Andy Coradini Wins
2002 PPA Northern Open


Andy Coradini
2002 PPA Northern Open Champion

29-30 June 2002 - Richmond, IN - Andy Coradini fired a 20, 16-under par, in the eighth round to erase the four stroke lead held by Randy Reeves and force an 18-hole playoff for the 2002 PPA Northern Open title.

In the playoff, Coradini quickly opened up a three stroke lead after eight holes but saw his lead cut to two strokes after Reeves aced the ninth hole of the playoff. Both players aced the relatively easy tenth hole and deuced the eleventh. When Reeves missed the twelfth hole, Coradini seized the opportunity and made holes 12, 13, 14 and 15 to open up a five stroke lead over Reeves and all but assure himself of the victory. Reeves aced holes 16 to cut the lead to four strokes but bogeyed the seventeenth hole to return Coradini's lead to five strokes. Coradini deuced holes 16, 17 and 18 to win the playoff and the 2002 PPA Northern Open title.

Andy Coradini entered the 2002 PPA Northern Open, played at the Putt-Putt Golf Course in Richmond, Indiana as the defending champion. Coradini won the last PPA Northern Open, played in 1999 in Charleston, West Virginia. Opening rounds of 26, 24, 25 and 24 in the four round played on Saturday, June 29th, gave Coradini a one stroke lead on Kevin Lacey and Dan Anders entering play on Sunday. However, Coradini's biggest challenge would come from Randy Reeves who shot 101 on Saturday.

Reeves opened play on Sunday with rounds of 24, 26 and 26 to open up a three stroke lead on Kevin Lacey and a four stroke lead on Andy Coradini entering the final round. Lacey's final round of 27 left him alone in third place at 207, 81-under par. Reeves played a strong final round and was 12-under after 16 holes. Playing in the group ahead of Coradini, Reeves knew he held a two-stroke lead over Coradini with two holes to play. An ace by Reeves on either the 17th or 18th hole would almost certainly clinch the title. Misses by Reeves on the 17th and 18th holes left the door open for Coradini.

"When he (Reeves) missed I really didn't think I could make both holes. I hit the 17th the best I had played it all week. Never hit that quality of speed before on that hole," said Andy. Coradini knew he had a chance to force a playoff with an ace on the 18th hole.

"When I got on the 18th all I was thinking was not to push it right like I had done the other three rounds. I could not believe it went in when it hit the must have been 2 inches up in the air when it went back in the hole," said Coradini after winning the 2002 PPA Northern Open. Coradini had fired and final round 20 and forced the playoff that he would eventually win.

The win earned Coradini $1,500 and his fourth major PPA National Title. Coradini won the 1993 PPA National Championship in Norfolk, Virginia, the 1997 Dallas, Texas Open, the 1999 PPA Northern Open in Charleston, West Virginia and now the 2002 PPA Northern Open. Reeves earned $1,000 for his runner-up finish.

Rounding out the top ten in the 2002 PPA Northern Open were Kevin Lacey in third at 207, Brad Lebo in fourth at 209, Bill Baus in fifth at 210, Charlie Greenwalt and Jeff Spainhour in a tie for sixth at 212, Shawn Gilliland in eight at 213 and Dan Anders, Cliff Matthews, Daryl Freeman and Mike Brown in a tie for ninth at 214.

In the amateur division, James Weber of Cincinnati, Ohio used rounds of 29, 31, 28 and 28 on Sunday to catch first day leader Jeff Studer of Greenwood, Indiana, and claim the 2002 APA Northern Open title. Weber's total of 229, 59-under par, was one-stroke ahead of Studer who finished alone in second at 230. Rounding out the top five in the amateur division were Jeff Brown, Anthony Amick and Steve Tanton who finished in a tie for third at 231.

Leaders of 2002 PPA Northern Open by Round

First Round LeaderRandy Reeves22 (13-under par)
Second Round LeaderRandy Reeves47 (25-under par)
Third Round LeaderRandy Reeves73 (35-under par)
Fourth Round LeaderAndy Coradini99 (45-under par)
Fifth Round LeaderRandy Reeves125 (55-under par)
Sixth Round LeaderRandy Reeves151 (65-under par)
Seventh Round LeaderRandy Reeves177 (75-under par)

Professional Scores from the 2002 PPA Northern Open
(29-30 June 2002 - Richmond, IN)

  Round Prize 
 Player (Hometown)12345678TotalMoneyPoints
1Andy Coradini (Loganville, GA)2624252428262820201 $ 1,500.00 100
2Randy Reeves (Montgomery, AL)2225262824262624201 $ 1,000.00 98
3Kevin Lacey (Cincinnati, OH)2724272226282627207 $    800.00 96
4Brad Lebo (Shippensburg, PA)2429292525252725209 $    700.00 94
5Bill Baus (Cleveland Heights, OH)2731212630232626210 $    600.00 92
6Charlie Greenwalt (Indianapolis, IN)2724252826263026212 $    475.00 89
 Jeff Spainhour (Chesapeake, VA)2627282628242726212 $    475.00 89
8Shawn Gilliland (Indianapolis, IN)2726272726262826213 $    400.00 86
9Dan Anders (Columbus, GA)2724232627322926214 $    350.00 81
 Cliff Matthews (Arlington, TX)2526263025282727214 $    350.00 81
 Mike Brown (Springfield, PA)2731272725242726214 $    350.00 81
 Daryl Freeman (Bristol, TN)2523293327252725214 $    350.00 81
13Roger Beckerman (South Euclid, OH)2626273124262729216 $    280.00 74
 Vince Batten (Richmond, VA)2625292628282529216 $    280.00 74
 Greg Ward (Loganville, GA)2829292725242727216 $    280.00 74
16Ken Hastings (Pittsburgh, PA)3123262825263028217 $    224.29 64
 Randal Smith (Eden, NC)2328243228262828217 $    224.29 64
 Greg Newport (Liberty, NC)2630253025252927217 $    224.29 64
 Peter Neumann (Blacksburg, VA)2328292827272629217 $    224.29 64
 David Lynch (Dallas, TX)2726282726292925217 $    224.29 64
 Jim Cruse (Baltimore, OH)2328272930262826217 $    224.29 64
 John Napoli (Clearwater Beach, FL)2926253226282625217 $    224.29 64
23Robert Johnson (Lake Wylie, SC)2525292826282928218 $    187.50 51.5
 Jim Heikkinen (North Olmsted, OH)2427233130272828218 $    187.50 51.5
 Dave Nutini (Canal Winchester, OH)2923292929242629218 $    187.50 51.5
 Lee Messinger (Addison, TX)2627292826282727218 $    187.50 51.5
 John Darst (Columbus, OH)2729272930222826218 $    187.50 51.5
 Rick Rybaczek (Greensboro, NC)2431272927282923218 $    187.50 51.5
29Rick Baird (Pineville, NC)2428272929282925219 $    170.00 47
30Rod Miller (Columbus, OH)2529273226282726220 $    158.75 44.5
 Todd Barfield (Highlands, NJ)2631322625282824220 $    158.75 44.5
 Jay Hadsell (North Olmsted, OH)3230292626252626220 $    158.75 44.5
 John Bambling (Pittsburgh, PA)2628282933242824220 $    158.75 44.5
34Michael McCormack (Westerville, OH)2531262825312926221 $    103.33 41
 Michael Hitt (Greensboro, NC)2927262929262827221 $    103.33 41
 John Ventura (Cincinnati, OH)2731262728282925221 $    103.33 41
37Wade Sahmel (Deer Park, TX)2428292627273031222 39
38Tony Varnadore (Rock Hill, SC)2730283028292526223 38
39Tom O'Brien (Cleveland, OH)2830272828312428224 37
40Jeffrey Smith (Dallas, TX)2629272827313027225 35
 Robb Titchell (Columbus, OH)2826302931272430225 35
 Scott Buddie (West Lake, OH)2930302829272725225 35
43Ray Guthrie (High Point, NC)2627252831293030226 31.5
 Jeffrey Garrison (Morgantown, IN)2831262929272927226 31.5
 Robin Ventura (Cincinnati, OH)2526342731292925226 31.5
 Jonathan Moore (Richmond, VA)3030272534292427226 31.5
47Thomas Rawles (Portsmouth, VA)2934292428272828227 28.5
 Darrell Britt (Loganville, GA)2530323029292725227 28.5
49Mark Hasty (Fairfield, OH)2732262730292829228 26.5
 Tom Gross (Columbus, IN)2633272928282829228 26.5
51Harry Sykes (Parma, OH)2727263028303328229 25
52Billy Caudle (Harrisburg, NC)2529313227303026230 24
53Gary English (Buford, GA)2927283126302832231 22
 Paul Johns (Gahanna, OH)3329272732272927231 22
 Bill Thompson (Olmsted Falls, OH)2630323330242927231 22
56Bryan Boyd (Bristol, TN)2928293627263227234 19
 Jim Garrison (Mooresville, IN)2929312727332929234 19
 Lewis Burton (Lawrenceville, GA)2929313028292830234 19
59Craig Williams (Pittsburgh, PA)2728293327312931235 16
 Jim Engel (Canfield, OH)3330282731283127235 16
 Gary Moore (Mechanicsville, VA)2531303330322826235 16
62Bob Marcellino (Louisville, KY)3130343130272924236 14
63James White (Concord Township, OH)2729303132332928239 13
64John Roessner (Fort Myers, FL)3131303130282930240 12
65Greg Simpson (Lake Charles, LA)3128343128312830241 11
66Danny Holcomb (Hope, IN)2732283328283235243 10
67Jody Comer (Indianapolis, IN)3234273327343226245 9
68Karl Moe (Grove City, OH)2733283633273131246 8
69Tim Greenert (Louisville, KY)3036352930273129247 7
70Terry Whitaker (Blountville, TN)2730273232343334249 6

Players whose names appear in bold earned a qualifying spot into the 2002 PPA World Match-Play Championship that will be held in Martinez, Georgia during the 2002 Week of the Nationals.

Amateur Scores from the 2002 PPA Northern Open
(29-30 June 2002 - Richmond, IN)

  Round Expense
 Player (Hometown)12345678TotalReimbursement
1James Weber (Cincinnati, OH)2929272829312828229$ 50.00
2 Jeff Studer (Greenwood, IN)2725292831293328230$ 50.00
3Jeff Brown (North Olmsted, OH)2930292733263027231$ 50.00
 Anthony Amick (Whitehall, OH)3327282926302929231$ 50.00
 Steve Tanton (Whitney, TX)2832292929273027231$ 50.00
6 Andy McCoy (Columbus, OH)2627322633293230235$ 50.00
 Bennie Williams (Springfield, OH)3128292932303026235$ 50.00
  Michael Bell (Columbus, OH)2830313331302626235$ 50.00
9Scott Copeland (Springfield, OH)2928313229322728236$ 50.00
10Nate Nichols (Edinburgh, IN)3328303027293229238$ 50.00
11Timothy Schrader (New Bremen, OH)3026323030312931239 
 Mickey DeLucca (Baton Rouge, LA)3030292932283031239 
13Don Ferrell (Columbus, OH)2829303032312832240 
 Zach Smith (Indianapolis, IN)2930313232302828240 
15Bill Hammons (Indianapolis, IN)3231292933322828242 
16John Watkins (Indianapolis, IN)3031273531302933246 
17 John Monroe (Bristol, TN)2735343134283127247 
18Karen Hastings (Pittsburgh, PA)3128303833262834248 
19Jared Whitaker (Bristol, TN)3334393230302625249 
20Bill Combs (N. Huntingdon, PA)2836303532283329251 
21Barbara A. Mingo (Westlake, OH)3334293233322732252 
22Robert Luginbuhl (Fenwick, MI)3132323534303630260 
23James Miser (Indianapolis, IN)3337313430323333263 
24Adam Sahmel (Deer Park, TX)3734323634332830264 
 Scott McCutchen( New Palestine, IN)3534373933272633264 
26David Hager (Greenwood, IN)3035363435353231268 


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