Cliff Matthews Wins Again on
PPA Texas Tour

28 September 2002 - Webster, TX -  The Texas Putting tour held it's last state qualifier of the year at the Webster Texas Putt-Putt. The players new this would be a tight competition going in as the #3 course at Webster was not going to yield any really low scores. This was born out after the first round as David Lynch held the lead with an 8-under 28 but was followed by four players at 29 and another 4 at 30.

Cliff Matthews took the lead after a second round 9 under. This gave him a one stroke lead over Lee Messinger and two over Wade Sahmel. Another 9 under in the last round gave Cliff the win and kept his streak of winning in tact. Cliff had not lost since the doubles event during the Week of Nationals. State spots went to Byron Kirby, Joel Baker and Rodney Phillips.

The amateur division would come down to a three way playoff between Mickey DeLucca of Louisiana, Danny Hole of Oklahoma and Jason Sheffield of Texas. Danny Hole managed to come out on top in a tight competition that came down to last few holes. State Spots went to Danny, Jason and James Taylor.

Professional Division of Webster, TX Event (28 September 2002)

1Cliff Matthews29272783$190.00
2Lee Messinger29282986$130.00
3Byron Kirby*30302787$100.00
4Wade Sahmel31273088$80.00
5David Lynch28323191$70.00
6Brice Bergesen32312992$55.00
 Don Parker29323192$55.00
8Jeffrey Smith29343093$25.00
 Joel Baker*31303293$25.00
10Jeffrey Huffman34303094$10.00
 Rodney Phillips*30323294$10.00
12Don McCracken30313596 
 Gary Reed30343296 
14Tom Adair33313397 
15Chris Conradi32333398 
16Randall Willett32382999 
17Greg Roberts353431100 
18Ken Beck323633101 
19Bryan Woolley343533102 
20Andy Gaiser333436103 
 Chris Breedlove343237103 
 Mike Huckaby343633103 
23Al Simpson333935107 
24Charles Simpson403733110 
25Greg Simpson433536114 

Amateur Division of Webster, TX Event (28 September 2002)

1Danny Hoel*29323394
2Jason Sheffield*34303094
 Mickey DeLucca31313294
4Adam Sahmel30333295
 Steve Tanton29353195
6James Taylor*30313596
 Steve Willmann28353396
8Doug Austin33333399
9Neal Armstrong363332101
10Dave Blalock353433102
11Rhet Wylie353039104
12Gary Plain343636106
13Jack Ramsey344034108
14Greg Cole333542110
15Mike Wellborn403734111
 Trevor Lewin453333111
17Jace Evans373344114
18Steve Yancey443637117
19Rob Martin433744124

* Qualified for Texas State Championship.


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