Kevin Lacey Wins Fourth Consecutive Great Lakes Tour Event
Scott Copeland Sweeps APA in Switzer Classic

Kevin Lacey playing course #1 at the
Springfield, OH Course.

5 May 2002 - Springfield, OH - There seems to be no stopping Cincinnatis Kevin Lacey on the GLT this year. Kevin claimed his unprecedented fourth consecutive GLT victory of the year in the Switzer classic. The tournament was a two-horse race most of the day with Lacey and Clevelands Jay Hadsell firing matching 25s in the first two rounds of the event. Both Lacey and Hadsell had slow starts the last round, enabling Cleveland Heights Bill Baus to sneak closer while firing a pair of 25s of his own in the last two rounds. Hadsell made a costly bogey at hole 6 near the finish, but Lacey then matched it with a bogey of his own at hole 4, and Baus edged still closer.

When it was all said and done, Lacey and Hadsell deadlocked at a final score of 79 with Baus only one shot back at 80. Lacey then won the 18-hole playoff to claim the title and his first World spot. Jay received his first GLT spot for his fine performance on one of the Great Lakes Tour's most demanding courses.

Scott Copeland, APA winner of the
Switzer Classic

Kevin regained the GLT points lead after sitting out the Monroeville weekend, and now sports an unbelievable weighted stroke average of better than 3.5 strokes per round versus the field average through four events. The good news for GLT pros is that the tour leaves Kevins back yard for the next two tournament weekends. The bad news for GLT pros is that the next tour stop is Charleston, WV, the course where Kevin has won more victories than any other GLT site.

Kevin Lacey, Jane Switzer and Scott Copeland (left to right).

The match play finals saw Cincinnatis Mark Hasty defeating club pro Mike Conklin of Burgoon to claim his first GLT spot of the year.

Springfields Scott Copeland played steadily all day in the APA Division on his home course and found himself deadlocked with reigning National APA Champion Don Ferrell of Bexley at a score of 90 after the final hole of regulation play. Scott claimed the victory and his first GLT spot by defeating Ferrell in a playoff. GLT APA sensation James Weber led after the first round by a single shot over Copeland, but struggled during the second round en route to a third place tie along with Clevelands Jeff Brown at 93.

Scott Copeland then swept the day by claiming the match play and his second GLT spot by defeating Jeff Brown in the finals.

The GLT very much appreciates the warm welcome given the players by Springfield course owners Jane and Dan Switzer, particularly with their accommodation of the Southwest Ohio Open on short notice. The Switzers have faithfully supported PPA, APA and JPA competition at their course for decades. They are among the great ambassadors of the game, and the GLT is proud to hold a tournament bearing their name.

Scores provided and tournament recap provided by Bill Thompson.

Professional Division of the Southwest Ohio Open
(Springfield, OH - Course #1 - 5 May 2002)

  Round PrizeGLTMatchGLTWPC
1Kevin Lacey25252979$175.00110.001-1 1
2Jay Hadsell25252979$125.0095.001-1MEDAL 
3Bill Baus30252580$100.0080.000-1  
4Jim Cruse32242884$90.0075.000-1  
5Jim Heikkinen27283085$75.0067.500-1  
 Craig Williams27322685$75.0067.500-1  
7Tom O'Brien31262986$60.0052.330-1  
 Robb Titchell30282886$75.0065.332-1  
 Brandon Yee28273186$60.0055.330-1  
10Todd Viau29283087$55.0042.000-1  
 Mike O'Rourke26342787$55.0050.002-1  
12Roger Beckerman33292789$70.0050.003-1  
13Dave Nutini32322690 32.500-1  
 Scott Buddie29293290 32.500-1  
15John Ventura30313091 28.001-1  
 Bill Thompson32322791 28.001-1  
 Jim Engel30313091 25.000-1  
18Jeff Garrison31323093 18.000-1  
 Mark Hasty28303593$50.0041.005-0MEDAL 
 Paul Johns30323193 26.002-1  
21Mike McCormack38302795 13.000-1  
 Karl Moe32303395 13.000-1  
23John Napoli37332696 14.001-1  
24Mike Conklin36313097$25.0028.004-1  
25John Darst264232100 7.00   
26Paul Pastilong343731102 6.00   

Amateur Division of the Southwest Ohio Open
(Springfield, OH - Course #1 - 5 May 2002)

  Round ExpenseGLTMatchGLT










1Scott Copeland29313090$50.0052.003-0BOTH
2Don Ferrell30293190$25.0039.000-1 
3Jeff Brown32293293$27.5038.002-1 
 James Weber28323393$22.5036.001-1 
5Bennie Williams30313394 30.000-1 
 Bill Wahls31313294 30.000-1 
7Andy McCoy32303496$10.0029.001-1 
8Leroy Lacey403133104 25.000-1 


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