David Lynch Completes Weekend Sweep with One Stroke Victory in Killeen, TX

13 June 2004 - Killeen, TX - For the first time ever the Texas Putting Tour would be competing on the number 2 course in Killeen. The former tournament course, number 3, had been removed and new rides put in its place. The new course was a covered course, one of the few left. The number 2 course was interesting with many holes were just missing on your ace could put you in bogey territory.

David Lynch continued his strong play from the day before with an opening round 14 under 22. His lead was one stroke over Wade Sahmel with Gary Reed two back. A second round 29 by David allowed Wade to take over the lead at 23 under 49. Joel Baker also got into the mix with a second round 12 under 24 witch left him tied with David two back of Wade. After the front nine of the last round it was looking like a two-player match between Joel Baker and Wade Sahmel. Joel had shot an 11 on the front to tie Wade going to the last nine. Neither Wade nor Joel was able to pop a back nine with both shooting 3 under 15's it allowed for someone to get hot and catch them. That person turned out to be David Lynch. He started the back nine 3 back of Wade and Joel. By the time David reached the 17th hole he new he needed one to tie and two to win. Two aces later David had completed his comeback, swept the weekend events and received a state spot. Additional spots went to Steve Tanton and Brice Bergesen in match play.

Lloyd Navarro Jr. and Steve Willmann held the lead at 8 under 28 after the opening round in the amateur division. After the second round was complete there were still two players tied for the lead, just a different set of players. Rhet Wylie and Adam Sahmel at 14 under 58 were one ahead of Lloyd with Chance Marett, Mickey DeLucca and Steve Willmann two back. Nobody was able to go low in the last round and Adam's 7 under 29 gave him his first win of the year and a state spot. Additional spots went to Jason Sheffield and Dave Blalock in match play.

Article and scores provided by Lee Messinger.

Professional Division of Killeen, TX Event
(Killeen, TX - Course #2 - 13 June 2004)

1David Lynch*22292576$160.00
2Joel Baker27242677$85.00
3Wade Sahmel23262877$85.00
4Rodney Phillips26262880$50.00
5Brice Bergesen*28252881$40.00
6Jeffrey Smith29282683$16.67
7Gary Reed24302983$16.66
8Steve Tanton*25292983$16.66
9Mike Chisum28312584 
10Cliff Matthews31282786 
11Jody Kimble30292988 
12Keith Barfield30302888 
13Lee Messinger33322489 
14Byron Kirby34273293 
15Mike Baldoza32332994 
16Greg Simpson303634100 

Amateur Division of Killeen, TX Event (13 June 2004)

1Adam Sahmel*29292987$20.00
2James Taylor31302788$10.00
3Rhet Wylie29293088$10.00
4Chance Marett33272989$10.00
5Mickey DeLucca31293191 
6Lloyd Navarro Jr.28313392 
7David Chisum29352993 
8Steve Willmann28323494 
9Jason Sheffield*34323197 
10Dave Blalock*383131100 
11Trevor Lewin313437102 
12Rob Martin363235103 
13Allen Thomas373437108 

* Earned TX State Championship Spot.

Professional Match Play Results of Killeen, TX Event (13 June 2004)

 Joel Baker  
  Jody Kimble 
Jody Kimble 4w3 
 Jody Kimble  
Lee Messinger6w5  
   Steve Tanton - Spot
 Gary Reed  
  Steve Tanton 
 Steve Tanton  
 Rodney Phillips  
  Rodney Philips 
Keith Barfield 4w3 
 Keith Barfield  
Mike Baldoza3w2  
   Brice Bergesen - Spot
 Brice Bergesen  
  Brice Bergesen 
 Mike Chisum  

Amateur Match Play Results of Killeen, TX Event (13 June 2004)

 Rhet Wylie  
  Rhet Wylie 
Rob Martin 4w3 
 Allen Thomas  
Allen Thomas4w3  
   Jason Sheffield - Spot
 David Chisum  
  Jason Sheffield 
 Jason Sheffield  
 James Taylor  
  Trevor Lewin 
 Trevor Lewin  
   Dave Blalock - Spot
 Lloyd Navarro Jr.  
  Dave Blalock 
 Dave Blalock  


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