Bonnie White Wins
2003 APA National Championship

1 August 2003 - Lubbock, TXBonnie White completed an amazing week of play with a win in the 2003 APA National Championship in Lubbock, TX on August 1st, 2003. White won the 2003 APA World Match Play Championship in Lubbock, TX earlier in the week and had her second major APA National Title in her sights.

Bonnie White
2003 APA National Champion

Opening the second day for the lead after the first four rounds at 110, 34 under par, with Michael Foster of Smithville, MO, White lost her lead with a fifth round of 30. Jeff Carr who returned to the APA in 2002 fired a fifth round 26 to lead by three strokes with 54 holes to play. A sixth round 27 pulled White back into the lead by one over Jeff Carr and Bill Hammons. Hammons finished in a tied for second in the 2002 APA National Championships held in Martinez, Georgia.

Jeff Carr's seventh round 26 was enough to move him into the lead by one stroke over White who shot a 28 in her seventh round. Oniel Mercure of Denver, CO was three stroke back after a seventh round 27 with Bill Hammons now trailing by five strokes after a seventh round 31. Among the four players within five strokes of the lead entering the final round, White fired the low round shooting an eighth round of 28 for a 144 hole total of 223, 65 under par. Larry Hoover of Winston-Salem, NC trailed the leaders by 11 strokes entering the final four rounds of play put together the best final 72 hole score with rounds of 28, 26, 26 and 24 but fell two strokes short of a tie with White. Hoover finished alone in second at 225 with Carr alone in third at 226 after a final round 31. Oniel Mercure finished in fourth at 228 with Seth Smith of Lubbock, TX in fifth at 229.

Leaders of 2003 APA National Championship by Round

1st Round LeaderAnthony Amick, Danny Hoel, James Taylor and Robert Nelson26 (10-under par)
2nd Round LeaderOniel Mercure, Jeff Carr and Michael Foster52 (20-under par)
3rd Round LeaderOniel Mercure78 (30-under par)
4th Round LeaderMichael Foster and Bonnie White110 (34-under par)
5th Round LeaderJeff Carr137 (43-under par)
6th Round LeaderBonnie White167 (49-under par)
7th Round LeaderJeff Carr194 (58-under par)

Scoreboard from the 2003 APA National Championship
(Lubbock, Texas - 31 July - 1 August 2003)

1Bonnie White (Concord, OH) 2829242930272828223 $ 80.00
2Larry Hoover (Winston-Salem, NC) 3130322828262624225 $ 80.00
3Jeff Carr (Orangeburg, SC) 2824312826312632226 $ 80.00
4Oniel Mercure (Denver, CO) 2725263629272731228 $ 80.00
5Seth Smith (Lubbock, TX) 3025322630322727229 $ 80.00
6Bill Hammons (Indianapolis, IN) 2827302728283131230 $ 80.00
 Anthony Amick (Canal Winchester, OH) 2632302726313028230 $ 80.00
8Danny Hoel (Oklahoma City, OK) 2630292930283029231 $ 80.00
 James Taylor (Lubbock, TX) 2631273128313027231 $ 80.00
 Jason Sheffield (Richmond, TX) 3129302927283027231 $ 80.00
11Michael Foster (Smithville, MO) 2725273130342731232 
12Steven Clark (Aurora, CO)2928263334322429235 
 David Chisum (Wichita Falls, TX) 3326332827283129235 
14Mickey DeLucca (Baton Rouge, LA) 3127303231283028237 
15Carey Bailey (Lubbock, TX) 3327362833292726239 
16Jack D. Ramsey (Cypress, TX) 2833292532352929240 
 Jeff Brown (North Olmsted, OH) 2728332834312930240 
18Barb Mingo (North Olmstead, OH) 2832282931313131241 
 Adam Sahmel (Deer Park, TX) 3230342927292931241 
20Michael Huckaby (Arlington, TX) 3331282926313430242 
21Robert Nelson (Denver, CO) 2632333133312731244 
22Phil Kosobucki (Denver, CO) 2733332932273134246 
 Jimmy Van Buskirk (Midwest City, OK) 3428313032283033246 
24Josh Garrison (Morganton, IN) 3231303332283031247 
25John Tritz (Lubbock, TX3030293027383035249 
 Trevor Lewin (Dallas, TX) 3028343130362931249 
 Gary Glasscock (Humble, TX) 3129333630313326249 
28Jason Van Buskirk (Midwest City, OK) 2828323433362931251 
29Bill Combs (N. Huntingdon, PA) 3129303532273237253 
30Robert Martin (Ft. Worth, TX) 3031383430323129255 
31Greg Cole (Lubbock, TX) 3132383328352930256 
32Chuck Cyr (Richmond, VA) 2833333134353232258 
33Scott Schuler (Oklahoma City, OK)3434323028363134259 
34Nick Daniel (Lubbock, TX) 3030363730333331260 
35Steven Yancey (Arlington, TX) 4228343537302932267 
36Jace Evans (Lubbock, TX) 3531343434343235269 
37Paul Matsler (Lubbock, TX) 3334373531403030270 
38Michael Wellborn (Ft. Worth, TX) 3632363137343434274 
39Don Hobson (Denver, CO) 3931373835363838292 


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