Lee Messinger Wins 2001 Texas Open in Arlington, TX

26-27 May 2001 - Arlington (Division), TX - The first day of the event saw Lee Messinger again play well on the number 1 course, a course where he won last year's state event with a 28 under par 80 for three rounds, shooting an impressive 39 under par 105 and taking a strong 11 stroke lead over Joel Baker into the second day. Sunday saw Cliff Mathews try and put some pressure on Lee by closing to within 11 strokes with an 10 on the back nine only missing the 18th hole in the 6th round. Lee responded in the 7th round shooting a 10 under 26 followed by a 9 under 27 the last round to shoot 72 under 216 and take the title with a 12 stroke victory. State Spots went to Cliff Matthews, Tim Murphree, Randy Wimpy, Joel Baker, and Bill Florian.

In the APA division Steve Tanton was the winner. Tanton lead wire to wire in completing his 10 shot victory over second place finisher Dwaine Willett who has finished second in 5 Texas Opens. This was Tanton's fourth win of the season. Dwaine Willett, Andy Gaiser, Jack Ramsey, Steve Willmann and Doug Austin won spots for the Texas State Championship.

Professional Division of 2001 Texas Open
(Arlington, TX - 26-27 May 2001)

1Lee Messinger2626282528302627216$260.00
2Cliff Matthews*2932283030252826228$140.00
3Jeffrey Smith2626323330273029233$80.00
4Tim Murphree*3029303131292631237$40.00
5David Lynch2931293028303229238 
6Randy Wimpy*3027293429303128238 
 Joel Baker*2630352530333030239 
8Bill Florian*3133293130292929241 
9Chris Conradi3130293228303032242 

Amateur Division of 2001 Texas Open
(Arlington, TX - 26-27 May 2001)

1Steve Tanton2527303130292930231
2Dwain Willett*2834313131253130241
3Andy Gaiser*3432313031282828242
4Jack Ramsey*3335352730332631250
5Steve Willmann*3632273130343429253
6Doug Austin*3233373233303232261
7Trevor Lewin3636323434343330269

* Earned TX State Championship Spot.


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