Tyler Lacey Wins
2005 JPA National Individual Championship

25 July 2005 - Louisville, KY - In conjunction with the 2005 JPA Team National Championship, the 2005 JPA Individual National Championship was also contested. Tyler Lacey of Springfield, OH put together a four round total 125 to tie Jason Paljug of Lynchburg, VA in regulation play. The two would go head to head in an 18 hole playoff for the win. Paljug took command early, up three strokes going into the final 3 holes. Lacey fired back, acing the final three holes of the playoff match to send the two into a sudden death playoff. The two matched strokes through the first three holes of sudden death, but a great ace on a very difficult Hole 4 from Lacey went unanswered, and Lacey claimed the 2005 JPA Individual National Championship Title.

Tournament summary courtesy of AmPutters.com.

Scoreboard from the 2005 JPA Individual National Championship
(Louisville, KY - 24 July 2005)

1Tyler Lacey*Springfield, OH - Team A38292929125
2Jason PaljugLynchburg, VA - Team A32303132125
3Logan WhittonRichmond, VA33313231127
 Andy DolanSpringfield, OH31323133127
 Cody UnderwoodSpringfield, OH - Team A28343035127
6Keegan PaceBurlington, NC - Team A33273632128
 Jacob BrownLynchburg, VA - Team A35273531128
 Drew McEnaneySpringfield, OH - Team A32352932128
9Michael KoehlerSpringfield, OH - Team A37303528130
10John LoveBurlington, NC - Team A32353232131
11Jacob ArthurLynchburg, VA - Team A31353334133
12Brittany WilsonLynchburg, VA - Team B34353432135
13Seth MaytonBurlington, NC - Team A32333338136
 Mackenzie FarlieYpsilanti, MI - Team B33363235136
15Ryan CarterLynchburg, VA - Team A38303633137
16Matt HagelinYpsilanti, MI - Team A34353732138
 Tommy LamoreauxBurlington, NC - Team A33343833138
 Andy TurnerLynchburg, VA - Team B33373236138
19Chris LauniusYpsilanti, MI - Team A39323632139
 Michael RuweYpsilanti, MI - Team A35333437139
 Kaley ThomasLynchburg, VA - Team B33323737139
22Zac ChrysanYpsilanti, MI - Team A32373437140
 Andrew ChrysanYpsilanti, MI - Team B37323338140
24Aaron HillLynchburg, VA37333833141
25Andrew DionYpsilanti, MI - Team B31393735142
26Dustin HolderBurlington, NC - Team B31393538143
 Nick RydzewsiYpsilanti, MI - Team B38363237143
 Lincoln PenningtonBurlington, NC35333441143
29Michael MoserLynchburg, VA - Team B34393635144
30Scott BiesmaMarion, VA33364238149
31Robbie StallingsBurlington, NC - Team B35363745153
32Darrell RayBurlington, NC - Team B38373346154
33Travis SimmonsBurlington, NC - Team B44423637159

  * Tyler Lacey defeated Jason Paljug on the fourth hole of sudden death after both players tied in an 18-hole playoff.


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