Kevin Lacey Wins Central Ohio Open by Three Strokes For Eighth GLT Win
Scott Copeland Wins APA Division by Two

Kevin Lacey playing course #2 at the Refugee Road Course (Columbus, OH).

Scott Copeland and Kevin Lacey
(left to right).

24 August 2002 - Columbus, OH - The restoration work done on the Refugee Road course was expected to lower the scores significantly, and that was certainly the case in the Central Ohio Open. Kevin Lacey of Cincinnati continued his dominance of the 2002 GLT by claiming a record eighth victory.

Lacey posted three solid rounds of 26-24-24 for a final tally of 74, 34 under par. Dave Nutini of Canal Winchester held the first round lead by two at 23 and the second round lead by one over Lacey at 49. But Nutinis final round 28 left the door open for Lacey, and Nutini finished three back at 77.

The threesome of Brandon Yee of Columbus, John Napoli of Clearwater Beach, FL and Gene Reams of Whitehall tied for third at 78. Yee defeated Napoli in a playoff for the GLT spot.

Scott Copeland, APA winner of the Central Ohio Open.

Kevin Lacey swept the days events by defeating John Napoli in the final match of the match play. John Napoli received a GLT spot.

Meanwhile, in the APA division, Scott Copeland kept just ahead of Leroy Lacey, also from Springfield, OH, all day to claim his third GLT title of the year with a score of 83.

Leroy Lacey finished two back at 85, with Anthony Amick third at 87. Andy McCoy received a GLT spot.

Anthony Amick once again showed off his match play skills by defeating Jeff Brown in the final match.

Scores provided and tournament recap provided by Bill Thompson.

Professional Division of the Central Ohio Open
(Columbus, OH - Course #2 - 24 August 2002)

  Round PrizeGLTMatchGLT
1Kevin Lacey26242474$180.00150.004-0 
2Dave Nutini23262877$100.0095.001-1 
3Brandon Yee25262778$91.6685.002-1Match
 John Napoli27242778$101.6690.003-1Medal
 Gene Reams29252478$76.6675.000-1 
6Roger Beckerman27272882$55.0062.500-1 
 Robb Titchell27272882$55.0062.500-1 
8Bill Thompson29272884$16.6651.000-1 
 Paul Pastilong27292884$16.6656.001-1 
 Paul Johns25283184$31.6661.002-1 
11Bill Baus31282685 48.001-1 
12John Tuite29292987 37.000-1 
 Rick Alessi31282887 42.001-1 
 Mike McCormack29283087 37.000-1 
15Mark Hasty32303193 28.000-1 
16Karl Moe34322894 23.500-1 
 Dom Perry28363094 26.501-1 
18Rod Miller31293595 23.001-1 

Amateur Division of the Central Ohio Open
(Columbus, OH - Course #2 - 24 August 2002)

  Round ExpenseGLTMatchGLT










1Scott Copeland27272983$40.0047.001-1 
2Leroy Lacey28282985$35.0041.001-1 
3Anthony Amick32292687$45.0042.003-0 
4Jeff Brown28313291$31.6735.002-1 
 Ross Reznor32293091$16.6731.000-1 
 Bill Combs31303091$16.6728.000-1 
7Bennie Williams32322892 23.000-1 
 Mike Bell33302992 21.00  
9James Weber40252994 20.001-1 
10Andy McCoy29343295 21.001-1Match
11Barb Mingo33323398 19.001-1 
12Bill Wahls36333099 18.001-1 


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