Cliff Matthews Posts Second Straight Victory to Open His 2005 PPA Season

24 April 2005 - Arlington (Division), TX - Cliff Matthews, in his second tournament of the year, fired an opening round of 26 to start the tournament in a sprint. Matthewss first tournament of the year was the day before for the Texas Tour on the same course which he won by shooting an 86. Jeff Smith found himself in second by shooting a 28 and James Taylor was in third with a 30. Cliff stretched his opening distance further by shooting back to back 26s. The next closest pro was James Taylor who was in at 57 after shooting a 27 to capture second place 5 strokes behind Cliffs 52. Jeff Smith slipped into a tie for third with Lee Messenger at 61.

Mike Huckaby (APA Runner-Up), Donnie Halpain (APA Winner) and
Cliff Matthews (PPA Winner) from left to right.

Cliff Matthews put the cruise control on in the third round and coasted in with a round of 30 and a tournament winning 82 while Jeff Smith started a fire by shooting an amazing 25, the lowest round of the weekend, and a final of 86 to cut James Taylor by one stroke who finished third with an 87. State spots went Cliff Matthews, Jude Prather, who defeated James Taylor in match play, and Lee Messinger, who defeated Chris Conradi in match play.

In the APA division Steve Willmann started strong shooting a 27 in the opening round. He was followed closely by Donnie Halpain, turning in a opening round 29. In the second round Donnie continued to shoot well with a 28 and a total of 61 while Steve Willmann fell back to tie Mike Huckaby for second with a 61.

Donnie finished the third round with a decent 30 to win with a 87 and Mike Huckaby passed Steve Willmann by shooting a total of 91and capturing the Runner-up trophy. This was Donnies first win as an amateur. State spots went to Donnie Halpain in medal play, Rob Martin and Trevor Lewin in match play.

Article and scores provided by James Taylor.

Professional Division of Arlington, TX Tournament
(Arlington (Division), TX - Course #1 - 24 April 2005)

1Cliff Matthews*26263082 
2Jeffrey Smith28332586 
3James Taylor30273087 
4Chris Conradi32312992 
5Lee Messinger*32293495 
6Jude Prather*33293395 
7Steve Armstrong37292995 
8David Lynch35303295 
9Don McCracken353631102 

* Earned OK State Championship Spot.

Amateur Division of Arlington, TX Tournament
(Arlington (Division), TX - Course #1 - 24 April 2005)

1Donnie Halpain*29283087 
2Mike Huckaby32293091 
3Steve Willmann27343293 
4Jimmy VanBuskirk32283696 
Scott Schuler34332996 
Danny Hoel32343096 
7Jason VanBuskirk30353398 
8Rob Martin*35323299 
9Bertz Ferguson323534101 
10Trevor Lewin*323536103 
11Greg Cole403435109 

* Earned OK State Championship Spot.


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