Cliff Matthews Open His 2005 Season With a Victory on the PPA Texas State Tour

23 April 2005 - Arlington (Division), TX - The Texas Putting Tour held its fourth event of the year at the Arlington-Division course on Saturday April 23rd. Defending 2004 PPA National Champion Cliff Matthews made his first appearance of the year and everybody was expecting his to do well on his home course where he usually dominates play.

Cliff Matthews
2004 PPA National Champion

The first round saw only three players shoot better than 6 under 30. David Lynch fired a 9 under 27 which was powered by a great 7 under 11 on the back nine. The other two players under 30 were Cliff Matthews and Steve Tanton. Cliff shot his 7 under by being consistent over both nines while Steve got all his strokes on the front nine matching Davids 11 back with an 11 front of his own. Nobody was able to go low in the second round and David Lynch was able to hold onto his lead despite shooting a 6 under 30. Jude Prather fired a second round best 8 under 28 to get within one of Lynch. The only two other players under sixty were Cliff and Steve who both shot 6 under 30s.

The front nine of the last round saw Matthews take command of the event with a 7 under par 11 that took him from two down to two strokes ahead of Lynch. As the tournament wound down nobody was able to put any pressure on Cliff and 2 under 16 was enough to hold on to the win by three strokes with a 22 under 86 total. Steve Armstrong fired a last round 9 under 27 to take second place by himself. David Lynch, Wade Sahmel and Steve Tanton finished tied for third one behind Steve Armstrong. The win earned Cliff a state and world spot. Additional state spots went Chris Conradi and Joel Baker in match play competition.

In the Amateur Division Brian Wiggins, returning to play after an eight year absence fired an opening round 10 under 26, the best round of the day in either division, to hold a three stroke lead over Mike Huckaby and Rob Martin. Wiggins cooled off in the second round shooting a four under 32. Nobody was able to take great advantage of Wiggins' play with no score lower than 5 under in the second round leaving Wiggins in the lead going to last round. Another poor round from Brian of 3 under 33 in the last round opened the door for the rest of the field. However, only Mike Huckaby walked through. His final round 6 under 30 left him one stroke ahead of Brain at 18 under 90. Mikes win also gave him a state spot. Additional spots went to Brian Wiggins and Steve Willmann in match play competition.

Article and scores provided by Lee Messinger and Adam Sahmel.

Professional Division of Arlington, TX Tournament
(Arlington (Division), TX - Course #1 - 23 April 2005)

1Cliff Matthews*29302786$ 170.00
2Steve Armstrong31312789$ 90.00
3David Lynch27303390$ 50.00
Steve Tanton29303190$ 50.00
Wade Sahmel30293190$ 50.00
6Jude Prather30283391$ 25.00
Lee Messinger34302791$ 25.00
8Joel Baker*32293394 
9Tom Adair31362895 
10Mike Baldoza33333197 
11James Taylor38293198 
12Jeffrey Smith33323499 
13Chris Conradi*342937100 
Mike Chisum333037100 

* Earned TX State Championship Spot.

Amateur Division of Arlington, TX Tournament
(Arlington (Division), TX - Course #1 - 23 April 2005)

1Mike Huckaby*29313090$ 20.00
2Brian Wiggins*26323391$ 10.00
3Rob Martin29313595$ 10.00
4Danny Hoel32353097$ 5.00
Steve Yancey32323397$ 5.00
6David Chisum34343098 
7Allen Thomas33323499 
8Donald Halpain343234100 
Steve Willmann*333235100 
10Trevor Lewin323138101 
11Greg Cole333437104 
12Bertz Ferguson403736113 

* Earned TX State Championship Spot.

Professional Division Match Play from Arlington, TX Tournament
(Arlington (Division), TX - Course #1 - 23 April 2005)

Steve Armstrong  
 Mile Baldoza 
Tom Adair 3w2 
 Mike Baldoza  
Mike Baldoza3w2  
  Chris Conradi - Spot
Wade Sahmel  1up
 Wade Sahmel  
Mike Chisum4w3  
 Chris Conradi 
Jude Prather 1up 
 Chris Conradi  
Chris Conradi2up  
David Lynch  
 Joel Baker 
Joel Baker 19 Holes 
 Joel Baker  
James Taylor2w1  
  Joel Baker - Spot
Steve Tanton  
 Jeffrey Smith 
Lee Messinger 1up 
 Jeffrey Smith  
Jeffrey Smith20 Holes  

Amateur Division Match Play from Arlington, TX Tournament
(Arlington (Division), TX - Course #1 - 23 April 2005)

 Brian Wiggins  
  Brian Wiggins 
Donald Halpain 4w3 
 Donald Halpain  
Trevor Lewin1up  
   Brian Wiggins - Spot
 Steve Yankee  
  David Chisum 
 David Chisum  
 Rob Martin  
  Steve Willmann 
Steve Willmann 5w3 
 Steve Willmann  
Greg Cole3w2  
   Steve Willmann - Spot
 Danny Hoel  
  Bertz Ferguson 
Allen Thomas 3w2 
 Bertz Ferguson  
Bertz Ferguson22 Holes  


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