Andy Coradini Posts a 78 in Lynchburg, VA to Win By Five Strokes

lebo.jpg (3228 bytes)Lynchburg, VA - Andy Coradini shook off the effects of a 34-34 finish in Saturday's event to post a five-stroke victory in Sunday's tournament. Coradini opened Sunday's play with a 23, 13-under par, to take a one-stroke lead on Rick Baird who posted an opening round of 24.

Coradini's second round of 27 opened up a five-stroke lead on the field with a two-round total of 50, 22-under par. Tied for second after two-rounds were Manfred Stewart and Rick Baird. Coradini's final round of 28 was more than good enough for the victory as he coasted to his five-stroke victory over Thomas Rawles whose final round of 27 was enough to put him into second place. Brad Lebo finished in third closing with a final round of 26 for a total of 84, 24-under par.

lynchburg_11_july_wayne_cheatham.jpg (8205 bytes)Rounding out the top ten in the PPA Division were Manfred Stewart, fourth place, Michael Hitt, fifth place, Fred Hallaman, C. L. Jones, Kevin Garrett, and Rick Baird, tied for sixth place, and Gary Hester, Greg Newport, and Dave Taylor, tied for tenth place.

In the APA Division, Wayne Cheatham and Malcolm Shumaker tied at 86, 22-under par, after the regulation 54-holes. Cheatham, who lost to Chuck Cyr in a playoff in Fredericksburg, VA in June, was able to even his playoff record for 1999 by defeating Malcolm Shumaker. Rounding out the top five in the APA Division were Tommy Barbour, third place, Matt Summey, fourth place, and Gil Logan, Steven Jones, Bob Chetister, and Philip Wagoner, tied for fifth place.

Professional Scores from the 1999 Lynchburg, VA Event (11 July 1999)

Player123TotalPrize MoneyVA PointsNC Points
1Andy Coradini23272878$200.002040.00
2Thomas Rawles*29272783$110.001934.00
3Brad Lebo27312684$85.001833
4Manfred Stewart28273085$75.001732
5Michael Hitt27293086$65.001631
6Fred Hallaman**28302987$45.0013.528.5
C. L. Jones32272887$45.0013.528.5
Kevin Garrett29292987$45.0013.528.5
Rick Baird24323287$45.0013.528.5
10Gary Hester30312788$40.001025
Greg Newport30283088$40.001025
Dave Taylor29293088$40.001025
13Peter Neumann31302889$40.00823
14Mike Brown29313090$8.00520
Gilbert Sharpe31293090$8.00520
Buddy Taylor**29322990$8.00520
Ken Cook35282790$8.00520
Ed Grajewski31293090$8.00520
19Rusty Taylor283132911.3316
Chris Bunting303031911.3316
Bart Bason302932911.3316
22Randal Smith33322792113
Tony Jackson32293192113
Danny McCaslin29313292113
25Opie Roberts32323094110.5
Bob Haizlip30323294110.5
27Rick Rybaczek3230349618.5
Rodney Ashley2836329618.5
29Bo Luthie3334329917

* Accepted NC State Medal Play Spot
** Accepted NC State Match Play Spot

Amateur Scores from the 1999 Lynchburg, VA Event (11 July 1999)

Player123TotalPrize MoneyNC PointsVA Points
1Wayne Cheatham28302886$20.0020.0015
2Malcolm Shumaker28292986$20.0019.0014
3Tommy Barbour29332991$20.001813
4Matt Summey29303392$20.001712
5Gil Logan30333093$15.0014.59.5
Steven Jones30342993$15.0014.59.5
Bob Chetister30323193$15.0014.59.5
Philip Wagoner31313193


9Joe Gallagher31333094116
Amy Smith32303294116
Billy Caudle31313294116
12Chuck Cyr303233957.52.5
Liz Lane313331957.52.5
David Sharp343229957.52.5
Ray Guthrie303233957.52.5
16Jonathan Moore3331329651
17Russell Johnson3232339751
Chuck Nance3135319751
19Jason Kile3234329851
Matt Coghill3429359851
21Richard Lorenz3533319951
22Ken Schooler36333310251
Bill Garrett313536102



24Walter Kolb38333710851

NC Professional Team Scores from the 1999 Lynchburg, VA Event (11 July 1999)

Player123TotalPrize MoneyPoints
1Baird - Coradini475860165$20.0015
2Hitt - Hester576057174$10.0014
3Newport - Smith63605718013
4Bason - Bunting60596318212
5Rybaczek - Roberts64626419011

VA Professional Team Scores from the 1999 Lynchburg, VA Event (11 July 1999)

Player123TotalPrize Money
1Neumann - Rawles605755172$20.00
2Brown - Lebo566256174$10.00
3Stewart - Sharpe595660175
4Grajewski - Garrett605859177
5D. Taylor - B. Taylor586159178
6R. Taylor - Luthie616564190



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