Lynchburg, VA Wins
2004 JPA National Team Championship

2004 JPA National Championship Team from Lynchburg, VA
2004 JPA National Championship Team from Lynchburg, VA
(photo courtesy of Walter Kolb).
(Click on photo for a higher resolution photo)

21 July 2004 - Richmond, VA - The Lynchburg, VA team trailed the Springfield, OH team by four strokes after the first round of the 2004 JPA National Team Championship but used a championship best second round total of 110 to open up a lead that they would hold throughout the rest of the day. Lead by 2004 JPA National Individual Champion, John Petrie, the Lynchburg, VA team extended their lead after the third round with a team total of 112. With the Burlington, NC team their closest competition entering the final round, the Lynchburg, VA team posted a team total of 116 in the fourth and final round. The final margin of victory was 22 strokes for the Lynchburg, VA team with a four round total of 458, 118 under par. In addition to John Petrie, the Lynchburg, VA team featured Jason Paljug who finished in second in the individual competition with a four round score of 112, 32 under par, Jacob Arthur who posted a score of 117, 27 under par, and Ryan Carter who posted a score of 122, 22 under par.

The Burlington, NC team finished in second with a score of 480, 96 under par, was lead by Seth Mayton who finished in a tie for fourth in the individual competition with a score of 115, 29 under par. The Burlington team also featured Matt Cox at 120, John Love at 121 and Keegan Pace at 124.

Leaders of 2004 JPA Team National Championship by Round

1st Round LeadersSpringfield, OH116 (28-under par)
2nd Round LeadersLynchburg, VA "1"230 (58-under par)
3rd Round LeadersLynchburg, VA "1"342 (90-under par)

Scoreboard from the 2004 JPA Team National Championship
(Richmond, VA - 21 July 2004)

Lynchburg, VA "1"1234Total
John Petrie26282429107
Jason Paljug29272828112
Jacob Arthur31253130117
Ryan Carter34302929122
Burlington, NC "1"
Seth Mayton30272830115
Matt Cox31282932120
John Love26323132121
Keegan Pace34313029124
Springfield, OH
Drew McEnaney26333028117
Tyler Lacey29352830122
Michael Koehler29372732125
Cody Underwood32293134126
Burlington, NC "2"
Tommy Lamoreaux29282730114
Westley Newcomb32313330126
Thomas Scott32353333133
Dustin Holder30343339136
Richmond, VA "1"
Brandon Whitton28302931118
Logan Whitton30303536131
Justin Patterson32333136132
Matt Taylor37323135135
Ypsilanti, MI "1"
Catherine Stimpson32292934124
Andrew Chrysan33303329125
Zac Chrysan33333235133
Michael Ruwe33323538138
Lynchburg, VA "2"
Andrew Turner34353229130
Jack Carroll33313831133
Jacob Brown35313434134
Elliott Clowdis33353434136
Ypsilanti,  MI "2"
Nick Rydzewski33292734123
Matthew Hagelin30363429129
Mackenzie Farlie29343837138
Andrew Dion38373434143
Richmond, VA "2"
Zachary Pasquatino30363834138
Connor Donnelly35304234141
Sean Pate36363538145
Chad Hallman31423439146


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