strokes. State spots went to Ken Stanfill, Jason Sheffield and Donald Halpain.

Article and scores provided by Lee Messinger.

Professional Division of Waco, TX Event
(Waco, TX - Course #1 - 3 September 2005)

1Steve Tanton28263084$ 140.00
2Jeffrey Smith29323192$ 70.00
3James Taylor*30313293$ 40.00
4Lee Messinger32303496$ 20.00
5Brice Bergesen34343199 
6Keith Barfield*323534101 
7Steve Armstrong363333102 
8David Lynch*363136103 
9Don McCracken403333106 

* Earned TX State Championship Spot.

Amateur Division of Waco, TX Event
(Waco, TX - Course #1 - 3 September 2005)

1Ken Stanfill*303634100$ 20.00
2Trevor Lewin303338101$ 10.00
3Adam Sahmel383529102$ 3.34
Donald Halpain*323733102$ 3.33
Jason Sheffield*412635102$ 3.33
6Greg Cole363334103 
Steve Willmann333436103 
Steve Yancey343534103 
9Allen Thomas323637105 

* Earned TX State Championship Spot.

Professional Division Match Play of Waco, TX Event
(Waco, TX - Course #1 - 3 September 2005)

Keith Barfield 
 Keith Barfield
Don McCracken3w2 - Spot
Steve Armstrong 
 David Lynch
David Lynch2w1 - Spot

Amateur Division Match Play of Waco, TX Event
(Waco, TX - Course #1 - 3 September 2005)

 Jason Sheffield 
  Jason Sheffield
Steve Yancey 2w1 - Spot
 Allen Thomas 
Allen Thomas3w2 
 Donald Halpain 
  Donald Halpain
  2w1 - Spot
 Greg Cole 


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