Bill Baus Wins
2001 PPA Senior National Championship

Bill Baus, winner of the 2001 PPA Senior National Championship.

10 August 2001 - Lynchburg, VA - Temperatures reaching into the high 90's greeted the 18 players competing for the 2001 PPA Senior National Championship. Among the player contending for the title were Vance Randall, 1967 and 1969 PPA National Champion and 1971 World Putting Champion; Buddy Taylor, 1978 World Putting Champion; Roger Beckerman, 1984 PPA National Champion, and Bill Baus, runner-up in the 1970 PPA National Championship.

Roger Beckerman, runner-up in the 2001 PPA Senior National Championship.

Tom O'Brien, runner-up in the 2001 PPA Senior National Championship.

Marking his return to PPA competition in 2001, Tom O'Brien opened up strong with an opening round 24 on course 2 and took a one-stroke lead over Roger Beckerman and John Bambling into the second round on course 3. The more difficult course 3 produced higher scores, average score of 30.778 versus 28.000 on course 2, but Bill Baus mastered the difficult course with a second round 24, 12-under par.

Entering the third round with a narrow one-stroke lead, Bill Baus struggled on course 1 opening up the tournament again. Roger Beckerman who had been in second after the first round and in third after the second round, moved to the front with a third round 27 to put himself in front at 81, 27-under par. Bill Baus's third round of 31 left him one-stroke behind at 82 in second place. In a tie for third after three rounds were Tom O'Brien and Gene Reams at 85.

The final round saw Bill Baus return to his form of rounds 1 and 2 to post final round of 26 and a 72-hole total of 108, 36-under par.  Tom O'Brien, John Bambling and Vance Randall put together the best final rounds of 25, 11-under par, with Tom O'Brien finishing two-stroke behind Baus in second at 110 in a tie with Roger Beckerman who could do no better than a final round of 29. John Bambling's final round 25 gave him fourth place at 111 while Bill Kirby, Jr. rounded out the top five at 113.

The 2001 PPA Senior National Championship marks the first time this event had been played since 1984. The success of this event ensures that it will remain an important event during the PPA National Championship Week in future years.

Leaders of 2001 PPA Senior National Championship by Round

1st Round LeaderTom O'Brien24 (12-under par)
2nd Round LeaderBill Baus51 (21-under par)
3rd Round LeaderRoger Beckerman81 (27-under par)

Scoreboard from the 2001 PPA Senior National Championship
(Lynchburg, Virginia - 10 August 2001)

Players1234Total Money
1Bill Baus (Cleveland Heights, OH)27243126108 $ 250.00
2Roger Beckerman (South Euclid, OH)25292729110 $ 150.00
Tom O'Brien (Cleveland, OH)24313025110 $ 150.00
4John Bambling (Pittsburgh, PA25313025111 $ 100.00
5Bill Kirby, Jr. (Fayetteville, NC)26322926113 $   75.00
6Ken Hastings (Pittsburgh, PA)26322829115 $   75.00
7Gene Reams (Whitehall, OH)26263331116 $   50.00
Buddy Taylor (Gambrills, MD)31312628116 $   50.00
9Vance Randall (Asheville, NC)30303225117
10Daryl Freeman (Bristol, TN)27323029118
11John Ventura (Cincinnati, OH)29332631119
12Ed Grajewski (Midlothian, VA)27313428120
13Glenwood Arrington (Martinsville, VA)27313429121
14Jim White ( Concord Township, OH)29313131122
15Gilbert O. Sharpe III (Richmond, VA)32332732124
Al Simpson (Lake Charles, LA)29343229124
17Bob Haizlip (Whitsett, NC)31303732130
18David Abshire (Martinsville VA)33333630132


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