February 13, 2001

Virginia PPA Newsletter Highlighting the 2001 Virginia PPA Tour 

Enclosed in this newsletter, please find your schedule of tournaments for the Virginia tour for 2001. Schedules for the National tour are note as well as majors ion other tours that count toward qualification for the Virginia State Championship. Please verify sites and dates for other tours with the host tours. The Virginia PPA tour is not responsible for changes made to schedules of these tours. If any changes to the Virginia tour are made you will be notified prior to those events. Let me encourage those of you who have Internet access to visit the Official Web Site of the Professional Putters Association?at ProPutters.com. This site will post any changes or updates that are made.

Your tournament committee met February 3 to plan our tour for this year. The last few years our tour has seen an increase in play, partly due to a continuing effort among the different state tours to work together. This as a result means more total prize money to play for in regular tournaments and the State Championship. As always, our tour will offer something old and something new for 2001. These are detailed in this newsletter.


Highlights for the 2001 Schedule

  • 4 VA/NC co-sponsored 54-hole tournaments

  • 14 regular 54 hole tournaments the first of which will be the Pete Staylor Memorial Tournament


  • The Dogwood Festival Open (April 29)
  • The Virginia Open (July 15)
  • The Pro/Am and Team Championship (August 25)
  • The Virginia Putting Classic (August 26)
  • The Virginia State Championship (September 30)
  • The Fall Putting Classic (October 21)
  • The Clayton Cup and Hancock Cup (October 27-28)

General Rules of Play and Etiquette

All tournament play is governed by the rules as stated in the Official Rules and Regulations of the Professional Putters Association. As a member of the PPA and APA everyone pledges to ?keep and uphold the rules and regulations of the PPA. Furthermore, to always strive to display excellent sportsmanship and good character while putting on a PPA sanctioned golf course?Also, under no circumstances, will play on any Putt-Putt Golf Course without paying all appropriate greens fees prior to commencing play: Understand that failure to abide by the content and spirit of the pledge will result in immediate disqualification from all future PPA/APA sanctioned events during this calendar year.?/p>

Please read through your NEW rulebook when you receive it with your membership. As members of a professional organization, it is up to the integrity of the players to see that all rules are enforced. Of particular concern to the committee is the lack of respect for, and self-enforcement of the rules pertaining to appropriate dress and conduct.

As always please remember that you are responsible for your actions and that any acts of unsportsmanslike conduct will be dealt with swiftly. If an act of unsportsmanslike conduct occurs, the following procedure is in place to deal with the player involved.

  1. If you are playing with someone or observe someone that is continuing to act in an unsportsmanlike manner, seek out a committee member who is NOT playing at the time. Catch them as they finish a round or between rounds if the tournament is by shotgun start.

  2. The committee member will then inform the other committee members present and the player will be given a first warning.

  3. If the player continues to display acts of unsportsmanslike conduct and it is observed by three committee members, then the player will be first fined $25, and if another offense occurs suspended for the next two tournaments.

Please remember that we are playing as the invited guests of the local course owners and managers. Please take a moment when you arrive at a site and again before you leave to thank the owner or manager and staff for hosting our tournament.

Pairings for all tournaments

All defending champions, i.e. the winner of the last state tournament held at the site, will tee off first. The current State Champion will tee off second. All other players will be paired by luck of the draw except in tournaments designated as a major tournament. In all majors, the defending champion will tee off first followed by the State Champion. The highest player on the points standing entered in the tournament will be paired next, with the remaining players seeded and paired by points

If you are a defending champion in either division please volunteer that information when you pay your entry fee to insure that you are appropriately paired.

A final call to pay entry fees will be made one hour prior to tee off. If you have not paid your entry fee by this time, please do so immediately. As soon as there are no players waiting to pay after the call, entry fees will be closed and pairings for the tournament will be made. Once pairings have been completed a $5.00 late fee will be charged to any professional member who wishes to compete but has not entered. These players will then be paired at the bottom of the pairings. Any player failing to pay on time forfeits any standing he may have for a specific pairing.

If a player who has been practicing for a tournament fails to pay his entry fee on time, and then does not enter to avoid a late charge, that player will be assessed a $25 fine for violation of the rule regarding practice times, and be required to pay the appropriate greens fee to the local course.

As always there is a problem of slow play. While last year saw a better pace of play, there are a few hints to help speed up play that need to be observed. 1) Be ready to play when your turn comes. 2) If you are not on the tee, please give those who are in play a chance to putt without outside distractions.

Qualifying for the state championship

Any player may play in the State Championship if he meets the following qualifications. A PRO must play in a minimum of 9 (nine) tournaments, excluding the Team Championships, and pay the entry fee for the State Championship, or he may pay the balance of entry fees due, to make up for tournaments missed, and pay the State Championship entry fee. An APA member must play in a minimum of 5 (five) tournaments and pay the State Championship entry fee, or he may pay the balance of the entry fees due to make up for tournaments missed and pay the State Championship entry fee.

Prize money in the State Championship for 2001 will be TBA. In the pro division, prize money will be paid to at least one half of the field. The State Championship will be in Richmond, Va. in 2001 and in Charlottesville, Va. for 2002.

Stroke Average Awards

Stoke averages will be kept using a weighted average method. The average of all scores in a division of play at each specific site will be used to rate the players by stroke average. For example, if at a site there are 20 players and the total strokes for a 54-hole tournament is 1800, then the average score for the tournament is 30.

Player one scores an 85. His stroke average is 28.33. His weighted stroke average is - 1.67. Player 2 scores 95. His stroke average is 31.67. His weighted stroke average is +1.67. Weighted stroke averages from each tournament will be added and averaged for a weighted stroke average.

To be eligible to win the stroke average award a pro must play in a minimum of 13 tournaments. An APA member must play in a minimum of 10 tournaments. All tournaments through the Fall Classic will count for official statistics.

Point Standings

A point system, as used in previous years, will be used again in 2001. Points will be won and awarded according to place of finish in all tournament play. All players competing, regardless of their playing status, i.e. non-Virginia tour regulars will be awarded points. Points will be awarded in the following manner; all 54 hole tournaments will award 25 points for first place, 24 for second and so on down to one point for all finishers 25 to the last place. In the APA division of play the points will start with 20 for first and one for 20th through last.

In all major tournaments, those tournaments that are four or more rounds, first place points will be 30 in the pro field and 25 in the APA. Second place will receive 25 in the pro and 20 in the APA and then increment down by one point for third to the end.

Team Events

At all tournaments a team tournament will be held as well. Pros may enter a two-man team for $10. First place will pay out $20 and second $10. All other entries will go to the Team Championship tournament in August. The entry fee for the Team Championship will be $100 per team for pros and $30 per team for APA. All prize money is TBA for the team championship.

The team championship will be expanded back to a six round tournament. 2 rounds of better ball, 2 rounds of alternate stroke, and two rounds individual total scores

The pro/am will again us a 36 whole better ball format. Entry fee is $25 for pros $10 for APA. The purse will be $100 added to all entry fees for pros and the top five APA finishers will receive expense reimbursement.


Congratulations goes out again to the SC tour for their Clayton Cup victory in 2000, and to the Virginia APA Hancock Cup team for their victory as well. The 2001 Cup competition will be hosted this year by the South Carolina tour. The site is yet to be determined.

This year players will be asked to fill out a player declaration form which will be used to determine for which tour a player wishes to compete. If a player makes the team of his first choice, then that player must compete for that tourís team. A second choice may be used only if the player fails to qualify for the first choice team.

The following criteria will be used to determine the Clayton Cup team:

A point system will be used to determine the top players on the tour. This point system will use the pointís standings list mentioned above, weighted stroke average standings, and money winning standings. Points will be awarded in each of the three categories. First place will receive one point, second two, third three and so on through the top twenty. The points for all three categories will then be added together. The players will then be ranked for Clayton Cup points will the lowest combined total being the leader. A player must compete in a minimum of 13 tournaments (10 for APA) to be eligible for the Clayton Cup team.

The top ten players on the Clayton Cup standings will make the team. No captain choices will be made this year. The top six players in points will make the APA Hancock Cup team.

For the formation of the Clayton Cup and Hancock Cup teams, the final tournament that will count to tabulate those teams will be the State Championship. This is to allow players time to make travel plans, etc. for that weekend.

The format for the Clayton Cup and Hancock Cup will be a two-day event similar to 2000.

 A special word of thanks goes to Buddy Taylor who has served admirably as our Captain since the beginning of the Clayton Cup. The committee thanked Buddy as well for his service. This year the tour players will select, by player vote, the Captain for 2001. This will give us the opportunity to honor other members of our tour with the position. Players who designate the Virginia tour as their first choice for Clayton Cup team consideration will be eligible to vote.

APA Old Dominion Cup

Congratulations to the Richmond team of Amy Smith, Wesley Pollard and Wayne Saunders for winning the 2000 Old Dominion Cup.

Again in 2001, APA players may form a three-player team and compete for the Old Dominion Cup. The competition for the Old Dominion Cup will be part of the regular tour schedule. The tournament sites for Old Dominion Cup play are noted on the schedule. Remember, there is no added charge to form a team and compete.

Each team must register three players. When possible all three players should be from the same area. At large teams are permitted to allow all [layers the chance to compete. Team members must compete in the designated tournaments.

The two best scores each round of the team members will be added for the team total. The team with the lowest combined score at the end of each tournament will be awarded five points, 4 points for second and so on. Each team will receive at least one point. If a player is unable to compete at any tournament, that team will count the two scores of the other members of the team. No substitute players will be allowed.

Points from each tournament will be added. The team with the highest point total after all tournaments designated as an Old Dominion Cup event will win the 2001 Old Dominion Cup to be displayed at the teamís home course. In addition each team member will receive a plaque or trophy designating them as a member of the winning team and a $ 25 expense reimbursement. If two or more teams tie for first place, then the State Championship will be used as a playoff.

If you are an APA member begin planning your team now. Talk it up with other players in your area and encourage them to form a team as well.

Entry Fees and Prize Money

There are some changes to the entry fees and prize money scale for the year 2001. Please refer to the enclosed tournament schedule and prize money breakdown when planning your schedule. At those tournaments designated, the entry fee will be $45 in the pro field. The reason for this is explained below.

The prize money scale has been enhanced to offer more spots and more prize money when certain levels of participation are meet.

Fall Putting Classic

The Fall Putting Classic returns to the Virginia Tour. At one time this was one of the most popular events on our tour. The Virginia Putting Classic, which replaced the Fall Putting Classic several years ago, remains as a major. With the return of the Fall Putting Classic, we will have five major tournaments on our schedule this year.

There are ten designated tournaments on our tour this year that will count toward your qualifying for the Fall Putting Classic. If you play in all ten of these tournaments then your entry fee in the Fall Putting Classic will be only $25. A player may enter the Fall Putting Classic by paying $25 plus $5 for each tournament that he is short of the required ten.  For an APA member, if you play in all ten designated tournaments then your entry fee for the Fall Putting Classic will be free.

Committee Member Elections

For 2001 your tournament committee members are pros Gary Hinshaw, chairman, Ed Grajewski, statistician, Buddy Taylor, Dave Taylor, Brad Lebo and Wayne Cheatham, APA representatives are Chuck Cyr, Jonathan Moore, and Amy Smith. These members will serve through the State Championship.

At the State Championship we will elect new members. Ed will remain as statistician and I will remain as course owner liaison. Six PPA members and four APA members will be elected. The top three voted on (top two in APA) will serve a two-year term the next three (two in APA) will serve a one-year term. Starting with the end of the 2002 season we will elect three Pros and two APA members each year for two-year terms.

I hope to see each of you March 31 in Richmond and Best of Luck in 2001.



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