Charlie Greenwalt Wins
2003 Indiana Legends Tournament

9-10 August 2003 - Columbus, IN - Fresh off a 3rd place finish in the 2003 Professional Putters Association National Championship in Lubbock, Texas, Charlie Greenwalt hammered the field on course #1 in Columbus, and then hung on for the 4 stroke victory to capture the 2nd Annual IPPT Indiana Legends Tournament. Greenwalt not only led most of the tournament, he also shattered the Indiana Tour 4 round record by 8 strokes shooting a day one total 99 (45 under par.) Greenwalt fired rounds of 25-25-23-26 to take a 4 stroke lead into Sunday's final 4 rounds on Course #2.

Charlie Greenwalt
2003 Indiana Legends Champion

Jerry Pinotti of Jeffersonville, Indiana did his best to stay with Greenwalt on day one, tying a course record 22 set by Kevin Lacey in 2001. Pinotti fired rounds of 26-28-27-22 and finished with a four round total 103(41 under par), second best in the IPPT Record Book. A pair of Cincinnati putters, John Ventura and Mark Hasty were in a tie for third place after day one with each putter shooting a 111 (33 under par). Local putters Danny Holcomb and Tom Gross were tied for 5th with identical 112's (32 under par). Nate Nichols held the last cash spot on day one in 7th place with a 114 (30 under par). Day two provided some excitement as Charlie Greenwalt struggled a bit with a course he had not broken 88 on in 54 holes. The temperatures were also pushing 90 degrees at tee off time which slowed the track and gave anyone a chance to close the gap.

Cincinnati putter John Ventura immediately took advantage of the sweet rails and tied a course record 22 in the 5th round to cut 7 strokes off of Greenwalt's lead. Jerry Pinotti, who was in second place, fired a 25 to pull the match even after Greenwalt fired a 5th round 29.

The battle in round 6 saw Greenwalt fire a consistent 28 while Pinotti bettered him by 1 with a 27 and became only the second putter to lead the tournament. Ventura faded a bit in round 6 with a 30 and fell back 8 strokes with just 36 holes to play.

Greenwalt battened down the hatches in round 7 and won the "dogfight" with Pinotti by one shot 27 to 28 and evened up the tournament for a final round showdown. Charlie's 80 after 54 holes on day two was enough to give him confidence and he posted a final round 27 for a second day 111 and a 210 total (78 under par). Pinotti fired a final round 31 to finish 4 strokes behind Greenwalt at 214 (74 under par). John Ventura was able to battle back in the final 36 holes with rounds of 25 and 26 to pull into a tie for second with Pinotti at 214.

Nate Nichols improved his prize money by shooting the best 4 round total on day 2 with John Ventura, a 103, which pulled him into 4th place with a 217 (71 under par). James Weber and Danny Holcomb tied for 5th with 8 round totals of 225 ( 63 under par ). Tom Gross grabbed the last cash spot by sinking the final 6 holes of the tournament for a 226 (62 under par).

Members of the IPPT send out a big thank you to Carl and Karen Miller for hosting the Indiana Legends Tournament and on the condition of their course. The 36 hole layout was completely redone with new carpet and rails in 2002 and is the best playing course currently on the Indiana Tour.

Zach Smith Wins APA Division of 2002 Indiana Legends Tournament

9-10 August 2003 - Columbus, IN - Zach Smith, fired 6 of the 8 rounds in the IPPT Indiana Legends Tournament under 30 to run away with the title and the Crystal Trophy. Smith fired rounds of 27-30-32-29-28-27-29-28 for a total of 230 (58 under par).

Third generation putter, Josh Garrison (son of Jeff Garrison and grandson of 1962 national Champion Paul Garrison) continued his hot shooting to finish second with a 239 (49 under par).

John Watkins of Southport finished in third place shooting a 44 under par 244 while Robbie Brekelmans of Louisville, Ky. and Scott McCutchen of Plainfield tied for the 5th spot with a 144 hole total 247(41 under par).

The Indiana Putting Legends
2002 Charlie Greenwalt, 2003 Paul Garrison and
2001 Jim Garrison

Paul Garrison Named
2003 Indiana Putting Legend

9-10 August 2003 - Columbus, IN - 1962 PPA National Champion Paul Garrison was named the 2003 Indiana Professional Putters Tour Legend. Garrison, then 22 years old, defeated Vance "World" Randall and Charles Gatewood in an 18 hole play off to win his1962 National Championship. Paul has been a big supporter of the PPA and APA over the years driving his family to events and playing with brother and Indiana Legend Jim Garrison and then serving as coach for son Jeff and later grandson Josh. Paul was presented a plaque by Indiana Tour Director Shawn Gilliland and spoke to the putters assembled for the Indiana Legends Tournament.

"An individual who has spent his entire life supporting the PPA, APA, JPA and the Indiana Professional Putters Tour. For your success at the local, state and national level with numerous career putting wins and titles. We the members of the IPPT are proud to name you the 2002 Indiana PPA Legend"

Professional Scores from the 2003 Indiana Legends Tournament
(9-10 August 2003 - Columbus, IN)

 RoundDay 1RoundDay 2  Prize



Charlie Greenwalt

2525232699292827271112101020.2 $330.00

Jerry Pinotti

2628272210325272831111214840.0 $218.00

John Ventura

2727273011122302526103214890.0 $218.00

Nate Nichols

2731263011425242826103217978.2 $160.00

James Weber

3128282811529272826110225647.2 $115.00

Danny Holcomb

2731282611230242732113225847.2 $115.00

Tom Gross

2927272911230302826114226743.6 $  90.00

Shawn Gilliland

3030302811832272525109227795.2 $       -  

Dave Nutini

30313128120272628261072270.0 $       -  

Brandon Yee

26263331116282830251112270.0 $       -  

Mark Hasty

2926263011124343030118229559.0 $       -  

Jeff Garrison

2630293311829292826112230631.2 $       -  

Rick Blair

2831312611631253028114230531.2 $       -  

Tom Morrison

3232293012327292826110233544.0 $       -  

Tim Greenert

2832303212228293029116238550.0 $       -  

Paul May

2932293212227293229117239464.2 $       -  

Jim Payne

3533302712533252930117242383.0 $       -  

Jim Garrison

3231282711832313130124242283.0 $       -  

Amateur Scores from the 2003 Indiana Legends Tournament
(9-10 August 2003 - Columbus, IN)

 RoundDay 1RoundDay 2  Expense



Zach Smith 

2730322911828272928112230651.2 $  50.00

Josh Garrison

3128302911829302933121239524.2 $  40.00

John Watkins

3431312812428322832120244438.2 $  36.00

Robbie Brekelmans

29313731128293329281192470.0 $  32.00

Scott McCutchen

3032303412630293230121247450.0 $  32.00

Bill Hammons

3534292912727293531122249472.0 $       -  

Dave Hager

3934312813230382835131263235.0 $       -  

Andrew Smith

3932342913434323437137271159.2 $       -  


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