1999 South Carolina State Tour

The following schedule for the South Carolina State tour for 1999. Please note that those tournaments that are italicized will count toward the South Carolina tour minimum requirement for the South Carolina State Championship but will not count toward points, stroke average, or money winnings for the year on the South Carolina tour.

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How much do you know about the South Carolina State Tour? Michael Hitt has put together an interesting set of facts for the SC Tour (established in 1987).

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1999 South Carolina State Tour Schedule

Date Location Type Course Time
March 27 Saturday Rock Hill, SC SC 2 12 Noon
March 28 Sunday Rock Hill, SC SC 2 11 AM
May 1 Saturday Martinez, GA SC Red 2 PM
May 2 Sunday Martinez, GA SC Blue 10 AM
May 15 Saturday Rock Hill, SC SC/NC 1 Noon
May 16 Sunday Carolinas' Open (Rock Hill, SC) SC/NC/VA 1 9 AM
May 29 Saturday Anderson, SC SC 2 Noon
May 29 Saturday Anderson, SC SC 2 10 AM
June 5 Saturday Asheville, NC SC/NC 3 Noon
June 6 Sunday Asheville, NC SC/NC 3 10 AM
June 26 Saturday Spartanburg, SC SC/NC 2 Noon
June 27 Sunday Palmetto Classic (Spartanburg) SC/NC/VA 2 10 AM
July 24 Saturday Rock Hill, SC SC/NC 1 Noon
July 25 Sunday Forest City, NC SC/NC 1 11 AM
August 1 Sunday Virginia Open (Richmond, VA) SC/NC/VA 3 10 AM
August 7 Saturday Spartanburg, SC SC/NC 1 Noon
August 8 Sunday Spartanburg, SC SC/NC 1 10 AM
August 21 Saturday Asheville, NC SC 3 Noon
August 22 Sunday Asheville, NC SC 3 10 AM
August 28 Saturday Elton Davis (Burlington, NC) VA/NC/SC 1 Noon
August 29 Sunday Elton Davis (Burlington, NC) VA/NC/SC 1 10 AM
September 4 Saturday Anderson, SC SC 2 AM
September 4 Saturday Anderson, SC SC 2 PM
September 5 Sunday Match-Play (Spartanburg, SC) SC 1 TBD
October 9 Saturday Anderson, SC SC 2 Noon
Clayton Cup
October 23-24 Wilmington, NC NC/SC/VA TBD TBD
South Carolina State Championship (rescheduled from Sunday, October 10th due to rain)
October 10 Sunday SC State Championship SC 2 10 AM
You will note several noticeable changes in this South Carolina state schedule for 1999.
  1. The Elton Davis, scheduled for August 28-29 in Burlington, NC, will count as two tournaments toward the minimum required on the North Carolina state tour.
  2. The Elton Davis, Carolinas' Open, Palmetto Classic, and Virginia Open are being held on weekends available for all three tours. In addition, these tournaments will count towards a player's minimum number of tournaments on all three state tours. More details to follow in the letters from each state tour.
  3. A proposal to expand the Clayton Cup to include a team from South Carolina, making a total of three teams, is being considered for the 1999 Clayton Cup. Details regarding format are being considered and should be resolved by the middle of March among the three state tours.
  4. The date of the Clayton Cup may be switched to October 30-31 in the event of a rain-out for the Virginia, South Carolina, or North Carolina State Championship. If none of these events are rained-out, the Clayton Cup will be held on October 23-24 as scheduled.

Any questions regarding the details of this South Carolina schedule should be directed toward the SC State Committee.




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