Don Ferrell Wins
2001 APA National Championship

Don Ferrell, winner of the 2001 APA National Championship
(Lynchburg, Virginia).

11 August 2001 - Lynchburg, VA - In the amateur (APA) division that concluded their National Championship on Saturday, August 11th, Don Ferrell of Columbus, Ohio won his third APA National Championship. The APA National Championship was third of Don Ferrell career having previously won the APA title in 1979 and 1986.

Ferrell who lead by one stroke entering the final round had to wait through a one-hour rain delay before playing his final round. An estimated 2 inches of rain fell in roughly 30 minutes necessitating the stop in play. With the efforts of many PPA and APA players, the course was returned to playable condition and the final round of the 2001 APA National Championship was played.

Finishing alone in second was Steven Jones, two-strokes behind Don Ferrell. Rounding out the top five in the 2001 APA National Championship were Jeff Brown in third, Wayne Saunders in fourth, and Steven Tanton and Paul Lowery in a tie for fifth. The field of 31 APA who were in Lynchburg, VA to contest the 2001 APA National Championship marks the biggest APA field in more than 5 years to compete for the APA National Championship.

Leaders of 2001 APA National Championship by Round

1st Round LeaderWade Sahmel24 (12-under par)
2nd Round LeaderWade Sahmel54 (18-under par)
3rd Round LeaderWade Sahmel85 (23-under par)
4th Round LeaderJimmy Comer113 (31-under par)
5th Round LeaderJimmy Comer143 (37-under par)
6th Round LeaderDon Ferrell171 (45-under par)
7th Round LeaderDon Ferrell201 (51-under par)

Scoreboard from the 2001 APA National Championship
(Lynchburg, Virginia - 10-11 August 2001)

1Don Ferrell2731293028263030231 $   50.00
2Steven Jones2931292728292931233 $   50.00
3Jeff Brown2532292933283028234 $   50.00
4Wayne Saunders, Jr.2831322629302633235 $   50.00
5Steve Tanton3032273130262931236 $   25.00
Paul Lowery 3231332628253031236 $   25.00
7Jonathan H. Moore2931312729302832237
Robin Ventura3133292828262834237
9Jimmy Comer2832272630322934238
10Wade Sahmel2430313331312832240
11Keith Waters3031323130312730242
12Trevor Lewin2933292931303429244
13Bill Hammons2828313030333035245
Bill Garrett3630293029292933245
15Charles W. Cyr2734292733313531247
16Terry Sanner3035272833293432248
Tyler Proffitt2932322935312832248
18Wade Driskill3130273435292935250
19Alex Boyd2731342833333236254
Karen Hastings2927353034333135254
21Ken Schooler3133323136333328257
Bill Hudson2836323231323135257
Danny Holcomb3433322932313432257
Amy M. Smith2837303335303133257
Chuck Nance3333382932323030257
26Alan Sahmel3435303332333135263
27Bill Combs2835322937393133264
28Chris Konrad3233343431323635267
29Adam Sahmel2934353437333535272
30Ron Blackwood3237323336353634275
31Mickey DeLucca3536343038383632279


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