Greg Ward Wins $2,000 Fayetteville Area Convention Visitors Bureau Open

30 July 2000 - Fayetteville, NC - Greg Ward, trailing by two strokes entering the second round, put together a final round of 23 to post a two-round total of 49 for a one-stroke victory. Rod Miller and Kevin Lacey each tied for second place at 50, 22-under par, although each arrived at that score in a different manner. Rod Miller posted a first round of 29 followed up by a 21 in the second round. Kevin Lacey put together two rounds of 25 for his two round total of 50.

Tied for fourth were Jeff Estep, Bill Kirby, and Jeffrey Smith at 51. Rounding out the top ten were Lee Messinger, Rich Gillooly, Tony Jackson, Todd Barfield, Ron Frederick, and John Napoli all tied for seventh at 52, 20-under par.

In the APA Division, Jeff Brown defeated Jonathan Reid in an 18-hole playoff after each firing 54, 18-under par. In a three way tie for third, Terry Porter, Wesley Pollard, and Todd Trent each shot 56, 16-under par.

The PPA is next in action on Monday, July 31st, at the $2,000 Pepsi-Cola Open at the Fayetteville, NC course. Once again the players will be playing 36-holes in preparation for the $100,000 PPA National Championship to be contested on the Fayetteville course on August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Scores provided by the Putt-Putt Home Office.

Professional Division of $2,000 Fayetteville Area Convention Visitors Bureau Open

1Greg Ward262349$ 300.00
2Rod Miller292150$ 175.00
Kevin Lacey252550$ 175.00
4Jeff Estep252651$ 108.34
Bill Kirby, Jr.272451$ 108.34
Jeffrey Smith252651$ 108.34
7Lee Messinger242852$ 90.00
Rich Gillooly262652$ 90.00
Tony Jackson272552$ 90.00
Todd Barfield282452$ 90.00
Ron Frederick272552$ 90.00
John Napoli252752$ 90.00
13Brad Lebo282553$ 78.33
Greg Newport272653$ 78.33
Roland Block242953$ 78.33
16Bart Bason302454$ 30.00
Rick Alessi282654$ 30.00
Robert Johnson292554$ 30.00
Ed Grajewski262854$ 30.00
Tom Gross272754$ 30.00
21Cliff Matthews282755
Jim Engel262955
Ray Guthrie262955
Rainey Statum272855
25Daryl Freeman302656
Rusty Taylor312556
Jim Heikkinen282856
Randy Reeves302656
Bob Davis312556
30Craig Williams292857
Paul Johns292857
Jim Palisano312657
Frank Warren302757
Gary Hester282957
David Lynch302757
Jay Hadsell263157
Dave Nutini282957
Gary Benfield332457
Chris Bunting302757
40Manfred Stewart312758
Charlie Greenwalt332558
Bill Baus302858
Paul Sample292958
Bill Thompson312758
Darrell Britt342458
Bryan Boyd292958
Tim Jones302858
Jay Klapper302858
Dom Perry292958
50Rodney Ashley302959
Tommy Barbour293059
Dan Anders302959
Kevin Garrett293059
Al Simpson312859
Bo Luthie302959
Greg Roberts273259
57Dave Taylor322860
Andy Coradini322860
Mike Brown322860
Lewis Burton322860
Peter Neumann273360
David Dingus303060
63Mark Hasty342761
Tom O'Brien342761
Bob Haizlip303161
Mike O'Rourke313061
67Mike McCormack332962
68Vance Randall323163
Randall Willett323163
John Connor323163
Rick Rybaczek333063
Glenwood Arrington372663
73Lee Witcofski352964
74Mark Stephens353065
Buddy Taylor333265
76Wayne Cheatham353266
77Mike Hopkins594099

Amateur Division of $2,000 Fayetteville Area Convention Visitors Bureau Open

1Jeff Brown282654$ 25.00
2Jonathan Reid292554$ 25.00
3Terry Porter322456$ 16.67
Wesley Pollard282856$ 16.67
Todd Trent282856$ 16.67
6Steven Jones322557
Karl Moe292857
Philip Wagoner312657
9Robin Ventura302858
10Adam Smith293059
11Chuck Cyr352560
Chris Hudson312960
Billy Caudle312960
14Bill Combs372562
15Amy Smith323163
16Bill Hammons352964
17Steve Helton283765
18James Goin373168
19Robin Trent323769
20Chance Mathews534598


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