Kevin Lacey Crushes Course Record
James Weber (APA) Keeps Rolling in Southwest Ohio Open

Kevin Lacey playing course #2 at the
Springfield, OH Course.

4 May 2002 - Springfield, OH - Cincinnatis Kevin Lacey has always demonstrated the ability to shoot unbelievably low rounds. In the fifth round of the 1998 PPA Southern Open at Augusta, GA Lacey shot the first 19 in National PPA competition in 19 years. His best round since that event came in the opening round of the Southwest Ohio Open, where Kevin shot an amazing record-smashing score of 20, only narrowly missing at holes 3 and 11. Kevin came to hole 3 standing 13 under par for 14 holes. Any missed attempt on hole 3 results in a hard-breaking twelve footer for par. Kevin showed amazing composure by holing the deuce after a bad break on the ace attempt, and then closing out the round by acing his last three holes.

James Weber, APA winner of the
Southwest Ohio Open

While the Augusta course is known for yielding an abundance of aces, course 2 at the Bechtle Ave. Springfield Putt-Putt certainly is not. The previous course record had been 23, and the next best round shot in the PPA division all day was 26. Many players remarked that it was the most amazing round they had ever seen played.

Lacey kept a solid pace through the second and third rounds, firing 28 and 27. His final tally of 75 shattered the previous 54-hole course record of 80. It was also good enough for an eight shot margin of victory over Roger Beckerman and defending Southwest Ohio Open champion, John Ventura who shot 83. Lacey has now won all three 2002 GLT events in which he has competed. The World Match Play Championship qualifying spot and the GLT spot were awarded to Roger Beckerman after a playoff with Ventura.

James Weber and Kevin Lacey (left to right).

The pro match play was claimed by Dave Nutini by way of his victory over John Darst in the finals. Dave received his second GLT spot.

The GLT APA Divisions hottest player, James Weber, claimed his third victory of the year, also in dramatic fashion. James trailed Springfields Scott Copeland by four after the first round. But then, perhaps inspired by the amazing round turned in by Lacey, a fellow Hamilton, Ohio player and friend, James responded with an amazing 23 of his own, which was good enough to tie the previous course record. James posted rounds of 30-23-30 for a final score of 83, four shots ahead of Jeff Brown. Jeffs excellent last round of 26 enabled him to claim the GLT spot.

Anthony Amick has been the GLT APAs best match play competitor. His victory over reigning JPA National Champion Bennie Williams of Springfield secured his second GLT spot.

Scores provided and tournament recap provided by Bill Thompson.

Professional Division of the Southwest Ohio Open
(Springfield, OH - Course #2 - 4 May 2002)

  Round PrizeGLTMatchGLTWPC
1Kevin Lacey20282775$150.00110.001-1  
2Roger Beckerman27292783$102.5085.000-1MATCH1
 John Ventura29282683$117.5095.002-1  
4Todd Viau29272884$75.0072.500-1  
 Mike O'Rourke26312784$75.0072.500-1  
6Paul Johns28302785$60.0070.001-1  
7Mark Hasty28312786$55.0065.001-1  
8Jeff Garrison28322787$55.0055.000-1  
9Jim Heikkinen31302889$15.0055.252-1  
 John Napoli31292989 45.250-1  
 Scott Buddie27342889 45.250-1  
 John Darst32282989$25.0060.253-1  
13Bill Baus31293191 40.502-1  
 Dave Nutini32312891$50.0055.505-0MEDAL 
15Bill Thompson29333294 29.501-1  
 Paul Pastilong32313194 26.500-1  
17Robin Ventura31323295 24.000-1  
 Jay Hadsell32313295 21.000-1  
19Jim Engel33353098 18.000-1  
20Karl Moe353630101 16.000-1  

Amateur Division of the Southwest Ohio Open
(Springfield, OH - Course #2 - 4 May 2002)

  Round ExpenseGLTMatchGLT










1James Weber30233083$30.0045.000-1 
2Jeff Brown34272687$25.0039.000-1MEDAL
3Bennie Williams30303191$40.0039.002-1 
4Scott Copeland26333392$25.0033.000-1 
5Andy McCoy30293493$35.0033.002-1 
6Leroy Lacey34313095 25.001-1 
 Barb Mingo34303195$10.0027.002-1 
 Don Ferrell30333295 22.000-1 
9Anthony Amick34332996$20.0030.004-0MEDAL
10Tim Schrader31343297 18.000-1 
11Bill Wahls33343198 16.000-1 
12Kim Brabb323438104 15.000-1 


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