Kevin Lacey Wins PPA Indiana State Tour Season Opener in Louisville, KY

Kevin Lacey, winner of the Louisville Open on the PPA Indiana State Tour.

15 May 2004 - Louisville, KY - Kevin Lacey of Cincinnati, Ohio has been known to do some incredible things in his Professional Putting Career. One of those came in the "Lid Lifter" of the 2004 IPPT Season at Louisville, Kentucky. In weather fit for ducks, Lacey overcame the light steady rain and soaked carpets to post a 3 shot victory over Shawn Gilliland of Indianapolis. Lacey fired rounds of 24, 30 and 24 to capture the victory. Gilliland finished at 81. John Ventura of Cincinnati was a solid third at 82 while Jim Payne of Louisville finished 4th with an 83. Five players tied for 5th at 84.

In the Match Play Tournament, John Bambling of the GLT took top honors winning 5 matches.

Bill Hammons Wins APA Louisville Open

15 May 2004 - Louisville, KY - Fresh off a record setting performance at the Columbus, Indiana local on Tuesday night, Bill Hammons of Indianapolis fired a perfect triple, three 28's to win the IPPT Amateur Opener at Louisville, Kentucky. Hammons 24 under par 84 was good enough for a 5 shot victory over Anthony Russell who finish at 89. Scott Copeland finished third at 90 while Andy McCoy was fourth with a 91. Jeff Brown and Barb Mingo tied for 5th with identical scores of 92.

Barb Mingo picked up her first IPPT Tour victory in match play. Mingo finished 3-0 in the event to capture the crown.

Professional Division of Louisville Open
(Louisville, KY - Course #3 - 15 May 2004)

  Medal PlayMatch Play
  Round Prize   Prize
1Kevin Lacey24302478$150 35711$10
2Shawn Gilliland27262881$105 337.221$20
3John Ventura28243082$75 33131$30
4Jim Payne30272683$50 24501 
5John Bambling30262884$35 296.750$60
 Harry Sykes27282984$35 196.711$10
 Dave Nutini27263184$35 196.711$10
 Robin Ventura29262984$35 216.721$20
9Charlie Greenwalt26302985$30 138.601 
 Paul Johns26302985$30 138.601 
11Jerry Pinotti28292986$20 98.201 
 Paul May28312786$20 118.211$10
 Tim Greenert30282886$20 98.201 
 Roger Beckerman25293286$20 158.231$30
 James Weber30292786$20 118.211$10
16Nate Nichols32272887 9311$10
 Jeff Garrison28302987 7301 
 Mike McCormick28283187 7301 
19Scott Buddie30312788 6801 
20Bob Marcellino30293190 58.601 
 Jim Cruse33302790 98.621$20
22Mark Hasty35282891 74.211$10
 Jim Heikkinen33302891 94.221$20
24Karl Moe32333095 58.611$10
25Robb Titchell38273297 3201 
26Paul Pastilong37293298 2901 
27Tom Russell363232100 23.601 
28Tim Schrader313535101 21.201 

Amateur Division of Louisville Open
(Louisville, KY - Course #3 - 15 May 2004)

  Medal PlayMatch Play
  Round Expense   
1Bill Hammons28282884$32 299.201
2Anthony Russell29293189$26 293.221
3Scott Copeland31273290$21 248.611
4Andy McCoy30332891$17 204.201
5Jeff Brown31322992$11 17011
 Barb Mingo30273592$11 25030
7Josh Garrison30342993 14611
8Bill Combs30323597 14221
9Kyle Poole32363199 86.201
10Randy Shreve333434101 71.201
11Rob McGraner333833104 55.201


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