Tony Jackson's Aces Charge Brings
Victory in Spartanburg

Tony Jackson
2005 PPA Spartanburg Open Champion

4 June 2005 - Spartanburg, SC - It had looked like Tony Jacksons chances on posting his first victory of the season would dwindle on Saturday. The South Carolina tour chairman had to erase a three-shot deficit with five holes to play and ace out to clip Daryl Freeman and Greg Ward by a single shot.

A rare opportunity came for the South Carolina program as this was their second consecutive weekend of play for themselves, the first to happen in over a year when they went to Martinez and then to Spartanburg. The same scenario was placed as the tour played last weekend in Martinez, only to appear this week in Spartanburg on Course 1.

Freeman led the field of 22 players in the Pro Division with a round of 23 for a two-shot lead over three players. His lead did not last into the second round. In fact, the Hall of Fame members from Bristol, Tennessee reversed himself by firing 32 in the second round and fell out of the top five. In the second round, Ward had himself the lead at 51, with second belonging to soon-to-be newlywed Michael Hitt, who will be defending his 2004 Palmetto Classic victory on Sunday, at 53. Jackson was tied for third at 54, despite starting the day with a 28. Also in at 54 were Rick Baird and Randy Orr.

Jackson, who came in this tournament as the defending champion from last season, went on a tear down the stretch. Jackson aced the last five holes to finish at 79 and waited for the field to respond. Freemans roller coaster afternoon went back on the upswing as he shot 25, but could not pull it off and finish the day at 80. Ward missed the final hole to force a playoff with Jackson and shot 80 as well. Hitt also stumbled in the final round with a score of 29 to end up tied for fifth.

The win was Jacksons first of the season and his first since last August in Spartanburg, where he won the medal play tournament and the Match Play Championship that followed. Freeman was denied of his first win in South Carolina since winning in Columbia, ironically the day before the 2004 Palmetto Classic last season.

Jackson shot 79, while Freeman and Ward each finished at 80. Darrell Britt, a two-time winner this season on the tour, came in fourth at 81. Hitt finished tied with Ray Guthrie for fifth at 82.

Larry Smith made the trip from Birmingham, Alabama to win his first event of the season by four strokes. Smith battled a field of 19 amateurs and eased through after an opening round 24. With a pair of 29s in the final two rounds and no amateur coming close to him, Smith waltzed away with a score of 82. Local player and 2004 APA National Champion Ricky Schults and 2004 South Carolina Player of the Year Jeff Carr each finished tied for second at 86.

Freeman was the recipient of the South Carolina Medal spot and Baird grabbed his World Match Play spot from this event.

The tour will play again at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday for the 9th annual Palmetto Classic. Hitt is the defending champion and will tee off first on Course 1.

Tournament results provided by Frank Warren and Opie Roberts.

Professional Division of the Spartanburg Open
(Spartanburg, SC- Course #1
- 4 June 2005)

  Round SCPrize
1Jackson, Tony2826257940.00 $ 140.00
2Freeman, Daryl2332258036.50 $   90.00
 Ward, Greg2625298036.50 $   90.00
4Britt, Darrell2828258135.00 $   65.00
5Hitt, Michael2825298233.50 $   53.00
 Guthrie, Ray2827278233.50 $   53.00
7Reeves, Randy2827288331.00 $   47.00
 Baird, Rick2529298331.00 $   47.00
 Culverhouse, Rick2530288331.00 $   47.00
10Johnson, Robert2729298529.00 $   40.00
11Reid, Jonathan2728318627.00 $   14.00
 Klapper, Jay2630308627.00 $   14.00
 Orr, Randy2529328627.00 $   14.00
14Varnadore, Tony2631308724.50   
 Fowler, Todd3129278724.50   
16Warren, Frank2829318823.00   
17Wall, Allen2833288922.00   
18English, Gary3228309021.00   
19Randall, Vance3234269220.00   
20Rybaczek, Rick3330319419.00   
21Ward, Robert3434319917.50   
 Jackson, Bob3435309917.50   

Amateur Division of the Spartanburg Open
(Spartanburg, SC- Course #1
- 4 June 2005)

  Round SCExpense
1Smith, Larry2429298220.00 $   10.00
2Schults, Ricky3127288616.50 $   10.00
 Carr, Jeff2630308616.50 $   10.00
4Griffin, Richard3031278814.50 $   10.00
 Biesma, Dennis2933268814.50 $   10.00
6Self, Lynn3226329012.50 $     5.00
 Alley, Chris2831319012.50 $     5.00
8Hendrix, Terry2929339110.00   
 Hudson, Chris3130309110.00    
 Trent, Todd3329299110.00   
11Hutchinson, Tommy323228928.00   
12Moore, Barry293134946.50   
 Peters, Frankie333229946.50   
14Bryson, Bill273633964.50   
 Helton, Steve303531964.50   
16Hoover, Larry3238371073.00   
17Moist, Linwood3535421122.00   
18Ralph, Donald3544421211.00   
 Biesma, Scott5234351211.00   



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