Kevin Lacey Wins His Sixth 2002 GLT Event in Playoff Over Jim Cruse in Indiana Open
Nate Nichols wins His First 2002 GLT APA Event

Kevin Lacey playing course #3 at the Richmond, IN Course.

22 June 2002 - Richmond, IN - High temperatures, high humidity and low scores were the order of the day on course 3 of the Richmond Putt-Putt Golf. Kevin Lacey overcame a five-shot deficit after the first round to tie Jim Cruse of Baltimore, OH, and then won the title in a playoff.

The tournament began with excitement as Todd Viau of Cedar Springs, MI scored aces on the first fourteen holes, causing players to pause their rounds and see if Putt-Putt history might be made. It was not to be on this day. Viau finished the round with a new course record, a 22, but Jim Cruse had quietly aced his first eight holes and posted a first round 23 of his own.

Nate Nichols, APA winner of the
Indiana Open

In the second round, Lacey made his move by shooting 23 for a 36-hole total of 50 cutting his second round deficit to two strokes behind Cruse at 48. By the end of regulation play, it was Cruse and Lacey tied at a 33-under par score of 75 with Rod Miller of Columbus, OH one stroke behind at 76. Miller received a GLT spot.

The scores were unusually low, as all of the top seven players in the field broke the previous 54-hole record of 82 on course 3. Fourth place-finisher, Randy Reeves of Montgomery, AL, began his final round acing the first nine holes on his way to a record- tying 22.

Laceys playoff victory over Cruse gave him his sixth GLT title of the 2002 season. He continued to play well throughout the match play portion of the event, defeating Roger Beckerman in the final match to sweep the days events in the PPA division. Beckerman received a GLT spot. Paul Johns of Gahanna, Ohio claimed the World Match Play Championship spot with a sixth-place finish.

In the APA division, Nate Nichols of Edinburgh, IN turned a two-shot deficit into a two-shot victory with a final round 27 for an overall score of 86. Nichols also received a GLT spot. Anthony Amick of Canal Winchester, OH and Jeff Brown of North Olmsted, OH tied for second at 88.

Mike Bell of Columbus, Ohio, competing in his first event of the 2002 season, won the APA match play and the GLT spot.

Scores provided and tournament recap provided by Bill Thompson.

Professional Division of the Indiana Open
(Richmond, IN - Course #3 - 22 June 2002)

  Round PrizeGLTMatchGLTWPC
1Kevin Lacey27232575$225.00125.004-0  
2Jim Cruse23252775$135.0095.001-1  
3Rod Miller27252476$135.0090.002-1Medal 
4Randy Reeves27292278$110.0080.001-1  
5Todd Viau22282979$100.0070.000-1  
6Paul Johns26292681$87.5062.500-1 1
Bill Baus27292581$87.5062.500-1  
8Robin Ventura29282784$80.0055.000-1  
9Ken Hastings31292585$75.0056.002-1  
10Roger Beckerman28263286$87.5056.754-1Medal 
Mark Hasty30292786$62.5046.752-1  
John Ventura29282986$77.5051.753-1  
Shawn Gilliland30302686$62.5041.751-1  
14John Napoli32282787$13.7526.500-1  
Brad Lebo30302787$13.7526.500-1  
Mike Conklin28322787$13.7529.501-1  
Mike Brown29273187$13.7526.500-1  
18Jay Hadsell33262988 21.001-1  
Mike McCormack30292988 21.001-1  
Charlie Greenwalt32282888 18.000-1  
21Paul Pastilong27332989 13.000-1  
Jim Heikkinen31283089 13.000-1  
23Tom Gross31312890 8.00   
Jim Garrison33273090 10.000-1  
Brandon Yee33273090 10.000-1  
26Danny Holcomb32302991 5.00   
Karl Moe30303191 5.00   
Tom O'Brien29323091 5.00   
29Jeff Garrison35292892 3.00   
30Bill Thompson33303093 1.50   
John Bambling32332893 1.50   
32Bob Marcellino34303094 1.00   
33John Darst31352995 1.00   

Amateur Division of the Indiana Open
(Richmond, IN - Course #3 - 22 June 2002)

  Round ExpenseGLTMatchGLT










1Nate Nichols29302786$30.0045.000-1Medal
2Anthony Amick32312588$35.0039.001-1 
Jeff Brown29283188$25.0037.001-1 
4James Weber28313089$25.0033.001-1 
5Leroy Lacey28293390$8.3326.000-1 
Zach Rumery31293090$8.3326.000-1 
Andy McCoy29342790$8.3329.001-1 
8Tim Schrader31293393 22.000-1 
9Mike Bell27303895$20.0029.004-0Match
Don Ferrell30313495 19.000-1 
11Bennie Williams31343398$15.0023.003-1 
12Barb Mingo303338101$10.0020.002-1 
13Bill Wahls403330103 14.000-1 
14Bill Combs344133108 13.000-1 


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