Kevin Lacey Wins Heartland Classic in a Playoff Over Greg Ward
Tim Schrader Wins
APA Division

Kevin Lacey playing course #2 at the Richmond, IN Course.

27 June 2002 - Richmond, IN - The Great Lakes Tour and the Indiana Professional Putters Tour hosted a combined event on the Thursday evening before the $12,000 Northern Open. Fittingly, the winner of the event, Kevin Lacey of Cincinnati, OH, is a regular player on both tours.

Tim Schrader, APA winner of the Heartland Classic.

The Heartland Classic drew a competitive field, with some of the players from around the country participating. Lacey trailed Bill Baus of Cleveland Heights, OH by a single stroke after the first round, but a strong second round gave him a two-stroke lead at 47 over reigning PPA National Champion, Greg Ward of Loganville, GA.

A slow start in the final round enabled both Ward and Baus to catch Lacey, but he managed to ace the fence line to close out Baus by a single shot. Ward answered by acing the last three holes to tie Lacey at 73, which ties the GLT record for 54 holes.

Tim Schrader - APA (left) and Kevin Lacey - PPA (right) winners of the Heartland Classic in Richmond, IN.

Lacey defeated Ward in an 18-hole playoff to claim his unprecedented seventh win on the GLT for 2002. Baus finished third at 74, followed by Robb Titchell of Columbus, OH, who received a World spot and a GLT spot. Fifth place finisher, John Ventura of Cincinnati also received a GLT spot.

In the APA division, Tim Schrader of New Bremen, OH, fired three consecutive 27s to win by three shots over Scott Copeland of Springfield, OH and James Weber of Cincinnati. It was Schraders second win on the APA GLT this year. Schrader received his second GLT spot. The other GLT spot went to Bob Luginbuhl, of Fenwick, MI playing in his first GLT event ever.

The GLT will return to Richmond in September for the 2002 Great Lakes Tour Championship.

Scores provided and tournament recap provided by Bill Thompson.

Professional Division of the Heartland Classic
(Richmond, IN - Course #2 - 27 June 2002)

  Round PrizeGLTGLTWPC
1Kevin Lacey24232673$200.00100.00  
2Greg Ward25242473$150.0085.00  
3Bill Baus23272474$130.0075.00  
4Robb Titchell24272677$115.0070.00Match1
5John Ventura27242778$100.0065.00Medal 
6Paul Johns26242979$92.5057.50  
Brad Lebo27242879$92.5057.50  
8Tom Gross27252880$80.0046.33  
Tom O'Brien26282680$80.0046.33  
Randy Reeves26282680$80.0046.33  
11Jim Heikkinen28272681$62.5034.00  
Mike McCormack25282881$62.5034.00  
Craig Williams27282681$62.5034.00  
Darrell Britt26253081$62.5034.00  
15Mark Hasty30242882$36.6623.00  
Jeff Garrison27262982$36.6623.00  
Ray Guthrie27272882$36.6623.00  
18Terry Whitaker26263183 15.00  
Ken Hastings29292583 15.00  
Charlie Greenwalt27292783 15.00  
Dave Nutini29262883 15.00  
22Bill Thompson28253184 9.50  
Robin Ventura24283284 9.50  
24Scott Buddie30262985 6.50  
Shawn Gilliland29272985 6.50  
Karl Moe28292885 6.50  
Jim Engel28292885 6.50  
28Roger Beckerman27302986 3.50  
Bob Marcellino32272786 3.50  
30John Bambling31292787 1.50  
John Darst32272887 1.50  
32Wade Sahmel30283088 1.00  
33Harry Sykes27313189 1.00  
Jim White29303089 1.00  
Jim Garrison30263389 1.00  
36Jim Cruse30293291 1.00  
37Tim Greenert35273294 1.00  

Amateur Division of the Heartland Classic
(Richmond, IN - Course #2 - 27 June 2002)

  Round ExpenseGLTGLT









1Tim Schrader27272781$35.0040.00Match
2Scott Copeland29272884$30.0032.00 
James Weber26302884$30.0032.00 
4Bennie Williams30282886$30.0028.00 
5Jeff Brown27303188$15.0025.00 
Bob Luginbuhl31302788$15.0025.00Medal
7Anthony Amick34282890 22.00 
8Nate Nichols30332891 19.00 
Zach Smith26313491 19.00 
10Barb Mingo30332992 16.00 
11John Monroe30333093 14.00 
12Jared Whitaker31333094 13.00 
13Andy McCoy35313298 12.00 
14Bill Combs303933102 11.00 


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