Ricky Schults plays final hole of 2004 APA National Championship
Ricky Schults plays final hole of
2004 APA National Championship
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Ricky Schults Wins
2004 APA National Championship

22-23 July 2004 - Richmond, VA - Ricky D. Schults of Spartanburg, SC fired rounds of 22, 25, 23 and 25 to post a second day score of 95, 53 under par, and post a 144 hole total of 198, 90 under par. Schults' score of 198 was nine strokes ahead of Bennie Williams who was alone in second at 207 with Larry Hoover and Jeff Carr in a tie for third at 208. Amy Smith and Chuck Dibbs tie for fifth at 210 with James Taylor at 211 in seventh, Dennis Biesma at 212 in eighth, Terry Clark at 213 in ninth and Bonnie White at Jeff Brown in a tie for tenth at 215.

Leaders of 2004 APA National Championship by Round

1st Round LeaderWayne Saunders, Jr., James Taylor, Bennie Williams, Larry Smith and Malcolm Shumaker24 (12-under par)
2nd Round LeaderLarry Hoover and Terry Clark50 (22-under par)
3rd Round LeaderChuck Cyr75 (33-under par)
4th Round LeaderChuck Cyr99 (45-under par)
5th Round LeaderChuck Cyr124 (56-under par)
6th Round LeaderRicky D. Schults150 (66-under par)
7th Round LeaderRicky D. Schults173 (79-under par)

Scoreboard from the 2004 APA National Championship
(Richmond, VA - 22-23 July 2004)

  Rounds Expense
1Ricky D. Schults (Spartanburg, SC)2725272422252325198 $ 80.00
2Bennie Williams (Springfield, OH)2430242728302222207 $ 80.00
3Larry Hoover (Winston-Salem, NC)2525263124292424208 $ 80.00
 Jeff Carr (Orangeburg, SC)2529262822282426208 $ 80.00
5Amy Smith (Glen Allen, VA)2529262727252427210 $ 80.00
 Chuck Dibbs (Virginia Beach, VA)2629242528302325210 $ 80.00
7James Taylor (Lubbock, TX)2430272624282527211 $ 80.00
8Dennis Biesma (Roanoke, VA)2830252923272426212 $ 80.00
9Terry Clark (Virginia Beach, VA)2525312726272527213 $ 80.00
10Bonnie White (Concord, OH)3026253224252627215 $ 40.00
 Jeff Brown (North Olmsted, OH)2927263026282326215 $ 40.00
12Malcolm Shumaker (Farmville, VA)2433283024242429216 
13Chuck Cyr (Richmond, VA)2526242425333030217 
 Terry Sanner (South Charleston, WV)2625293327272525217 
15Mike Matthews (Chesapeake, VA)2527293128232431218 
16Michael Foster (Smithville, MO)2530332828272327221 
17Martin Handschuh (Montpelier, VA)2629263222312729222 
 Larry Smith (Birmingham, AL)2432302822302828222 
19Steven Jones (Richmond, VA)3230263028252824223 
20Bill Garrett (Richmond, VA)2628303127302330225 
21Walter Kizzie III (Pittsburgh, PA)2931262923302731226 
 Steve Helton (Spartanburg, SC)2529252633332728226 
23Jason Paljug (Forest, VA)2833272628303124227 
 Barbara Mingo (North Olmsted, OH)2830293227242631227 
25Barry Moore (Midlothian, VA)2830283226302727228 
26Wayne Saunders Jr. (Richmond, VA)2436283027332526229 
27Mickey DeLucca (Baton Rouge, LA)2829303124282832230 
28James Walker (Richmond, VA)2734283127302628231 
29Adam Sahmel (Huffman, TX)2933272928283028232 
30Brandon Whitton (Richmond, VA)3031293228262733236 
 Lynn Self (Birmingham, AL)2830292930322731236 
 John Petrie (Lynchburg, VA)3030283124332931236 
33Bill Combs (N. Huntingdon, PA)3329263030332828237 
 Jonathan Koo (Columbus, OH)2829283328323227237 
35Ryan Carter (Forest, VA)2730323224303036241 
36Shayne Shiflett (Louisa, VA)2531273828383034251 
37Scott Biesma (Roanoke, VA)3235364227363433275 


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