Charlie Greenwalt Wins His First Tournament of 2000 on the Great Lakes Tour

13 August 2000 Richmond, IN Charlie Greenwalt was playing his second tournament on the Great Lakes Tour and he made it count. Charlie defeated Bill Thompson and Gene Reams by one stroke to claim the victory and his first spot on tour. Charlie shot 82, 26-under par.  Both Bill and Gene shot 83, 25-under par for second place. Charlie has played on the Great Lakes Tour in the past, but this weekend was his first tournaments in year 2000 and he made it count.

The turnout for the Richmond stop was a bit low because of the Nationals week just concluding and everyone needing a break from putting.  In the match play finals Jay Hadsell defeated Harry Sykes and secured his second spot for the Great Lakes Tour finals.

In the amateur division, Robin Ventura won shooting a score of 87, 21-under par and defeated former National APA Champion Jeff Brown and Mike Conklin. All three players have 2 spots for the finals so the sopt went to Bill Combs after defeating Bill Wahls in an 18 hole playoff.  In the match play finals Scott Copeland defeated Jeff Brown.

The Great Lakes Tour will play its next full weekend on August 26 and 27 in Mansfield, OH.

Scores and tournament recap provided by Paul Johns.

Professional Division of Richmond, IN Event (13 August 2000)

1Charlie Greenwalt27272882$ 130.00
2Bill Thompson25292983$ 92.50
3Gene Reams31272583$ 92.50
4Jim Cruse27302784$ 70.00
5Todd Viau30273087$ 55.00
6Paul Johns29292987$ 55.00
7Dave Nutini31292787$ 55.00
8Jim Engel30292988$ 47.50
9Bill Baus28312988$ 47.50
10Harry Sykes26293289$ 15.00
11John Kropinak29283289$ 15.00
12Rich Gillooly28313089$ 15.00
13Rick Alessi28323090
14Mike O'Rourke26323290
15Mark Hasty35293094
16Jay Hadsell31323194
17Jim Heikkinen34332996
18Dom Perry31372997
19Kevin Lacey33323297
20Scott Buddie373528100
21Paul Pastilong343630100
22Barb Mingo393437110

Amateur Division of Richmond, IN Event (13 August 2000)

1Robin Ventura30273087$ 30.00
2Mike Conklin35272688$ 25.00
3Jeff Brown28303088$ 25.00
4Scott Copeland30322991$ 25.00
5Karl Moe32293091$ 25.00
6Andy McCoy32322892
7John Darst29343194
8George Matthews30333194
9Bill Combs32303496
10Bill Wahls29333496
11Mike Bell31353197
12Don Ferrell294329101


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