Cliff Matthews Wins by Seven Strokes on PPA Texas State Tour

12 April 2003 - Arlington (Division), TX - The Texas Putting Tour continued it's season at the Division course in Arlington this Saturday. It was a beautiful day for putting with temperatures around 80 and a light breeze.

Cliff Matthews
2002 PPA National Champion

The first round saw Arlington local Randy Wimpy shoot the lowest round on course 2 in recent memory at 12 under 24. This gave Randy a 3 stroke lead over Cliff Matthews and Lee Messinger. Randy faltered in the second round and Cliff Matthews, playing in his first event of the year, took control of the tournament with an 11 under 25 giving him a 4 stroke lead going to the last. Unless Cliff faltered in the last round it looked like it was going to be a battle for second with 4 players within 2 strokes of each other from 56 to 58 and another 4 at 60 to 61. In the end Cliff won easily by 7 strokes with a 28 under 80. Randy Wimpy's great first round held him in for third place and Lee Messinger took second.

The win gave Cliff his first state spot of the year. The two available match play spots went to Jude Prather who defeated Joel Baker, Byron Kirby and Lee Messinger, and Jon Drexler who defeated who defeated Greg Simpson, Randy Wimpy, and Chris Conradi.

After the first two rounds in the amateur division it was a four player tournament between James Kile, Allen Thomas, Greg Cole and Trevor Lewin who were 5 clear of the rest of the field. In the last round it was Greg Cole and Trevor Lewin who both show 6 under 30's in the last round battling it out for the title. In the end Greg's one stoke lead over Trevor going into the last round proved the difference.

The win gave Greg his first state spot of the year. The two available match play spots went to Mike Huckaby who defeated Jack Ramsey, Trevor Lewin and Danny Hoel and James Kile who defeated Mike Wellborn and Rhett Wylie.

Article and scores provided by Lee Messinger.

Professional Division of Arlington, TX Event (12 April 2003)

1Cliff Matthews*27252880$170.00
2Lee Messinger27312987$110.00
3Randy Wimpy24323288$80.00
4Byron Kirby28293289$50.00
 Joel Baker29283289$50.00
 Pat Simpson31292989$50.00
7Tom Adair30312990$30.00
8David Lynch34292891$20.00
9Jon Drexler*31332892 
10Andy Gaiser30333093 
 Jeffrey Smith33283293 
12Chris Conradi29323495 
 Greg Simpson36273295 
14Charles Simpson34342997 
 Don McCracken32343197 
 Jude Prather*34293497 
17Steve Armstrong37313199 
18Al Simpson383131100 
19Steve Tanton343334101 

Amateur Division of Arlington, TX Event (12 April 2003)

1Greg Cole*32293091
2Trevor Lewin31313092
3James Kile*30303393
4Allen Thomas29323596
 Steve Yancey35322996
6Danny Hoel34343199
7Rhett Wylie353233100
8Gary Plain343334101
9Adam Sahmel353532102
10Mike Huckaby*343535104
11Jack Ramsey343338105
12Mike Wellborn393938116

* Earned TX State Championship Spot.

Match Play Results of Arlington, TX Event (12 April 2003)


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