Kevin Lacey Wins Rain Shortened Event in Charleston, WV

27 May 2000 - Charleston, WV - A very raining day was in the forecast for the afternoon of putting and during the early part of the 3rd round the flood gates opened.  The forecast was for rain all day on Saturday, but the rain held off until the 3rd round and that made Kevin Lacey the winner.  Kevin was making his first start in 2000 and he made it a good one.  Winning the rain shortened Great Lakes Open on Saturday.  Kevin fired rounds of 27 and 30 to defeat former National Champion Jeff Estep by 2 strokes.  The rain forced the match play to be cancelled and the spot to be given away at the Great Lakes Finals in September.

In the amateur division, local Terry Sanner won the rain shorten tournament firing rounds of 34 and 27 for a score of 61.  Mike Conklin finished 2 strokes back at 63.  The match play for the APAs was also cancelled due the inclement weather.

The Great Lakes Tour will play its next full weekend on June 10 and 11 in Newark, OH.

Scores and tournament recap provided by Paul Johns.

Professional Division of Charleston, WV Event (27 May 2000)

1Kevin Lacey*273057$130.00
2Jeff Estep312859$100.00
3Rod Miller283260$85.00
4Bill Thompson303262$58.75
Jim Cruse313162$58.75
Scott Buddie303262$58.75
Mike O'Rourke293362$58.75
8Mike McCormack323163$45.00
Rick Alessi303363$45.00
Craig Williams303363$45.00
Dave Nutini323163$45.00
12John Tuite343165
Rich Gillooly323365
Paul Pastilong333265
Harry Sykes313465
16John Kropinak353166
Gene Reams313566
Roger Beckerman313566
19Todd Viau333467
Jay Hadsell353267
Mark Hasty343367
Jim Engel333467
23Jim Heikkinen333568
Ken Hastings323668
25Dom Perry343771
26Barb Mingo363672

* Earned Great Lakes Tour medal-play spot.

Amateur Division of Charleston, WV Event (27 May 2000)

1Terry Sanner*342761$30.00
2Mike Conklin323163$25.00
3Jeff Brown313364$25.00
4John Darst362965$25.00
5Andy McCoy343367
Mike Bell363167
7Don Ferrell363369
Joe Gallagher343569
9Karl More343771
Bill Wahls353671
Bill Combs363571

* Earned Great Lakes Tour medal-play spot.


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