Cliff Matthews Emerges from Loser's Bracket to Win in Lawton, OK

Cliff Matthews (2002 and 2004 PPA National Champion)

4 June 2005 - Lawton, OK - The Texas Putting Tour held its Double Elimination Match Play event at the Lawton, Oklahoma course for 2005. Steve Tanton continued his strong play this advancing to the finals from the winners bracket. He would face Cliff Matthews in the finals.

After losing his first match of the day to Jude Prather, 3 with 2, Cliff would advance through the losers bracket barely winning his first three matches in 37 holes, 1-up and 1-up respectively. Cliff would see Jude again in the final match of the losers bracket to see who would face Steve for the title. This time Cliff dispatched Jude handily with a 9 with 8 win over the 36 hole match. There would be two matches for the two finalists.

Cliff would dispatch Steve fairly easily in the first match winning 3 with 2 in a match that ended up closer that it actually was. The second match would be a much tighter affair. As the match came down to the end Cliff forged a two hole lead going into the tough 17th hole. An easy deuce from Cliff would put the pressure on Steve to make the 17th. Cliff, however, would make a major error on the hole. He pulled his first putt and caught the corner of the bricks guarding the center of the hole. He then got a bad break as the ball jumped over the rail out of bounds. Cliff conceded the hole at that point and Steve was still in the match 1 down to Cliff and playing first on the last hole. Steve was unable to make the 18th and Cliff did not make any mistake on the last hole. The win was Cliffs second of the season and also earned him a state spot. The other available state spot went to Steve Tanton.

The amateur division would see David Chisum go undefeated to take the title. He defeated Adam Sahmel and Danny Hoel to reach the finals where he would again play Adam Sahmel. Adam would play tough but was never able to establish an advantage over David and David was able close out the match on the 35th hole when Adam was unable to make an ace. Both David and Adam took state spots.

Scores and Article provided by Jimmy Van Buskirk and James Taylor.

Professional Division of Texas Double Elimination Match Play
(Lawton, OK - Course #1 - 4 June 2005)

Jeffrey Smith      
  Wade Sahmel     
 Wade Sahmel5w4     
Steve Tanton  Steve Tanton    
 Steve Tanton 5w4    
Mike Chisum5w4Steve Tanton     
 Gary Reed2w1     
 Cliff Matthews   Steve Tanton  
Lee Messinger Jude Prather  6w5  
 Jude Prather3w2     
Jude Prather3w2      
   Jude Prather    
 James Taylor 2w1  Cliff Matthews 
  Joel Woodall   3w2 
 Joel Woodall6w4     
    Jude Prather   
Jeffrey Smith Joel Woodall    Cliff Matthews Win $150
 Jeffrey Smith Joel Woodall Cliff Matthews  
Lee Messinger4w3Jeffrey Smith37 Holes 9w8  
 Gary Reed2w1     
    Cliff Matthews Steve Tanton 
 Cliff Matthews  1up   
Mike Chisum Cliff Matthews     
 James Taylor1upCliff Matthews    
James Taylor37 HolesWade Sahmel1up    

Amateur Division Texas Double Elimination Match Play
(Lawton, OK - Course #1 - 4 June 2005)

 Trevor Lewin   
  Danny Hoel  
 Danny Hoel4w3  
Adam Sahmel  David Chisum 
 Adam Sahmel 37 Holes 
Donald Halpain3w2David Chisum  
 David Chisum3w2  
    David Chisum - Win
Trevor Lewin Danny Hoel  
 Donald Halpain Adam Sahmel 
Donald Halpain2w1Adam Sahmel1up 
 Adam Sahmel3w2  


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