Kevin Lacey Opens His 2005 PPA Season with Victory in Louisville, KY

30 April 2005 - Louisville, KY - Twenty-nine putters gathered on a cold and windy morning Saturday in Louisville, Kentucky for the season opening event of the PPA Indiana State Tour. This marked the second year in a row that the PPA Indiana State Tour and the PPA Great Lakes Tour came together to form a joint event, and for the second year in a row Kevin Lacey took home the opening tournament of the year.

Kevin Lacey
Winner of the 2005 Louisville Open

Lacey opened and closed his six rounds with 23's, the last of which sealed the victory by five strokes over Reading, Ohio's John Ventura. Half way through the event it was anybody's ball game, with Lacey leading the way at 82 but Charlie Greenwalt, Shawn Gilliland, Danny Holcomb, Nate Nichols and Jerry Pinotti were all within three strokes of the lead.

After the fourth round the field bunched up even tighter with Kevin in a first place tie with Hope, Indiana's Danny Holcomb and six other putters within 4 strokes. By the start of the sixth and final round, Lacey was at 138 with Holcomb and Pinotti right behind at 139. Lacey ended the drama quickly however with another spectacular round of 23 to close the door. All the maneuvering and jockeying for position allowed John Ventura to quietly sneak into second place as he put together a very nice final three round score of 77 (26-26-25). Jim Payne finished in third place, Shawn Gilliland, Charlie Greenwalt, Danny Holcomb and Jerry Pinotti all tied for fourth place.

Louisville, Kentucky's own Anthony Russell ran away early and never looked back in route to winning the amateur portion of the Derby City Classic. Russell started off very impressively with an opening 3 round score of (27-27-26) 80 to hold a commanding 10 shot lead over his closest competitor. A lackluster 4th round 33 opened the door slightly as Zach Smith trimmed 5 shots off the lead to pull to within 5 strokes, but that was as close as anyone would get to Russell who put together steady rounds of 29-29 to finish his day. Sam Raizor was second, Zach Smith in third, Scott Copeland in fourth and Andy McCoy rounded out the top five.

Scores provided by Robb Titchell and tournament recap provided by Nate Nichols and Shawn Gilliland.

Professional Division of the 2005 Louisville Open
(Louisville, KY - Course #1 - 30 April 2005)

  Round PrizeIndianaGLTGLT
1Kevin Lacey233227292723161 $ 240.00 552150Medal
2John Ventura312830262625166 $ 175.00 475128Medal
3Jim Payne323026272627168 $ 120.00    
4Shawn Gilliland272830302826169 $   73.00 375.7  
 Charlie Greenwalt263226312826169 $   73.00 375.7109Medal
 Danny Holcomb282927272830169 $   73.00 375.7109Medal
 Jerry Pinotti272928292630169 $   73.00 375.7  
8Nate Nichols282829312729172 $   50.00 313.298 
9Tim Greenert312728283227173 $   42.00    
 Jim Cruse312929302826173 $   42.00 288.690 
11Scott Buddie333127272829175 $   35.00  83 
12Robb Titchell333226302728176  75 
13Roger Beckerman303029283228177 217.269 
14David Jones343129302628178    
 Paul Johns312829303327178  63 
16Tom Russell313132293125179    
17Dave McCaslin302832312732180 16257 
18Jeff Garrison303328293130181 15453 
19James Weber313230353124183 138.648 
 John Kropinak273035283330183  44 
 Paul May313233302829183 138.6  
22Paul Pastilong313130303132185  39 
23Robin Ventura322934352730187 110.2  
 Bennie Williams333030333031187  35 
25Harry Sykes323031323330188  30 
26Eddie Coy313029333235190 91  
27Mark Hasty293629313135191 85  
28Dave Nutini333229333332192 79.227 
29Bob Marcellino313334333431196 58  

Amateur Division of the 2005 Louisville Open
(Louisville, KY - Course #1 - 30 April 2005)

  Round ExpenseIndianaGLTGLT
1Anthony Russell272726332929171 $ 40.00 443150Medal
2Sam Raizor303231293027179 $ 32.00 350.2128Match
3Zach Smith312930282933180 $ 27.00 322  
4Scott Copeland283032303031181 $ 23.00 294113 
5Andy McCoy343231292835189 $ 20.00 217.2105Medal
6Ted Cain313333333129190 $ 18.00 19198Match
7Josh Garrison313238362826191 $ 17.00 175  
8Rob McGraner333034313233193  90 
9David Goodwin363533333028195  83 
10Kyle Poole353334323330197 113.2  
11Sharon Cain343740313434210 5975 
12Rick Brown383539313735215    


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