Greg Ward Wins 2000 Howard Loy Memorial by Four Strokes

2 April 2000 - Burlington, NC - On this raw, misty Sunday morning in Burlington, one player had three identical rounds of 25. Greg Ward, no stranger to winning on the beautiful Burlington course with three Elton Davis Memorial victories to his belt, added the Howard Loy Memorial to his collection.

Greg Ward winning the 1999 Elton Davis.

The sales rep from Loganville, Georgia opened with a first round lead of 25, tied with Chris Bunting for this honor. Another 25 in the second round gave him a three-shot lead over Mike Brown. Ward then began to break it wide open with a front nine 11 in the third round and cruised to his first win of the season with another 25 in that round to close the event at 75.

For the second straight day, the APA Division winner had to be decided by playoff, and once again, it involved Billy Caudle. This time, it was he and Brian Hutchins who faced off, after each competitor finished at 82. Hutchins forced the playoff being down two to Caudle heading into the final round after firing a 28 in the final round.

In the playoff, Hutchins ran four of the first seven, while Caudle could only salvage one of the first seven. Caudle then made the next three holes to tie it up at 4-under a piece, but did not ace again until the final hole, which at that time, Hutchins made four more holes down the stretch (12, 14, 16 & 17) to win the playoff for his second win of the season. Caudle did, however, receive the two-day low APA qualifying spot.

Special thanks were given out to Bobby Gilmore and Brian Patterson, owner and manager of the Burlington course, for having the course set it up in the perfect of conditions as always.

Greg Newport, a three-time winner of this event, finished in second at 79. Gary Hester and Larry Simpson finished in a tie for third at 81. And a five-way tie to round out the top five include Mike Brown, Mike Griffin, Ray Guthrie, Bill Kirby, and Randy Reeves, all in at 82. Fifteen spots were paid out in this event with the score 84 placing for a full share. Ward, with his victory, qualified for the NC State Championships, however, turned downed the Match Play spot. Newport, next in line, accepted the Match Play spot that followed.

The next NCPPA tournament will be in Durham on Saturday, April 8, at 12:00pm on Course 2, followed by a tournament in Roxboro on Course 1, Sunday, April 9 at 10:00am. Both tournaments are combined events with the Virginia tour.

Scores and tournament recap provided by Opie Roberts.

Professional Division of Burlington, NC Event (2 April 2000)

1Greg Ward25252575$150.00
2Greg Newport27272579$110.00
3Gary Hester29252781$85.00
Larry Simpson28272681$85.00
5Mike Brown27262982$65.00
Mike Griffin26292782$65.00
Ray Guthrie31252682$65.00
Bill Kirby, Jr.29252882$65.00
Randy Reeves27292682$65.00
10Chris Bunting25302883$45.00
Andy Coradini27282883$45.00
Bob Haizlip32242783$45.00
Rusty Taylor28272883$45.00
14Bart Bason26283084$40.00
Opie Roberts28292784$40.00
16Tommy Barbour31282685
Edgar Hollifield31282685
Robert Johnson29272985
Randal Smith29282885
Allen Wall28312685
21Glenwood Arrington29292886
Rick Baird27302986
C. L. Jones30302686
24Brad Lebo29312787
Thomas Rawles27283287
Buddy Taylor29273187
Tony Varnadore28312887
28Bobby Kirby31292888
29Rick Rybaczek34272889
30Bill Walsh34273192
Barry Wyatt27382792
32Tommy Hollifield343432100
33David Abshire353136102

Professional Teams Scores for Burlington, NC Event (2 April 2000)

1G. Newport - R. Smith56555316414.50$15.00
 B. Haizlip - L. Simpson60515316414.50$15.00
3B. Bason - C. Bunting51585816712.50 
 R. Johnson - B. Kirby, Jr.58525716712.50 
5M. Brown - B. Lebo56575616910.50 
 R. Baird - A. Coradini54585716910.50 
7B. Taylor - R. Taylor5754591708.50 
 E. Hollifield - A. Wall5959521708.50 
9R. Guthrie - R. Rybaczek6552541717.00 
10C. L. Jones - B. Wyatt5768531786.00 

Amateur Division of Burlington, NC Event (2 April 2000)

1Brian Hutchins**27272882$20.00
2Billy Caudle25273082$20.00
3Keith Waters28292683
4Jamie Martin31292787
5Jimmy Comer33312589
6Richard Lorenz31312991
7Russell Sigmon, Jr.32313093
8Donnie Carpenter30313596
Chuck Nance35303196

** Defeated Billy Caudle 28-31 in an 18-hole playoff for the victory.

Novice Division of Burlington, NC Event (2 April 2000)

1Matthew Page31252783
2Austin Bissell34323298
3Roy Sigmon34323298



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