Springfield, Ohio Wins
2001 JPA Team National Championship

The team from Springfield, OH, winners of the 2001 JPA Team National Championship
(Lynchburg, Virginia).

9 August 2001 - Lynchburg, VA - The JPA Team from Springfield, Ohio won the 2001 JPA National Championship on Thursday, August 9th. The Springfield, Ohio team held on for a two-stroke victory over the Richmond, Virginia JPA team that charged in the fourth and final round of the JPA National Championship but came up two-strokes short of the team from Springfield, Ohio.

Team Springfield opened the 2001 JPA National Championship strong with scores of 29, 31, 29 and 35 in the opening round to take an eight stroke lead into the second round. It was Team Richmond's turn in the second round lead by Paul Lowery who fired a tournament best round of 24 to lead Team Richmond into the lead by two-stroke over Team Springfield. Team Springfield returned to their first round form with a team total 126 in the third round to once again move into the lead over Team Richmond. Leading by eight-strokes over Team Richmond entering the final round, Team Springfield still needed four good rounds to win the JPA Team National Championship that had eluded Dan Switzer and the Springfield course for so many year.

Bennie Williams of Team Springfield playing the 17th hole in the final round of the 2001 JPA National Championship (Lynchburg, Virginia).

The steady of Bennie Williams of Team Springfield lead them to team total of 130 in the fourth and final round. Once again, Team Richmond put on a charge lead by Paul Lowery's 31 and Zac Coghill's 28 but Team Richmond's fourth round total of 124 left them two-strokes behind Team Springfield when the final putt was holed.

The four members of the winning team from Springfield, Ohio were each awarded $400 in scholarship money. Each member of the runner-up team from Richmond, Virginia were each awarded $100 in scholarship money for their efforts.

Leaders of 2001 JPA Team National Championship by Round

1st Round LeadersSpringfield, OH "A"124 (20-under par)
2nd Round LeadersRichmond, VA "A"255 (33-under par)
3rd Round LeadersSpringfield, OH "A"383 (49-under par)

Scoreboard from the 2001 JPA Team National Championship
(Lynchburg, Virginia - 9 August 2001)

Springfield OH "A"1234Total
Zach Rumery29353236132
Bennie Williams31282928116
Robert Graves29313533128
Steve Koehler35393033137
Richmond VA "A"
Paul Lowery32243231119
Zac Coghill32333628129
Mandi Taylor33343234133
Shannon Jones35323631134
Burlington NC "A"
Mathew Page29323125117
Andrea Massey34333337137
Jon McCaskill40353528138
Keegan Pace32353836141
Kyle Farlie32303335130
Tommy Stimpson29343331127
Catherine Stimpson35333733138
Matthew Rydzewski36363333138
Lynchburg VA "A"
Bo Bohon33363434137
Jason Paljug34343434136
B J Poindexter37353330135
Amanda Smith35353232134
Springfield OH "B"
Dustin Crew33322928122
Tyler Lacey37353233137
Daniel Koehler33333634136
Michael Koelher35363838147
Richmond VA "B"
Logan Whitton30373534136
Amy Summey38403536149
Brandon Whitton33363939147
James Walker36374039152
Lynchburg VA "B"
John Petrie34333634137
Scott Brown44403941164
Daniel Garner37383935149
Marshall Harris37313834140
Burlington NC "B"
Jeffrey Faille33343641144
Tommy Lamoreaux41414046168
Matt Cox38303538141
Casey Fonville34343536139


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