Robin Ventura & Kevin Lacey Win Inaugural Great Lakes Doubles Championship
Anthony Amick & Andy McCoy Take the APA Title

Kevin Lacey and Robin Ventura
(PPA Winners of the Great Lakes Tour Doubles Championship)

25 May 2002 - South Charleston, WV - The Great Lakes Tour held its first-ever doubles championship in the afternoon sun on course 2. Rookie pro Robin Ventura teamed up with the Great Lakes Tour's hottest player, Kevin Lacey, to capture her first GLT event as a professional putter. Both players reside in Cincinnati, OH.

Ventura and Lacey found themselves in a three-way tie at 24 after the better-ball round of competition with the teams of Bill Baus & Randy Reeves and Mike McCormack & John Darst. It was the round of alternate shot where Ventura and Lacey made their move, shooting 28 while most teams struggled on the slow sun-baked carpets. Going into the final round of combined score, they held a three-stroke lead.

Anthony Amick and Andy McCoy
(APA Winners of the Great Lakes Tour Doubles Championship)

The team of Baus & Reeves then made their move and had actually caught the leaders by the second last hole of competition. Laceys ace on the dogleg hole 5 proved to be the winning shot. The final standings were Ventura & Lacey at 111, Baus & Reeves at 112, and the team of Jim Cruse and Dave Nutini at 113.

Anthony Amick and Andy McCoy ran away and hid early in the APA division of the competition. Their better-ball score of 23 gave them a five shot lead and they never looked back. Their final score of 113 was seven shots ahead of second place finishers Karen Hastings and Terry Sanner at 120. The team of Barb Mingo and Jeff Brown finished third at 123.

It was a good day for Amick, who had already won the APA title in the West Virginia Open that morning.

Scores provided and tournament recap provided by Bill Thompson.

Professional Division of the 2002 Great Lakes Tour Doubles Championship
(South Charleston, WV - Course #2 - 25 May 2002)

  BetterAlternateCombined Prize
1Robin Ventura242831 $175.00
Kevin Lacey--28111$175.00
2Bill Baus243229 $125.00
Randy Reeves--27112$125.00
3Dave Nutini253028 $100.00
Jim Cruse--30113$100.00
4Mike McCormack243129 $75.00
John Darst--31115$75.00
5Roger Beckerman273031 $60.00
Bill Thompson--30118$60.00
6Craig Williams253428  
Jim Engel--32119 
7Jim Heikkinen282832  
Scott Buddie--32120 
Harry Sykes262933  
Jay Hadsell--32120 
John Bambling263133  
Ken Hastings--30120 
10Paul Johns263232  
Robb Titchell--33123 

Amateur Division of the 2002 Great Lakes Tour Doubles Championship
(South Charleston, WV - Course #2 - 25 May 2002)

  BetterAlternateCombined Expense
1Andy McCoy233030 $35.00
Anthony Amick--30113$35.00
2Karen Hastings283034 $30.00
Terry Sanner--28120$30.00
3Jeff Brown293130 $30.00
Barb Mingo--33123$30.00
4Bill Combs303034  
Bennie Williams--33127 
5James Weber293133  
Ronnie Pavlov--35128 


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